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Michel Biedermann

Michel Biedermann

As a former business consultant by day, two factors influenced my early photography journey. Firstly, I was very lucky to travel all over the world for business. Secondly, most of my photography had to happen at night to avoid competing with my day job. This combination directed me naturally towards night architecture. Given how often the scenes I was working had tourists in them, I was forced to work at very odd hours to remove them in camera. Ultimately, I see myself in the same light (pun intended) as a sculptor. We both seek to remove extraneous "pieces" until our art is simple enough to convey the story we want to tell. In other words, I strongly believe that less is more.

Michael Hrankowski

Michael Hrankowski

Michael is a life-long resident of the Seattle area. His interest in photography dates back to high school in the 1970s. In college, Michael was the official photographer for his fraternity, Delta Chi. After graduating from Dental School in 1982, the bulk of his photography was dental-related for patient documentation and presentation purposes. His "for fun" photography was limited to vacation travel.

Now mostly retired, Michael has been immersing himself in photography as an art form. He does not yet have a favorite genre, so Michael's photos span the gamut. Stylistically speaking, though, he is drawn to altering his images to give them a different "look" utilizing the myriad of available editing applications.

Adi Ben-Senior

Adi Ben-Senior

In 1987 I bought my first camera (Pentax K1000) and photographed ever since.In 2016 I moved from Europe to VA.
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I studied photography in the Arts museum of Tel-Aviv and then became a professional photographer in the navy including a nature journal. In the 90's as a professional printer in labs, I leaned "what makes a good print".My belief is that a good photographer resolves the picture in the camera and only a few corrections In front of the screen.That attitude of strict approach and uncompromising dedication awarded me over 15 international awards (Kodak, B&W, governments, and others).Over the years I had multiple exhibitions in museums, and fine art galleries. I love learning and teaching photography. For me this is a lifetime journey.
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In the last two decades I concentrate mostly on landscape photography and Fine art B&W.

Don Chen

Don Chen

I have been taking photos since early 1990s. I have vast interests in many areas of photography including portraits, travel, photojournalism and landscape.

I am an active member and volunteer in local camera clubs for many years. Learning from my peer photography enthusiasts is one of the best ways to advance myself in the journey of pursuing my photography passion.

I currently live in Chicago suburbs but am in transition to Sacramento, CA in a short near future.

Mark Holbrook

I am a 76 year old retire educator. I've been interested in photography for almost 50 years, but have never taken it anywhere until recently when I started getting some of my better photos printed and hung. I have never sold photos and do not aspire to do so, I would just like to produce better work.

I retired 12 years ago from a principalship at a fairly large high school in central Wisconsin. During my career in education I taught Vocational Agriculture, was a school psychologist, elementary and middle school principal, and, finally, a the high school principal.

Prior to going into education I worked as a cowboy in two different ranches in Montana and Wyoming, worked as an industrial manager for Frito-Lay. I also served 6 years in the military( army) working as a training officer, a rotary-winged helicopter pilot, and an instructor in the U.S. Army Armor School. I am a Vietnam vet.

My other interests have included, but not been limited to backpacking, biking, scuba diving, parachuting, equestrian activities (between my wife of 49 years, we have six horse), and since retirement, traveling the U.S. and abroad.

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Lance Lewin

Lance Lewin

Introducing Fine Art Photographer/Lecturer
Lance A. Lewin

For the most part, my inspiration from behind the viewfinder comes from a richly filled combination of studying the pioneers of photography in the mid to late 19th Century and masters of the 20th century, (e.g., Julia Margret Cameron, Alfred Stieglitz, Ansel Adams and Bob Kolbrener, for just four examples) while also studying art history, drawing and design, all in the pursuit of developing my own artistic narratives.

Though a lot of my work cannot be deemed as "Straight Photography", nonetheless, I stay clear of trends that can lead to what some refer to as hyper-reality and composite alternatives, instead, maintaining a photographic canvas that balances between modernist and pictorial aesthetics that evoke a sense of reality and authenticity.

My philosophy on teaching photography embodies photographic techniques developed, learned and expanded in both the 19th and 20th Century, and I feel should serve as the backbone to pedagogic material for students of photography in the 21st century and beyond. As such, my methodology of teaching photography is structured to embrace traditional photography skill sets and their application into the digital photography revolution.

Please, visit my website to learn a lot more about my perspectives from behind the lens and teaching philosophies. My office door is always open to take specific questions or just chat on anything about photography. You can reach out to me via email at: Thank you.

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•Photographic Society of America (PSA)
•PSA Global Black and White Photography Mentor
•PSA South Atlantic Area Membership Director
•International Visual Sociology Association (IVSA)
North America-Canada Think Tank (Project: 2023 to 2025)
•Contributing Writer at
•Past co-director/Curator at Gilmer Arts Gallery, Ellijay, Ga
•Past Board of Director seat at Gilmer Arts
•Retired Telecom business owner

Camera Systems: Canon 5D Mark II & III, and Minolta XD-11 and XD-7 film camera systems

Clark Anderson

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