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Group 96

Bob Wills in RAW v jPEG wrote: In the end, which one you choose will depend on what kind of photos you need, how much time you want to spend on your workflow, and to a lesser degree, how much storage space you need (storage space is quite cheap these days). Basically, Jpeg will work whenever you need to process photos quickly and the quality is less important. Maybe you just want to take a few quick photos with your phone to upload to Facebook. Or maybe you’re a blogger with lots of photos to post and you just want a super-quick workflow. Both of these are a great time to use the Jpeg format. Sports photography or other instances where you need burst mode might be another place to shoot in Jpeg.

If, on the other hand, image quality really matters to you, you’ll need to shoot in Raw. This is especially true if you’re doing paid work in the fine art, fashion, or portrait genres, but remains true for all photos. It’s also important to shoot in Raw (and save in a large file format) if you plan to print your images out. And if you wish to reach a professional level, shooting in Raw is the only way to go. With it, you take full control of the look of the final image and can successfully manage many of the problems that come with low light conditions or other challenges.

Not sure about the making the change? Try setting your camera to the Raw + JPEG option so that you can capture both formats simultaneously. Then you’ll be able to experiment at will with nothing to lose. - Posted: 2021-10-20 11:18:08 (1 comment in thread)


Group 99

Gerard Blair in Michael's Showcase wrote: Congratulations Michael - lovely image - and now I will be visiting group 3 also to follow your color work. - Posted: 2021-10-17 12:53:53 (1 comment in thread)