Current Images

DD Study Group   1 General Photography - Administered by Dennis Hirning

Harvesting Bumbler by Dennis Hirning Another World by Neal R. Thompson, M.D. Lotas by Joey Johnson Monster In The Mist by Sol Blechman Skyscraper by Sharon Moir I-90 Bridge by David Robb Common Kingfisher by Than Sint

DD Study Group   2 General Photography - Administered by Martin Newland

Ale House - St Augustine - Oil Paint Filter by Jim Wulpi Osprey with Fish by Piers Blackett BIG BOY by Shirley Pohlman Guards in Greece by Hung Phan Iron Railroad Bridge by Karen Botvin Martha's Vineyard Pond by Jaqueline Whalen Torrens Island Power Station by Martin Newland

DD Study Group   3 General Photography - Administered by LuAnn Thatcher

Blueberries on Spoon by LuAnn Thatcher Old House On The Palouse by Michael Hrankowski Skin Cancer Happy Place by Randolph Shine Falls at Willow Creek by Ruth Sprain Beach Treasure Hunter  by Kieu-Hanh Vu Farmers Market by Mary Ann Carrasco Fort Duquesne Bridge, Pittsburgh, PA. by Lisa Cirincione

DD Study Group   4 General Photography - Administered by Gary Butler

Old Truck In Monochrome by Gary Butler Pareidolia by Isaac Vaisman M.D. Fort Gratiot Lighthouse - Seagull's View by Bill Buchanan Saltburn Pier View Mono IR by Guy Davies Diving Jaguar by Vella Kendall Niagara Falls at Twilight by Erik Rosengren A New Day by Ian Chantler

DD Study Group   5 General Photography - Administered by Barbara E Miller

Country Man by Barbara E Miller Sean by David Price  Canonsville Reservoir. by Candia Peterson Old Barn by Oliver Morton Aerial View by Mark Burgess SPACE JUNK by Nick Muskovac Sankeien Garden with Cherry Blossoms by Richard Siersma

DD Study Group   6 Close-up - Administered by Dick States

Posturized Day Lily by Dick States Treasure of green houses by Georges Dormoy Match Stick by Tom Chen Butterfly weed pod by Janet DiMattia  by Ally Whiteneck Spied by Grasshopper by Charissa Lansing

DD Study Group   7 General Photography - Administered by Tom McCreary

Tiger Swallowtail Feeding by Tom McCreary Black Swallowtail by Rich Sears Small Hummingbird on a Ginger Leaf by Barbara Mallon Honeybee Love Flowers by Tony Tam Montenegro Macros by Hoshedar Cooper Katoomba Fall by Grace Lee Duck. Duck…Goose? by Paul McLaughlin

DD Study Group   8 General Photography - Administered by N. Sukumar

Death of Music by N. Sukumar Kids Feeding animals by Asmar Murad Spectators by Alastair Cochrane Beach tree by Mark Southard Venice Carnivale Pair by Marcus Miller Car Lights by Pinaki Sarkar

DD Study Group   9 General Photography - Administered by Debbie Perez

Man in the Clouds by John Larson Waiting at City Hall by Debbie Perez Cedar Waxwing by Allen Calopisis  Abstract Slide by Priscilla Farrell Balloon 2021 by David Garrison

DD Study Group 10 General Photography - Administered by Donna Sturla

Orangutan Eating Cheese by Donna Sturla Giver of Justice by Mark Aksoy Rose by Doug Wolters Indian PowWow Women by Rich Krebs Orange Dahlia by Diana Duffey Reflection by David Yeo Serious Surfer by Lori Azevedo

DD Study Group 11 Monochrome - Administered by Allen Tucker

Squash Blossom by Allen Tucker Olympic Stadium Berlin by Peter Hornbostel Girl with Violin by Albert Lee Old Trolley Tracks by Henry Peterman HARBOR MORN by Jim Hagan Across Boyd Lake to the Rockies by Jim Bodkin Dune Explorers by Henry Heerschap

DD Study Group 12 Assigned Subject - Administered by Carole Kropscot

Leading Lines by Carole Kropscot Leading Lines by Gavin Tow Leading Lines by Connie Reinhart Leading Lines by Walter Ross Leading Lines - Osprey with Fish by Barbara Kuebler Leading Lines by Kerstin Köneke Leading Lines - Fall Colours by Ally Green

DD Study Group 13 Assigned Subject - Administered by Timothy Morton

THE WOODS OF DUNDURN by Timothy Morton Small Village by Fat Chen Sunflower Field by Barbara Dunn Covered Bridge by Paul Swepston Industrial landscape by Steven Wharram Day Done and Dusted by Wendy Stanford

DD Study Group 14 General Photography - Administered by Darcy Johnson

Bay Bridge, San Francisco by Ingrid Lockhart Photo Finish by Karen Davis Ice Forest by Darcy Johnson Blazing Saddles by Gregory Waldron Strelitzia by Tom Brassil Yellow Flowers by Xiao Cai Jute Processing Aerial by Syed Shakhawat Kamal

DD Study Group 15 General Photography - Administered by Joan Field

Sand Dunes in Pastel Hues by Joan Field Lady in Red by Linda Mui Tender Moment by Billy Sinclair Glorious Pink Dahlia by Rick Finney Bryan Moon and Birds by Jeri Conklin Hunter by Kirsti Näntö-Salonen

DD Study Group 16 General Photography - Administered by Dr V G Mohanan Nair

Mass Vaccination by Dr V G Mohanan Nair  Longwood Lily by Joan Funk Surfer by Walter Naumann Hippo by Kathleen Sims Church and Mountains in Sunshine by Bogdan Bricelj Eggs by Terry Campanella

DD Study Group 17 General Photography - Administered by John Hackett

The Owl and the Pussy Cat by John Hackett WB Rail Trail View by Joe Kennedy  by Marisa Fang Theresa by Peter Elliston Grand Canyon North Rim by Sheldon Wecker Just Sailing By by Joe Norcott Peggy's Cove by Glenn Rudd

DD Study Group 18 Creative - Administered by Ian Ledgard

Cyanotype in progress by Ian Ledgard Steaming by Andrew Hersom North Shoe Hawaii by Mark Southard Jubillee Mirror shapes by Mike Cowdrey Sleeping my problems away by Jim Hagan Soft Calla by David Blass

DD Study Group 19 General Photography - Administered by John Hackett

Hannah by John Hackett  by Harriet Ciccone Spring at Newport Bridge by Stan Bormann Great Blue Heron on Hope Lake (Ct) by Norm Solomon The Golden Hour by Marcela Stegemueller Just Resting by Barbara Asacker

DD Study Group 20 Creative - Administered by Jerry Funk

Petrified Wood Monument by Jerry Funk  by Pat Couder Welcome to the Other Side by Tom Gainer DANG GIRLS by Fred Giese Purple Iris bud erased by Shirley Ward Let’s Dance by Irene Bergamini

DD Study Group 21 Creative - Administered by Joan Field

Lion Turning by Joan Field Blues on the Farm by Brian Swinyard Reeds and Petals by Charles Ayars Grandma's Cold Remedy by Peter Newman Rembrantdplein, Amsterdam by Steve Wessing Witch Hazel's Abode by Hazel Price

DD Study Group 22 General Photography - Administered by Marti Buckely

Bull Moose by Marti Buckely The Catch by Jerry Biddlecom Majestic Bull by Al Swanson Cheese by Joseph J Zaia Monarch Butterfly by Mike Patterson Winter Survival by Kaylyn Franks

DD Study Group 23 General Photography - Administered by Brian Magor

Two Zorbers by Brian Magor Great hair day!  2021 by Marilyn Ross Boating in the trees by Cynthia Briseno Pilot Island Lake Michigan by Dave Edwards Swan Lake by Julia Parrish Morning Walk by Adelet Kegley

DD Study Group 24 General Photography - Administered by Jim Horn

Peregrine Falcon Attack by Jim Horn Two Sisters by Tam Phan The Caldera Santorini Greece by Albert Zabin Dhofar Mountains with Tree by Steve Sampliner Waterfall in Iceland by Sam Fernando Board Up! by Laura Lee Bartholomew Waterfall by Gaetan Manuel

DD Study Group 25 General Photography - Administered by Audrey Waitkus

Dahlia and Bee by Audrey Waitkus Pond Reflections by Julie Chapa Rainbow by Ruth Holt Lock Gate Replacement by Eric Schweitzer Homeward Bound by Brian Parkin

DD Study Group 26 General Photography - Administered by Bob Benson

Spare Tire by Bob Benson Inspecting the Beans by Tony Au Yeong  Old Cadillac by Mervyn Hurwitz Lean on Me by Belinda Hudnall Keller Propeller by Jose Cartas No passengers today by Anges van der Logt

DD Study Group 27 General Photography - Administered by Brad Ashbrook

Lasers and Fireworks by Brad Ashbrook Americana by Renee Schaefer Sea Dahlia Cosmos   by Lauren Heerschap We are Part of the Rainbow Nation by Jon Allanson Night Time Amsterdam Lights by Becca Cambridge Intermission by Jan van Leijenhorst

DD Study Group 28 General Photography - Administered by Tom Johnson

 Madiera Beach Sunset by Tom Johnson Full moon at 3AM by Wanda Krack The Edsel by Kathy Brand Brooks Range by Deborah Milburn

DD Study Group 29 General Photography - Administered by Bill Foy

Poltimore Decaying by Tim Sanders Rahiti by Stephan Debelle Decrepit Barrel by Judy Burr Denmark Lighthouse by Karen Harris Wave 29 by Gunter Haibach Driftwood Monster of Jekyll Island by Bob Legg Quilted Shells by Bill Foy

DD Study Group 30 General Photography - Administered by Dorinda Wills

Palouse Farm in September by Dorinda Wills  untitled by Jessica Manelis Old Polo Horsse by Judy Merson Early Lead by Jody Coker France at Night by Leonid Shectman

DD Study Group 31 Monochrome - Administered by John Gilkerson

St Mary's Lighthouse by John Gilkerson Old Plymouth Bodie Ghost Town by Peter Clark Gotta light? by Ian Chantler Newton Reservoir by Michael Nath B&W Still Life by Ed Ries Untitled by Paul Roth

DD Study Group 32 Monochrome - Administered by Diana Magor

Airforce academy by Diana Magor Still life by Kym Houston Cathedral gorge by Jennifer Doerrie  Tiny Flowers by Lynne Hollingsworth Pot by Stephen Levitas Beauty lost by Tom McCreary Locomotive panorama by Wes Odell

DD Study Group 33 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Bob Patrick

UT Arlington Sunrise by Lin Sun Waterfall in Iceland by Marilyn Peake Storey's Oil Truck 3 by Bob Patrick Morning in Sindhu Beach by Arief Rahardjo Foreground Roses and Aletsch Glacier by Raymond Zurschmitten Bridge and Tree by Paul Hoffman

DD Study Group 34 Creative - Administered by Steve Estill

Deep Trouble by Steve Estill Safe Haven by Candy Childrey Levitation # 1 by Alan Kaplan Goin Boatin by Georgianne Giese Hand Me Those Flowers by Fran McFadzen Hilltop Hideaway by Jan Handman Magnolia in Fushia Flood by Brian Menzies

DD Study Group 35 Infrared - Administered by Sharon Prislipsky

Country Lane by Sharon Prislipsky Lakes Basin Old Barn by Stuart Bacon Stourhead by Julie Walker Sunset Stroll by Terry Clark Coolsprings by Nelson Charette Oyster Shack by Lauren Heerschap Quilt Barn by Debbie Perez

DD Study Group 36 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Larry Treadwell

Before the Storm by Barbara Gore Passage of Time by Larry Treadwell Death Valley Dunes by Michael Jack Natural Pyramid by Arne Skinlo Great Wall by Nan Jiang American River Dawn by Bill Peake Coastal View Along Big Sur by Richard White

DD Study Group 37 General Photography - Administered by Howard Frank

Sunset at Mount Rainier by Peter Cheung Petals by Subhash Sapru Storm Ahead by Peter Curcio New York New York by Bob Scott Paper White butterfly by Howard Frank A Wall for Joe by Helen Sweet Rise of the Snow Geese by Ham Hayes

DD Study Group 38 General Photography - Administered by Gabriele Dellanave

 by Sunandan Ghosh Monarch Butterfly by Gabriele Dellanave  Guitar Hero by Art Jacoby Big Boy by Kurtis Sutley Just once a year, just one night..... by Marge Barham Firemen in action by Sylvia Bacon

DD Study Group 39 Monochrome - Administered by David Halgrimson

Cloud streaks by David Halgrimson On the farm by Jerry Hug No. 29 On Parade by Paul Hoffman Landscape by Vincent Cochain Patriotic Seating by Steve Knight Mountains in the Mist by Larry Crook

DD Study Group 40 General Photography - Administered by Andrew Hersom

No 4 In The Rain by Andrew Hersom Looking Through the Glass by Julie Deer Renaissance Performers by Henry Roberts Susiun Storage by Don Hill Spanish Coast by Jamie Carrier Milky Way by Alison McMahan Red Reflection by Catherine Honigsberg

DD Study Group 41 Creative - Administered by Brad Becker

pseudo wide by Brad Becker Just Two Guys in a Bugatti by Kathy Triolo Late Summer Flowers by Henry Roberts Judgement Day by Tom Kredo  by Lisa Cuchara

DD Study Group 42 General Photography - Administered by Stuart Caine

Tyler Texas 175th Anniversary Shotgun by Keith Parris Tree of Life by Heather-Dawn Joseph Out to Pasture by Holly Moore Out to Pasture by Holly Moore Truk Lagoon by Michael Braunstein Where the Nectar Is by Robert Schleif A man and his Reindeer by Stuart Caine Mariposa Lily by Sarita Yeola

DD Study Group 43 General Photography - Administered by Bruce Michelotti

 by Alex Cohen  by Leo Chow  by Linda M Medine  by Lane B Lewis  by Mark McKinney  by Harley Rubens Fort Gratiot Lighthouse by Bruce Michelotti

DD Study Group 44 HDR - Administered by Brad Ashbrook

Avalanche Creek by Brad Ashbrook The Red Couch by Lisa Cuchara Air Force Academy Chapel Side View by Rick Cloran Mound Road Barn by Bill Buchanan Greenwood 1 by Bob Patrick Great Pyranese Guarding the Flock by Max Burke

DD Study Group 45 General Photography - Administered by Cindy Lynch

Songshan Ciyou Temple by Bai Chuang Shyu Jumping Spider on Dahlia by David Terao  by Ray Henrikson Zabriskie Point, Death Valley by Phyllis Peterson  by Don MacKenzie Looking Down the Pier by Cindy Lynch

DD Study Group 46 HDR - Administered by Paul Moertl

Jackson's Mill by Don Poulton Alaska, Denali by Richard White Inside Passage 1 by Paul Moertl Court Room by Ron Clegg

DD Study Group 47 Monochrome - Administered by Albert Zabin

Study by Ed Ford Hugging Granny by Adrian Binney Forsaken by Kirsti Näntö-Salonen Love by Albert Zabin Intrepid Big Bend Tourists by Jen Carrick

DD Study Group 48 General Photography - Administered by Bev Caine


DD Study Group 49 General Photography - Administered by Jo-Ann Rolle

A bird's place by Sylvia OM Her Majesty of Zanzibar by Jo-Ann Rolle Sulakskiy Kan'on by Khalid Siddeeq The Yarn Pots by David Kepley Canoeing on Big Bay Lagoon by Alan Kiecker

DD Study Group 50 Monochrome - Administered by Paul Moertl

Water Fight by Paul Moertl In The Raw With Soul by Kerry Koenig Tomatillos on Glass by Lorna Zaback Waves by the Lighthouse by Cindy Lynch  Tool Box 125 Years Old by Chuck Carstensen

DD Study Group 51 Phoneography - Administered by Dave Edwards

Devils Lake State Park by Dave Edwards Beautiful Day on the Farm by Jerry Hug Aquarium Reef Denizens by Richard Sprott Sunflowers by Bob Barley Hanging Yarn by Lynne Royce Sunset by Pamela Hoaglund  Nautical Bumpers by Sol Blechman

DD Study Group 52 Nature Plus - Administered by Sharon Prislipsky

Hummer on Milkweed by Sharon Prislipsky Canola Fields and Clouds by Pamela Hoaglund  by Lisa Auerbach A Word in Your Ear by Ally Green Ferals by LC Boros Foggy Hill by Judith Lesnaw Double-Crested Cormorant by Mike Cohen

DD Study Group 53 General Photography - Administered by Tom Pickering

***** Group On Vacation *****

DD Study Group 54 Advanced Photoshop Compositing - Administered by Peggy Nugent

What Next? by Peggy Nugent Beauty and the Beast by Aavo Koort Spirit of Devere Mautino Playground by Kathy Triolo Levitation #2 by Alan Kaplan The Golden Moment by Brad Becker

DD Study Group 55 General Photography - Administered by Matt Moses

Grand Prismatic by Matt Moses Fun at the Pool by Alec Chester Band Clown by Ron Clegg Red Orchids by Marianne Shine Waterfall by Gail McTaggart

DD Study Group 56 Painting - Administered by Trey Foerster

False Sunflower by Trey Foerster Boat-Hoist Frame by Pat Centeno Nautilus Shell by Nancy Speaker Kudu Ram by Gerhard Geldenhuys First Place by Terry Clark Neglected by Cindy Gosselin

DD Study Group 57 Close-up - Administered by Jessica Manelis

Rain Drops by Jessica Manelis Queen Ann's Lace Bud by Cindy Lynch Coneflower by Nelson Charette Wool On by Mary Hinsen Final Lily by Bob Crocker Bumble Bee on Esperanza Blooms by Marcela Stegemueller Sam's Old Toolbox by Andrew Carstensen

DD Study Group 58 Street Scenes - Administered by Isaac Vaisman M.D.

Good Stretch by Isaac Vaisman M.D. Best Friends by Les Lincke Watchung Plaza Deli by Bruce Goodman Suspicious by Dan Waters Skate Boarding by Gloria Sprung Mermaid 197 by Daniel De Cort

DD Study Group 59 Sports - Administered by Gerald Emmerich Jr

Football in the Rain by Hans-Werner Griepentrog Remembering Christchurch by Ronald Davis Danger Above by Bruce Benson Boarding in the Tube by Gerald Emmerich Jr

DD Study Group 60 General Photography - Administered by Richard Story

Moto by Damon Williams Makoti Threshing Show by John Meiers Low Tide Morning Fog  by Jane Pittenger Anakena by Dianne Arrigoni

DD Study Group 62 Monochrome - Administered by Oliver Morton

The Barn by Oliver Morton Geese in the Park by LuAnn Thatcher 4014 by Emil Davidzuk A Very Grand Piano by Leah Konicki Waiting for Visitors by Bunny Laden Charging Calvary by Bob Legg The Dead Sea is Truly Dead by Israel Yosef

DD Study Group 63 Close-up - Administered by Richard Story

common periwinkle by Richard Story milkweed Fluff by Neal R. Thompson, M.D. LeafGrenadaBeach by Alane Shoemaker  Rain Drops by Murphy Hektner Old Rose by Barbara Asacker Golden wire by Priscilla Farrell

DD Study Group 64 Monochrome - Administered by John Roach

St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church by John Roach Fading Barn by Don York Old Monument Valley by Jerry Funk Bandon Beachhenge by Stan Bormann The Lone Cypress by Helen Sweet Anderton Boat Lift by Stuart Ord Boathouse Row from Fish Ladder at Fairmount Dam by Jerry Snyder

DD Study Group 65 Close-up - Administered by Charles Ginsburgh

A Solitary Leaf  by Lynne Hollingsworth Gulp by Peter Newman Discarded vegetables by Charles Ginsburgh

DD Study Group 66 Infrared - Administered by Melanie Hurwitz

Old Car City by Melanie Hurwitz Delicate Cosmos by Arik Gorban Bodie by Jack Florence Jr Vatnajökull Ice Cap by Charles Walker Forgotten in Martin County   by Gary Potts Bridge Over the Creek by Palli Gajree Ha Ha Tonka Castle  by Emil Davidzuk

DD Study Group 67 Nature Plus - Administered by Larry Treadwell

Damselflies Mating by Michael Weatherford Summer Milky Way by Cindy Bilinsky Flowinng Sky by Jason Stewart Boris, the Mighty Hunter by Larry Treadwell Black-bellied Whistling Duck by Richard Matheny Soaring Eagle by Bud Ralston Blue Heron by David Kepley

DD Study Group 68 3D - Administered by Dr V G Mohanan Nair

Welcome gate by Dr V G Mohanan Nair Don't be the fly by Steve Wessing "MONARCH BUTTERFLY IN MY GARDEN" by Nick Muskovac American Grasshopper by Betty Drinkut Bears and Balls by David Allen In memory by Brian Davis (Untitled) by Barry Rothstein

DD Study Group 69 Nature Plus - Administered by Mervyn Hurwitz

Water Lily by Mervyn Hurwitz Star Trail by Dean Ginther Cottontail Rabbit by Pierre Williot Anhinga in Breeding Plumage by Candy Childrey Bog by Jacob Wat Marsh of the Rising Sun by Brenda Fishbaugh Red Caped Clover by Geoff Wiggins

DD Study Group 70 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Lamar Nix

Of Clouds and Cotton Balls by Lamar Nix Lake Simco (Ontario) Sunrise - Sept 4th, 2021 by Pierre Williot Elowa Fall by San Yuan Mount Ranier, Washington by Kathryn Engle Unique Reflection – Las Vegas by Frans Gunterus

DD Study Group 71 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Paul McLaughlin

From the Meadow by Paul McLaughlin Cityscape of Seattle by Theresa Rice Rose by Saurabh Gupta Exhausted Sheep Shearer by Mike Patterson Crickhowell Bridge by Nigel Dalton Wailua Falls of Kauai by John Zhu

DD Study Group 72 Nature Plus - Administered by Isaac Vaisman M.D.

Boo Boo by Bruce Benson Jewel in the Sky   by Randy Dykstra Palouse Canola Fields by Mary Frost The Kitchen by Walt Brunner Balance Beam by Marie Costanza Scary Gannet by Adrian Binney Alpha Dominance by Isaac Vaisman M.D.

DD Study Group 73 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Sherry Icardi

Icelandic Fishing Village by Sherry Icardi Hobuckon Wildlife Preserve by Carol Krom Fire From Heaven by Dave Ficke Lake Redona by Janos Demeter Dorrigo IR by Ian Cambourne  Palouse's wheat fields by Peter Cheung

DD Study Group 74 Monochrome - Administered by Arne Skinlo

Melancoly by Arne Skinlo Delicate Perch by Dick Knudson Island Bridge by Tevor Harvey Cape Disappointment Lighthouse by Bill Foy Coyote by Tracy Szela Questioning Eyes  by Ata Kemal Sahin The fall waiting for winter by Haru Nagasaki

DD Study Group 75 Nature Plus - Administered by Walter Swett

Neuse River Sunset by Walter Swett Buffalo by Pauline Jaffe Calypso by Kerry McFarlane HummingbirdMoth by Frank St-Pierre

DD Study Group 76 General Photography - Administered by Ian Cambourne

Bonfire 2 by Ian Cambourne Walkway Abstract by Trey Foerster Glacier 1 by Sanford Morse Samson by Jay Joseph Sunflowers by Heidi Egerman Neomerica by Henriette Brasseur A la perche by Sophie Pouillon

DD Study Group 77 Fine Arts - Administered by Denise McKay

Water Lily Reflection by Georgianne Giese Man in the Straw Hat by Witta Priester Last Rose by Connie Reinhart Finishing Touch by Mary Hinsen Swallowtail in Waiting by Michael Moore Cloudless Sulfur Butterfly by Linda M Medine Vintage Memories by Denise McKay

DD Study Group 78 General Photography - Administered by Brenda Fishbaugh

Water ballet by Brenda Fishbaugh PORTOFINO BAY by Jim Hagan No title provided by Sunil Mehta New World by Helen Warnod Checking Out The Bookcase by Terry Walters Last Light by Jason Kravitz "The Eagle is Landing" by Mitch Ross

DD Study Group 79 Fine Arts - Administered by Judith Lesnaw

Deer in Fog by Judith Lesnaw Blue Rhapsody Dance by Peter Newman Diving Dog by Freddie Kelvin Sailing West by Karl Leck Sea Dahlias by Lauren Heerschap

DD Study Group 80 Street Scenes - Administered by Bill Foy

Street Performer or Panhandler? by Bill Foy Good Ole Gals by Ed Tepper Bubbles over Prague by Karen Johnson-Nieuwendijk Cell Phones Abound by Bev Caine Suds by Victor Dallons

DD Study Group 81 General Photography - Administered by Angela Bonner

Birth by Janet McLaughlin I am Vettakkorumakkan by Hema Narayanan First Fall colours by Brent Doornbos Simple visualzation by Randall Gusdorf Life goes on by Angela Bonner Bowler by Noël Bonné

DD Study Group 82 General Photography - Administered by Andrew Klein

Outer Banks Reeds by Andrew Klein Quiet Retreat by Keith Francis Cardinals by Kathleen Colligan Key Monastery  by Prasad Indulkar St. Thomas by Gregory Stais Sunrise Surprise by Laurie McShane

DD Study Group 83 Monochrome - Administered by Lance Lewin

Mountains of East Iceland by Debasish Raha The Drop by Dirk-Olaf Leimann  by Jason Danford Unfinished Moai by Dianne Arrigoni Portrait Study by Lance Lewin Believers by Jose Luis Rodriguez

DD Study Group 84 Video - Administered by Dick Burr

United States Capitol by Dick Burr 2021 Wave Valley Photography Trip by Harry Zhang Fluid Simulation — VFX Creation With Blender 2.93 by Peter Shi Perseids Meteor shower by Rajani Ramanathan New Hope by Syed Shakhawat Kamal

DD Study Group 85 Drones - Administered by Lisa Cirincione

Wrendale Service Station by Lisa Cirincione Beverly Trestle Repairs by Bob Patrick Toledo Skyline by Lou McLove Royce Hall, UCLA by Don Stouder

DD Study Group 86 Phoneography - Administered by Jack Florence Jr

Parsley Poacher by Belinda Hudnall Keller Untitled by Gene Eckhardt Clouds by Ruth Holt Rainbow over Bisti Badlands by Jack Florence Jr Corvette Beyond Repair by Pat Centeno Cat in the Rain by Kieu-Hanh Vu

DD Study Group 87 General Photography - Administered by Lance Lewin

Iguana Iguana by Lance Lewin A Quiet Garden Scene by Chan Garrett Blowing Off Some Steam by Steven Jungerwirth Blue Angels by Dale Yates Cape Code Foliage by Will Korn Water on the Web by Cindy Smith Watching, Waiting by Jennifer Marano

DD Study Group 88 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Quang Phan

Field Art Beauty- Storm King Art Center by John Kelly Away from the bustle by Louis Lo Glaciers of the Vatnajökull Ice Cap by Charles Walker Eastern State Penitentiary by Quang Phan Tourists Upon the Pier by Rich James Mountainscape by Sanat Kumar Karmakar

DD Study Group 89 Nature Plus - Administered by Dhananjay Rao

Frog by Margaret Frazer King vulture by Glenn Rudd Starling view by Dhananjay Rao Osprey by Dave Ficke

DD Study Group 90 Nature Plus - Administered by Ginny Salus

Cardinal in Molt by Ginny Salus Did Not See That Coming by Dan Olson Water Iris by Dan McKenna Delicate Balance  by Alan Cork

DD Study Group 91 Infrared - Administered by Judy Murphy

Waterfall by Gary Oehrle Fair Dahlia by Henry Heerschap Still Useful by Judy Murphy Desert Friends by Chuck Nauman

DD Study Group 92 Street Scenes - Administered by Chuck Carstensen

Wonderful Dog by Chuck Carstensen Fortunes Told by Lou McLove The Calm and Rowdy by Brandon Montgomery Market by Jill Edwards Swim At Your Own Risk by Marianne Barnhardt

DD Study Group 93 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Ed O’Rourke

Dukes Creek Falls by Kelly Easler Spider Diner by Jerry Paskowitz I Can See Forever by Darcy Quimby Fragile Life in the Dunes by Mark Bargen Tree of Arches by Paul Smith On the Dock of the Bay by Ed O’Rourke Arches Rocks by Michael Nath

DD Study Group 94 Nature Plus - Administered by Sherry Icardi

Roseate Spoonbill  by Sherry Icardi Eastern Towhee by Sarita Yeola Snow Bird by Donald Dunn Sunflower Field by Judy Haran South Fork Of The Boise River by Christine Walas Bald Eagle by Mark Diaz

DD Study Group 95 Macro - Administered by Bill Foy

Hibiscus - Rose Mallow by Bill Foy (More) water bubbles on wild flowers by Stuart Ord Marking Time by Carol Sheppard

DD Study Group 96 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Bob Wills

 The fall in spring by Haru Nagasaki Dock at Sunset by Emily Kawasaki Sheltered by Robert Atkins Alone by Dan Mottaz Enjoying Nature by Cheryl LaLonde Acadia View by Bob Wills

DD Study Group 97 Nature Plus - Administered by Steve Sampliner

alligator fight by Sophia Schade Eastern Common Bumblebee at Salt Marsh Cordgrass by Stanley Selkow Anatomy of a Rainbow by Steve Sampliner baby elephant under watchful eye of mother by Jeffrey Pawlan

DD Study Group 98 General Photography - Administered by Robert Knight

A Casual View by Robert Knight Lake Merritt by Zina Mirsky Concentration by Kathy Murphy Fun with Hummingbird by Wendy Zhang Steam Plant Light by Bob Wills The Proposal by Tom Gainer

DD Study Group 99 Monochrome - Administered by Barbara Asacker

Last Bloom by Barbara Asacker  by Gerard Blair Always by your side by Peter Elliston The Thinker by Linda M Medine Reflections In An Abandoned House by Michael Hrankowski  by Randy Andre