Zina Mirsky  

Comanche Point by Zina Mirsky

July 2024 - Comanche Point

About the Image(s)

We are having a very hot 4th of July and beyond, so I'm sending a picture that cools me by looking at it! This was taken last year in early September when monsoon rains were just beginning.

This is a view from Comanche Peak at the eastern edge of the South Rim, Grand Canyon. I was lucky to visit with the NPS archaeologist and he had access to a jeep trail that got us most of the way to this point. Since I was not making a full 8-mile hike, I used my Olympus mirrorless camera on a tripod and took this view of approximately 9 miles of the Colorado River as it goes through the Grand Canyon.

Normally without a tripod, after a hot hike to this place, I was eager to test out taking panoramic shots to stitch together in LR when finished. This was taken in full sun, with the Zoom lens at around 35 mm for each shot (I took 5). ISO 200, f4, 1/250 seconds via remote trigger. I took a variety of shots to test different outcomes, and the one below was the one I was happiest with.

The 35mm gave lots of space for the final stitching. I was surprised at how seamless LR makes it. I read about using PhotoShop but am not as comfortable in PS as I am in LR, and it seems to me that it works for my purposes.


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