Donald Darling Jr  

YELLOW ON WAVY GRAY by Donald Darling Jr


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The flower was captured last spring in my front yard just after a rain shower. I used my D750 with 90 mmm macro lens at f10 and 1/250 second. Post processing was with Elements 2023 where I took care of some distracting spots, boosted the vibrance and sharpened with the High Pass filter. The background was captured with my Z50 and 16 to 50 kit lens at f22 and 1/2 second ISO 100. I had two 2-stop ND filters on front of the lens to allow longer exposure. I did post processing with Elements 2023. Mostly darkening th image and using the smudge tool to soften the image and create unnatural patterns. I also use the Paint tool to add a little blueish-gray color for some contrast with the yellow.

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Frank Kennedy
Hi Donald,
I believe what you have done here is very clever and I like what you have done with the background.
A concern I have is the flower head is in the centre of the frame and I find the black section a distraction.
Would you consider tightening up on the presentation and
cloning out the black section.
Overall well done.   Posted: 07/08/2024 02:21:05
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