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The Orchid King by Carol Heffernan

July 2024 - The Orchid King

July 2024 - Carol Heffernan


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I love gardens and we have a wonderful one near us that we belong to. Their orchid area has unusual orchids that remind me of faces, dancers and more. I’ve been trying to capture the ‘human’ look of one of them, so I tried one from my latest trip. I wish I’d used a higher F stop so even the ‘arms’ were in focus as well as the ‘body’, but I liked the ‘face’. I hate carrying a tripod (and it's not really allowed), but think that might make it better.

Nikon D7500 60mm micro lens, iso 1000, F 3.5, 1/500 sec
Import to Lightroom Classic
Remove Chromatic Aberration
Enable Profile Corrections
Edit Topaz Photo AI
Denoise normal
Save to LR
Mask 1 orchid
Duplicate and invert mask (mask 2 - background)
lower exposure, highlights, shadows, whites
color tint -30
saturation -10
Texture 20
Clarity -40
Dehaze 26
total image
contrast 6
shadows 11
highlights 13
Vignette -20
Edit in PS
duplicate layer
clone top left leaves and smooth out stem
Save to LR
mask 1 Orchid
contrast 20
shadows 20
highlights 2
temp 5
saturation 5
texture 9
clarity 7
dehaze 14
Mask 2 brush top of orchid
texture 8
dehaze 11
noise reduction
overall image
vignette -12

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Zina Mirsky   Zina Mirsky
Carol, you've captured a face and crown and I can see a beard if you'd altered the color pallette! Yes, a tripod would have allowed a sharper image but as you note, they don't allow that. Were there architectural or other natural or furnishing artifacts that you might have propped the camera on, and set a shutter delay to take a picture with as little disturbance as possible?

Most impressive is the workflow you've laid out with such precision. I thank you for the image and for that primer!   Posted: 07/09/2024 19:23:32


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