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Ginny Salus

Ginny Salus

I shoot with a Canon T2I and a Canon SH 60 HX. The point and shoot is used for birding because I can no longer carry the 400 zoom for a three-hour bird walk.

Mainly I shoot birds, orchids, flowers, architecture and sculptures.

I joined PSA to improve my skills in photography.

LC Boros

LC Boros

The basics: I've been capturing images since the mid2000s and after a brief foray in portraits and weddings, I decided to stick to nature stuff with the occasional aerial, landscape or architectural shot. I shoot with a Canon and use CaptureOne for most editing but have a few other apps like Topaz Sharpen and AquaColorFix (for my underwater stuff.) I've used a variety of Canons over the years and while I have a collection of lenses, I usually stick with my 100-400L.

More than you probably want to know: I don't live a "normal" life, as we have a small ranch above San Jose, CA and my primary responsibility over the last few years has been to rehab the crazy midcentury modern house and outbuildings plus restore native habitats. as the parcel was severely overgrazed prior to our purchase. I have entire website devoted to images of the wildlife we've managed to attract; plus another site documenting all the work we've put in to the place (often feature me driving heavy machinery;) yet another site for my photography and then yet another one for my "day" job -- I’m a working Voice Actor. I don’t have a lot of spare time as there’s always an art project to do, a contractor to call, a trench to dig or a road to repair, but a few times a year I do escape and spend a few weeks scuba diving someplace remote where I can ignore my task/reminder list and just chill with the fishes and turtles.

You can see my work on: Wildlife at the ranch and Other Photography and IG

Frans Gunterus, QPSA

Frans Gunterus, QPSA

Frans Gunterus

I live in Indonesia. Photography is my everlasting interest since my childhood. Before the pandemic, my wife and I visited many countries in tour groups. That was my chance to explore my interest in photography. Unlike most photographers that have time to set tripods, filters and wait for good lighting and good moment. I just don't have that kind of luxury when following non-photography tours. I sometimes have to shoot from the moving bus.

So, I always used bracket exposure. Most likely with auto ISO. I normally provide enough space around my subjects for further cropping to get more suitable composition. The rest, I have to refine my image during post processing. I enjoy my time for post processing. It almost like visiting the place for the second time. Imagining the color, the lighting and the beauty of scene I visited.

I enjoyed being a member of PSA. Learn some of many available courses, Digital Dialogue and keep up with photography updates and engage with other photographers from different countries.

Dan McKenna

Dan McKenna

Looking forward to interacting with the group and improve my wildlife nature photography skills.

I am a retired consulting arborist and living on the Olympic Peninsula in Western WA. We have just moved here from CA and the abundance of wildlife and nature have afforded me the opportunity to start capturing wildlife along with landscapes. I have been an avid photographer over 50 yrs, and still work in a dark room for printing Platinum/Palladium prints as well as Gum Bichromate prints. I also print using a large format inkjet printer. I present my work at local shows and galleries. Despite having been a photographer for most of my life, the skills (both technical and compositional) for wildlife is something I wish to perfect and learn from my fellow group members. My software skills include Capture One, Photoshop and Lightroom. I am currently using mirrorless Sony FF cameras. Looking forward to interacting with the group.

Matthew Johnston

Olympia, WA
www. mjohnston matt@mjohnsto nphotography .com

Matthew is a retired Army Medic that began his photographic journey as a form of art therapy. He has since dedicated himself to expressing emotions through Landscape photography. Matthew is currently focusing his primary efforts in building a visual Language to help those who suffer from disabilities and Limitations. Utilizing Landscape as metaphor, Matthew creates images to aid in the ability for those who suffer Limitations a way to communicate trapped emotions. Upon completion of his MFA, Matthew plans on entering the academic world to teach photography.


• Proven Leader and Instructor
• Over 10 years of teaching Trauma Medical Skills

• Photo Editing and Sequencing.
• Photographic Society of America

• American Society of Media Photographers

• Photoshop and Lightroom
• Antique and Alternative Printing

• Society for Photographic Education


Academy of Arts University
School of Photography MFA Candidate San Francisco, CA
Evergreen State College Bachelor of Arts Olympia WA



• Non-Commissioned Officer Academy, Ft Lewis, WA
• Brigade Combat Trauma Team Training, Ft. Lewis, WA
• Emergency Medical Treatment, Ft Sam Houston, TX
• ASIST- Suicide Prevention Training Program


• 2023-Siena Awards-Finalist. Siena, Italy
• 2023-Refocus Award-World Photo Annual-People’s Choice Finalist-Fine Art (Results Pending)
• 2023- Refocus Award-World Photo Annual-People’s Choice Finalist-Landscape (Results Pending)
• 2023-Refocus Award-World Photo Annual-People’s Choice Finalist-Nature (Results Pending)
• 2023-AAP-Finalist-Nature- Platinum/Palladium
• 2023-The Chateau Gallery-The Narrative-I Am Not Alone Platinum/Palladium print
• 2023-ASMP Photo Ville New York-Single Image-Mt.St. Helens in Summer Landscape
• 2023-Spring Show Finalist-Academy of Art University-Single image-Save the Art-industrial Ruin
• 2022-ReFocus Award Nomination- World Black and White Competition Single Image-Tears on the Little Bighorn
• 2022-Lenscratch-Your best of 2022-Single Image-Dangerous Beauty Landscape
• 2022-The Chateau Gallery-"Scapes" Land, City, and Hell-Single Image-The Burnout-industrial Ruin
• 2022-Fleet Week San Francisco Veterans Showcase-Vivid Decay Industrial Wasteland
• 2022-Spring Show Finalist-Academy of Arts University-Series Stagnation-Landscape
• 2021-Spring Show Finalist-Academy of Arts University-Series-Beautiful Boundaries-Landscape


Senior Medical Treatment Non-Commissioned Officer
• Trained new medics in standard and advanced clinical medicine and procedures.
• Instructed over 30 classes on Combat Lifesaver (CLS) with more than 400 students
• Trained and Led a Chemical Warfare Decontamination Team (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and High Yield Explosives) consisting of 25 personnel of differing military specialties.

Senior Medic
• Supervised and trained 5 medics to provide Advanced Medical Treatment and Evacuation of injured Service Members over a two-year period resulting in over 20 successful medical evacuation missions.
• Conducted 40 classes of Combat Lifesaver (CLS)with more than 300 students.
• Developed and implemented basic and advanced medical training for the police and military units of Iraq and Afghanistan.
• Conducted medical training for NATO security contractors.

You can see my work on:

Minette Lukban

Bio Coming Soon . . .

Barbara Eddy

Barbara Eddy

Barbara Eddy resides in Ronan, Montana. Her job at Barbara Eddy Photography has given her the opportunity to meet people from all over the world while sharing her knowledge and love of photography and nature with her guests.

You can see my work on: Barbara Eddy Photography