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John Tabaczynski in Sam Abell Talk with B&H wrote: Last week B&H photographic supply store (my favorite mail order shop for photo goods) sponsored the OPTIC All Stars virtual conference. The talks were very informative but one of the speakers, Sam Abell, was particularly insightful. The link below is to his talk which B&H has now put on YouTube. Take a look it is only about 20 min long. He is one of my photographic guide-stars.

All the other talks have been put on YouTube as well, and links can be found here,

Tab - Posted: 2020-11-27 16:17:43 (1 comment in thread)


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Lance Lewin in Why No Vignetting? - Why Limit Any Type of Post-production Application? wrote: Why No Vignetting? Why Limit any type of Post-Production Application?

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Good morning, Dianne, everyone. Dianne ask why I recently became less a fan of "adding" post-production Vignetting.

First, I agree, Vignetting is a fine "layer", as it were, to create or enhance (or hopefully increase an already apparent narrative). And is why I used it until recently. Please see these two (with and without Vignetting) examples of mine where I used it to "enhance" an already obvious ethereal narrative: I now use the one without, and will soon make a 16x24 matte & framed print.

- Posted: 2020-11-23 10:41:37 (12 comments in thread)