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September 2021 - Ferals

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A feral hen with her single chick. Chickens in much of the Caribbean are feral nuisances. On Little Cayman they aren’t a source of food or eggs for humans, but the small feral cat population and the larger native iguana population will happily make a meal out of chick or adult. Captured this image while biking about the island one morning.
Canon Mark IV with EF 100-400mm.
ISO 2000 1/640s f/5.6 @400mm
Cropped, adjust levels a bit and then flipped. (CaptureOne)

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Ally Green   Ally Green
What a great took me a while to see the chick as i was so drawn by the lovely colours and detail of the hen! Great perspective too and the crop works well. I like how you have given her space and the background of the foliage blends well. Nicely done.   Posted: 09/09/2021 15:19:45

Mike Cohen   Mike Cohen
Chickens don't get the credit they deserve. They are beautiful and come in so many shapes and patterns. If they were rare people would be leading tours to see them. I like the story of maternal care so strongly told my your image. Great job.   Posted: 09/11/2021 14:26:20

Sharon Prislipsky   Sharon Prislipsky
As a child I learned to intensely dislike chickens - long, story; but as a photographer I think they are potentially very interesting subjects and can even be presented artistically. I am not sure what your intentions for this image are, but if you are considering entering it in any type of Nature Exhibition, keep in mind that feral animals are not permitted.
Having said that, I think there is a story here. The space you have allowed gives the subject some context, and I like the way the focus drops off behind the subject.   Posted: 09/15/2021 10:08:48

Lisa Auerbach   Lisa Auerbach
Your chickens are sharp and show well both texture and color. I like the motherly love shown in your story. Because your animal colors are so good, I would suggest masking the scenery and lowering the exposure to focus attention on the birds.   Posted: 09/15/2021 14:04:04

Judith Lesnaw   Judith Lesnaw
The mother's fierce protective instinct shines through this great image. Pity the cat that attempts to dine on that chick. The earthy colors of the feathers blend well with the underbrush and lend visual protection. Great story.   Posted: 09/16/2021 11:31:44

Pamela Hoaglund   Pamela Hoaglund
I like your composition with the hen looking to the right with plenty of space. Your subject is nice and sharp and the bonus is the chick hiding under the mothers wing. The background is soft enough to not distract from your subject yet gives a sense of place in the environment. Nicely done.   Posted: 09/16/2021 13:09:08


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