Ruth Holt  

Summer Solstice by Ruth Holt

July 2024 - Summer Solstice

About the Image(s)

Summer Solstice; the longest summer day. (June 20 2024) That night there was a beautiful full moon. Taken from my back porch through trees and above roof tops. Didn't intend to get the leaves in the picture, but couldn't help it. Opened in Snapseed and framed.

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Jack Florence Jr   Jack Florence Jr
Having the leaves in there gives the image something unique, Ruth. This came out surprisingly well for a phone camera. It has a bit of a yellow cast but I'm guessing it was near the horizon.   Posted: 07/03/2024 17:02:30

Susan Pellegrino   Susan Pellegrino
Lovely!   Posted: 07/03/2024 21:24:49

Steven Jungerwirth   Steven Jungerwirth
Well . . . I'd say that the leaves are a happy accident. They make the image better/more interesting. Without them - it would be just another shot of the moon. With them . . . I can wonder what they are - and even more - imagine what they could represent - sort of like an abstract Rorschach image. Nicely done.   Posted: 07/07/2024 07:39:30


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