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The Witching Hour by Keisha Becerra

July 2024 - The Witching Hour

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Midnight, or the "Witching Hour," is often a fascinating time of day. Many people are asleep, dreaming of a life well-lived or a road less traveled, while others are out partying and making mistakes they will later regret. Some, like myself, take this time to enjoy the stillness and sounds of the night. The house creaking as the wind blows, the crickets calling in the night, and the patterns made by my patio light as it leaks through my blinds and front door window. All while I unwind with a glass of wine and sit with my thoughts. No kids yelling, "Mom, he hit me," and no coworkers calling, "Dr. Becerra, we need you." Just me and the midnight hour.


I took this image with my iPhone due to the extremely low light; my camera picked up almost no light in the room. What caught my attention for this photo was how the light created so many patterns in such a dark room. For post-processing, I reduced the noise and added a sepia filter in Photoshop. When processing this image, I aimed to create a softer, cinematic effect.

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John Roach   John Roach
I very much like the background story and mood expressed that support the image.
Well done. I like the look and feel of the scene and believe you have an interesting image to share. For me this is a instant where there is just the right amount of lit detail to share...any more by opening more shadows, and the mood would be lost.   Posted: 07/09/2024 14:44:31


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