Sherry Icardi  

Baby Lion by Sherry Icardi

July 2024 - Baby Lion

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This little guy along with two other cubs apparently had wandered away from the pride and all the females were looking for the "runaways" when we came upon them. The mother was very upset with this little guy ...and he could not accept how he was being treated....and was whining to Mom ......when he realized he could not convince here gave up and pranced off from Mom . Just to get away from his punishment. It was so interesting watching this interaction. Taken in 2019 during a trip to Kenya.The only negative on the image way I could get down to its level ....had to shoot from the jeep which was over its head. So my question does that make this imagine unusable? I really did not like the angle, but I was stuck....remember this area had 5 irritated female lions AND one male close by........ what are your thoughts?

Taken with my Nikon 850 D and 80-100mm lens at 400mm
1/1200 sec
ISO 800
Processed in LR and PS mainly denoise and color and finally cropped. Posted: 07/10/2024 13:11:23

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Leslie Larson   Leslie Larson
Interesting that you switched photos from the first one posted. I don't have a problem with the angle. No safari lets people out of the truck. Background a bit too bright. Since the focus and colors are so great, have you thought of cropping it to a square featuring the darling face in the middle? Tail fades out to nothing anyway. Just a thought. It's a very cute cub.   Posted: 07/12/2024 15:05:04


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