Arief Rahardjo  

Camping in Ghober Hoet by Arief Rahardjo

September 2023 - Camping in Ghober Hoet

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On June 30, 2023 I travel 5 hours by car to Mount Papandayan, Garut, West Java. Hiking for 2 hours from car park to reach this place, it’s call Ghober Hoet Camping ground. Located at 2.650 meter from sea level. I camp one night in this location. This was when dawn and we were waiting for sun rise. Foreground was dark, I used flashlight to beam a tend and fences that I use as foreground. Fences was to keep visitor safe.
Editing : using ACR in PS2023. I edit exposure, color, clarity, contrast, reduce noise.

Technical data :
Date image was taken : June 30, 2023
Camera make and model - Canon EOS RP
Lens type and focal length - Canon RF 15-30 F4.5 “6.3 IS STM FL : 15mm
Aperture : f/22, Shutter : 12 second, ISO : 100, Exposure mode : Manual, Metering : Centre Weighted Average.

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Carl Johnson   Carl Johnson
Looks like an incredible and peaceful view of the upcoming sunrise amongst the mysterious fog/clouds. Somehow, I'd like to see more ground detail of the foreground left and front of the tent, but I suppose it was difficult to illuminate with flashlight. Looks like quite an adventure and something I'd love to do, Arief.   Posted: 09/11/2023 06:45:31
Arief Rahardjo   Arief Rahardjo
Hi Carl, within 12 second it's difficult. I must choose the area that should be lighted. Thank you for your comment.   Posted: 09/14/2023 08:11:05

Paul Hoffman   Paul Hoffman
Wow that is a nice spot to camp, the views are to die for. Must have been a joy to been up there to view this, the fresh air would have been great.   Posted: 09/14/2023 05:43:53
Arief Rahardjo   Arief Rahardjo
Hi Paul, indeed it's famous spot. During peak season don't expect got spot if came late. Cold and fresh air for sure .. Thank you for your comment.   Posted: 09/14/2023 08:12:41


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