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Hedgehog Forum - Macro Shot Dick States (Group 6) passed on this link. He said: Are you familiar with ugly hedgehog site? It's pretty interesting. Anyhow, today they have a great macro shot of a wasps head. Its a stack of about 200 shots. You need to check it out. They have some pretty good macro shots from time to time . . . I think you will find this interesting. They put up a new page every day.
Marin Mushrooms Fascinating images of micro mushrooms and other things captured in the forest.
Treehugger Dazzling Macro Photographs Reveal the Magic of Tiny Fungi and Slime Molds
What is Macro Photography - A Complete Guide What is Macro Photography? While there are many technical definitions of what makes a macro, the simplest explanation is as follows. Macro photography is the art of making tiny things look big. You can do this by getting very close to your subject, or by getting a telephoto lens and zooming way in.