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Thread Title: Technical Information Photo Critiques

Pauline Jaffe   Pauline Jaffe
I wanted to share with you all some technical information that you can provide when reviewing images.

Camera settings-- relating to exposure (this involves changing aperture, shutter speed for creative photography)

Sharp focus “ look for placement of focus at the right place or subject for powerful images

Depth of field (DoF) “ look at what DoF would work (shallow or deeper) for the scene captured or the story they are trying to tell

Mood “ is the mood right to relate to the story, to go with emotion in the photograph

White balance “ does it portray the correct mood, colours and the time of day or light under which the image was photographed

Metering “ look at and provide feedback on what metering could have been used depending on the light in the scene

Lighting “ is the light dull, flat and boring, is there contrast, is it soft, does it work for the story or scene that has been photographed, has or can the photographer creatively use light for example dappled light, light and shadows, etc.

Composition “ look at what compositional guidelines are followed or what can be applied to make compelling images.

Contrast and colours “ check the colours or contrast in the images to see if anything can be done to improve the quality of the image

  Posted: 09/13/2023 18:18:31

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