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Backlit Lion by Mike Cohen

July 2024 - Backlit Lion

July 2024 - Mike Cohen


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This male lion was walking with a low sun behind which gave some fringing to his borders. I couldn’t decide whether to leave some details in the lion or go full silhouette. Probably overinfluenced by a instructional video I just watched I decided to go pure silhouette. I’d be curious if anyone else would have taken a different approach. Besides a crop, and an initial run of Topaz Denoise AI, I selected and darkened the lion, deselecting the borders so that I wouldn’t lose the fringing which got thin when I darkened the body at first. I ran Luminar Neo to bring out some of the color of the background, removed a few bright points and spots and some of the lion’s breath on its face, which didn’t translate well as breath and looked like an anomaly. Sony a1, 70-200 f/4 at f/4, 1/3200 second, ISO 1600. In retrospect, I would have reduced my ISO and shutter speed. I was probably shooting birds and had bird settings in the camera at the t

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Judith Lesnaw   Judith Lesnaw
Powerful and dramatic scene. The light and fringing on the lion and the light streaks and spot on the ground are spectacular. The image is great as is. That said, I wonder if the eyes could be selectively and subtly restored.   Posted: 07/11/2024 10:16:25

Ann Brixey   Ann Brixey
There is little I can say other than WOW!! This is such a dramatic imaage, which for me, tells a wonderful story. I confess I like the orginal too, but your post processing has done justice to the scene, it gives the overall feeling of danger as the big cat stalks. Nothing I would change in this image.

Iechyd da

Ann   Posted: 07/11/2024 12:08:35

Ally Green   Ally Green
This is a really striking image...love it! The colours, the full silhouette really makes the backlit lion standout. The movement adds drama as does the texture of the ground contrasts with the smoothness of the lion's body. Not sure whether you cropped this image but if you had more space in front of the lion that would be nice but otherwise to me this is a powerful image.   Posted: 07/11/2024 16:05:37
Mike Cohen   Mike Cohen
Thanks for the good comments. Ally, now that I look at it I agree about the spacing in front. I didn't capture any but AI would have been able to create some. Good point.   Posted: 07/12/2024 08:27:46


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