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Continuing on with the Plymouth area, this time focusing on Plymouth Rock. (not so much a rock these days as it is a pebble). This area of the Harbor is said to be the first landing of the Mayflower and the pilgrims When I brought the image into Lightroom classic and Photoshop I thought it looked dull, gray and needed some help. The first thing would be a simple straightening, it was a bit crooked . From there is used LightRoom Classic for luminance, sharpening contrast and clarity. I also put the image through Denoise to be sure all parts of the image were taken care of.
I added some color to the right of the monument to give it a better look and interest.

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Lauren Heerschap   Lauren Heerschap
A really nice improvement in your processing. Last time I saw the rock it was a a pebble?   Posted: 07/06/2024 14:06:51
Mariann Moberg
Hi Lauren, that's what the locals call it after years of it being in the water it has deteriorated and vandalism that made it that the rock had to be cleaned off with serious power washing which made it lose some of the rock.
Sad that some think that's fun   Posted: 07/07/2024 06:53:43

Karl Leck   Karl Leck
Hi Mariann, The addition of color in the sky is a great idea. It makes us feel that we are there at twilight. To get rid of the dull light, I brightened the marble architecture in a masked levels layer. In another levels layer, I darkened the background by decreasing midtones to 50% and the output highlights to 180 on the histogram. That makes the white marble 'pop' better. Other small changes were a crop ant bottom and right side and cloning out of distracting background highlights. I think the result helps your desired interpretation of an important monument at a nice time of day. Karl   Posted: 07/06/2024 16:06:04
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Mariann Moberg
Thank you Karl, those are all great changes to the dull and dreary!   Posted: 07/06/2024 16:11:08

Judith Lesnaw   Judith Lesnaw
I like this image a lot. The color, that also appears in the top of the rock wall, is a great addition to the sky. I love the soft tones and the pink flowers; they give a pleasing watercolor effect to the scene. Well done!   Posted: 07/11/2024 20:12:23


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