Ginny Salus  

Hairy Woodpecker by Ginny Salus

July 2024 - Hairy Woodpecker

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Some of the woodpeckers were within the range of my lens. This little on was, the tree branches were a little intrusive!. He looks different than the Hairy Woodpecker here in Florida but I suspect it is the weather and breeding season.

Canon 77D, 200 zoom and a 2X extender

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Barbara Eddy   Barbara Eddy
Ginny - You captured this little bird very nicely. If it was my image I might consider a crop to eliminate some of the distractions in the top of the frame putting more emphasis on the woodpecker. The upper part of the frame doesn't add anything to the image and may actually distract from the main subject. I love the image, you have shown the beauty of the bird.   Posted: 07/04/2024 11:47:47

Dan McKenna   Dan McKenna
Ginny, I agree with Barbara, a very nice image that IMO would benefit from a crop from the top.   Posted: 07/05/2024 15:29:22

Ginny Salus   Ginny Salus
Barbara and Dan - thank you for you suggestion. I think it really helps!   Posted: 07/07/2024 08:50:46
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