John Stumbos  

Land of Enchantment on an April morning by John Stumbos

July 2024 - Land of Enchantment on an April morning

About the Image(s)

On a recent visit to New Mexico, I took the dog for a walk one morning. The weather was unusually cool and overcast, not the turquoise blue skies we usually get during April. I wanted to do something a little different to capture the expansiveness of the landscape, so I slowed the shutter speed down to 1/6 sec at f/22 and panned the camera handheld. The ISO was set at 100. Lens: 17-40 at 40 mm.

In Adobe Camera Raw post processing, I set the profile to Camera Landscape to bring the colors up. I brought the exposure down a full stop; contrast up 27; highlights down 100; shadows up 71; white point up 63; black point down 69. In the color sliders I set the white balance to 4,850; tint 11; vibrance 11; and saturation 3. I also added some texture (27) and clarity (37), as well adjusting the dehaze filter by 7 points. Then I cropped the image to a 16X9 format to emphasize the horizon and cut out some of the foreground.

My intent in making these changes was to give the image more pop than in the original RAW file and to show you how the New Mexico landscape feels to me. The result is a creative departure from the representational photographs I typically share with you, but one that I like. That’s what matters to me. Capturing a mood to convey emotion is what I seek to achieve in my photography.


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