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Thread Title: Why I Joined DD

Bob Wills   Bob Wills
I recently took over group 33 from Larry. I have long been the group 29 admin. My reasons for being in Digital Dialogue are as follows:
I want feedback on my images, good, bad or indifferent.
I want feedback on my camera work like get closer, move left or right etc.
I want suggestions as how to improve an image and my overall processing. Attached images are appreciated and I view them in full size.
I appreciate any and all photographic and technical advice (except what camera brand to use. My wife limits my gear/kit budget!)
I want to critique other images in the group, and for all of us to understand there is no right or wrong, just opinions.
Ask questions if unclear on any comment or reply, or if you need more technical info.
For us to develop and stay true to our individual artistic vision.
Let me know if you have suggestions for improving our dialogue.
  Posted: 10/10/2019 13:00:30
Paul Hoffman   Paul Hoffman
Bob, I have to agree with everything you have put, but I joined the PSA study groups which I belong in two study groups, 33 & 39 a monochrome group for a different reason.
I also belong to a group called The UPP of Great Britain (, which is a similar group to the PSA study groups but smaller, here I run two circles (study groups) of 14 members who do the same as we do here on a monthly basis. I found over the years that the comments were becoming the same with predicted scores so I joined the PSA for a fresh outlook on my imaging.
Oh, what a shock I was in for and I think that every photographer should do this.
Being in two groups in the UK I have a vast viewer of UK photographer on my pictures. I then release these images to the PSA and the aspect of the two different opinions on 60% of my images are complete opposites. I was shocked that what was liked in the UK was disliked in the PSA and the opposite also applied.
But I have found over the years listening to both views and bringing them together does on most parts fulfil a good image into perfect images.
The other 40% which are the images that I would consider putting forward for external competitions, I am still amazed that on many occasions what is loved in the UK is not loved in the USA and visa versa, now the groups in the PSA has got even more international the views our balancing out slightly.
I always remember something that one of my teachers said to me while I was training some 45 years ago, "that a good picture is a picture that makes you stop and look" and I find that so true nowadays with so many images that you now scan through and one will catch your eye.
May these groups keep doing what they do as I love being part of them. I also apologise if my comments are sometimes late in the month or may seem not to be fluent as some of you. Migraine is not my friend.
The only suggestion I can give is the same as I give to my members, please don't get complacent with these groups and be honest as to how the image makes you feel. You only get out what you put in.
Stay safe and well.   Posted: 06/12/2020 04:53:52

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