3D This group is intended for persons who are interested in stereoscopic 3-D imaging and for beginners who have some experience in 3D imaging. These members are committed to make 3D images using 2D or 3D digital camera and appropriate software. The images may be color or B/W.
Advanced Photoshop Compositing A true creative/altered reality group for those who work extensively in Adobe Photoshop or other similar programs. The final image requires a minimum of three original photographs composited to create a new image. Simply adding a filter or plug-in that adds an effect to an image or a layer, such as "Fractalius" that adds light streaks, or paint effects that create "pencil" drawing effects, is insufficient. Filters used to enhance the quality, mood or feel of the image are, of course, acceptable. The intent is to create an image, one that is greater than the sum of its parts.
Assigned Subject Each month one member of the group will take a turn to choose a subject and the others in this group will then present his/her interpretation of it. This can be either Creative or unaltered.
Creative This section is not for beginners but is for those whose images are dedicated to altered reality and who have longtime experience in Adobe Photoshop. In other words this category is designed for the crĂ©me de la créme of digital imaging. These members are committed to altering the image so that it departs from the reality of the original photograph. A camera or other light gathering device could never solely capture such images as they appear in the altered image.
Fine Arts Fine art photography describes any image taken by a camera where the intention is aesthetic work created with such a desire in mind as to articulate an impression, a feeling about, or relationship with the world.
GÉNÉRAL-Langue Française Tout le texte doit être donnée en français . Ouvert à tous ceux qui sont au courant dans la langue qui ne vivent pas nécessairement dans une zone de langue française. All text to be given in French. Open to all who are conversant in the language not necessarily living in a French-speaking area.
General Images of any subject matter originating from a film or digital device.
HDR Images using the High Dynamic Range Process.
Infrared Images for this group are those taken either with a digital camera converted for infrared photography or using the appropriate filters or digital files created from infrared film negatives. The images may be color or b/w infrared images. Software simulated infrared images are however not allowed.
Land/Sea/Cityscapes Photographic landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes capture the presence of nature, but can also include man-made features or disturbances. They show atmosphere, the land or the sea or the borders between them, sometimes vast and unending, at other times on a smaller, human scale, and sizes in between.
MACRO/Close-up Close-up of any subject.
Monochrome Monochrome Photography is usually images in black and white but it also includes single toned pictures. A monochrome print often expresses ranges of tones and textures that a color picture finds difficult. It is a most creative medium often able to express subtle emphasis of mood and feeling.
Nature Plus This departs from the PSA Nature Division in that, instead of the restrictive PSA rules presenting nature, these images of animals, flowers, and other images from the natural world can show the “hand of man.” Hybrid plants, animals at zoos and game farms, nature scenes with a fence, and other images not allowed in the Nature Division can be presented in this group.
Painting Any technique that produces a painterly look to a photograph. Software such as Photoshop and Corel Painter would be two of the most popular applications but participants may choose to use other painting programs. Commercial filters are acceptable as long as they are used in conjunction with manual hand brush strokes.
People This is a group that will submit only pictures involving people as subject. No photographic studio setup is necessary.
Phoneography A study group for those taking pictures with cell phones and then processing the images with the cell phones. For the first time we have both camera and digital darkroom in the palm of our hands. Members will learn from each other: interesting apps, creative ways to use the apps and fun techniques with the cell phone camera. Cell phone photography is becoming a new exciting way for creative photographers to communicate and share their images.

"The iPhone has become a popular choice for many creative photographers, both professional and amateur. It's a convenient and powerful tool for creating unique imagery. With a rapidly growing number of photography apps, the possibilities are seemingly limitless"- Tony Sweet.
Portraits A portrait is a photograph or other artistic representation of a person or animal, in which the face and its expression is predominant. The intent is to display the likeness, personality, and even the mood of the subject.
Sports Sports of any sort, professional, school or the children playing in the park.
Street Scenes Scenes one sees on the street, which could include people, dogs, merely an odd window sign, a traffic tie up, etc. Another name this is often called is Photojournalism.
Time-Lapse Video Time-lapse photography is a cinematography technique whereby the frequency at which film frames are captured (aka the frame rate) is much lower that that which will be used to play the sequence back. When you replay this sequence at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster and lapsing. Objects and events that would normally take minutes, days, hours, or months can be viewed to completion in seconds having been speeded up by factors of tens to millions. Time-lapse is where a camera takes a sequence of images of a subject with an interval of time between each image. The interval can be anything from less than a second to a day or more. When the images are played back the interval of time is speeded up creating a shorter time.
Wildlife As with Nature Plus images not allowed in the Nature Division may be presented in this group with as much editing as one wishes, no restrictions and the hand of man is allowed, i.e. a barn with a wild animal in the scene.