Lou McLove  

Heck's Angels Invade Marakesh Marketplace by Lou McLove

July 2024 - Heck's Angels Invade Marakesh Marketplace

July 2024 - Lou McLove


About the Image(s)

A couple of years ago I traveled around Morocco with a small group of photographers. One of our last stops was Marrakesh where I spend the better part of a day in the marketplace, which is huge. It was hot and there were many vendors and hundreds of people wandering about, all mixed in with lots of people of all ages on motor bikes. The motor bikes wove in and out of the pedestrians in what seemed to be a very unsafe manner. In the name of safety, however, the police would stop motor bikers who were not wearing a helmet.

I captured this image with a Canon 5D and a Tamron 28-300mm lens at 70mm. ISO 100, f18 (I don't know why) at 1/80 second. I like how the relatively slow shutter speed blurred the background. In Lightroom I darkened the background, especially the bright shirt, etc. Finally, the motor bike riders were too blurry for my taste so I sharpened them in Topaz Sharpen AI.


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