DD Study Group   1 General - Administered by Dennis Hirning

Golden Eagle by Dennis Hirning Inside the Flower by Neal R. Thompson, M.D. Pelican from Above by Joey Johnson Bull's Eye by Sol Blechman Yellow Green by Sharon Moir Astorian Sunset by David Robb Admiral Yi Sun-Sin by Than Sint

DD Study Group   2 General - Administered by Harry M. Stuart

African Mousebird by Piers Blackett Archway to the Taj by Harry M. Stuart Stuck on Pink - 2 by Shirley Pohlman Sunset in Norway. by Hung Phan Chesterbrook Trails mushrooms  by Cheryl Pauley Wishes by Brenda Monahan Eilean Donan Castle by Laurie Meriwether

DD Study Group   3 General - Administered by Jim Kuchler

Death in the Tetons by Jim Kuchler Church Door by Mary Sue Rosenthal Hello by Randolph Shine On the Shore by Ruth Sprain Milkweed by Kieu-Hanh Vu Kilkenny Umbrellas by Marion Buccella Down on the Farm by Lisa Cirincione

DD Study Group   4 General - Administered by Joseph Hearst

Boat with impressions by Joseph Hearst Fallen Green by Isaac Vaisman M.D. Idaho Barn by Bill Buchanan Red, Blue and Black by Guy Davies Envious Cormorant by Thomas Wiemer Resting-Gulf Fritillary Butterfly” by Erik Rosengren Lakeland View by Ian Chantler

DD Study Group   5 General - Administered by Barbara E Miller

Sad little pooch by Barbara E Miller The Door to Beyond by David Cooke Holey Stairs by Phil Zolla The Red Barn by Oliver Morton Home on the Palouse by Mark Laussade WOODSTORK FLYING WITH TWIG by Nick Muskovac Banteay Samre Temple by Richard Siersma

DD Study Group   6 Macro/Close-up - Administered by Dick States

Orchids by Sandra Irwin Hazel-nuts by Salvador Atance Foxglove by Stuart Ord  by Janet DiMattia Red Raspberries by Dick States Wolf Spider Encounter by Tom Pickering  by Madhusudhan Srinivasan

DD Study Group   7 General - Administered by Tom McCreary

No 6 Rounds the Bend by Tom McCreary Old Glory by Rich Sears Pipevine Swallowtail Feeding by Barbara Mallon Windmills by Tony Tam Light Printing by Grace Lee December Afternoon at Scusset Beach by Paul McLaughlin

DD Study Group   8 General - Administered by N. Sukumar

Mole - interior and exterior by N. Sukumar Brother and sister by Alastair Cochrane Bednars falls by Mark Southard Manasha (The Goddess of Serpents) by Snehendu Kar GIRL ON THE TRAIN by Marcus Miller Monument by Gloria Sprung

DD Study Group   9 General - Administered by John Larson

Goose in the Window by John Larson Big Guy by Jesse Lobel Reddish by Debbie Perez Two Kittens by Allen Calopisis Yellow Orchid by Priscilla Farrell Clouds by Shaikh Amin Waiting for a Player by David Garrison

DD Study Group 10 General - Administered by Donna Sturla

High Society by Christina Brittain Orchids by Donna Sturla Naval Academy by Rich Krebs Palouse Landscape by Diana Duffey Zaifert by Herb Zaifert

DD Study Group 11 Monochrome - Administered by Allen Tucker

Young Equestrian by Allen Tucker Calla Lily by Tom Pickering Lighting Up The Milky Way by Sharron Leppien The Atrium by Jim Hagan A STUDY IN LINES AND SHAPES by Jim Bodkin

DD Study Group 12 Assigned Subject - Administered by Carole Kropscot

Indications of Fall by Carole Kropscot Indications of Fall by Gavin Tow Indications of Fall by Connie Reinhart Red Maple in Montana by Barbara Kuebler Fall Colours by Ally Green

DD Study Group 13 Assigned Subject - Administered by Timothy Morton

DOWNTOWN by Timothy Morton Door by Fat Chen  Pritzker Pavillion in Chicago's Millennium Park by Barbara Dunn Sunrise at Quinn Pointe by Paul Swepston "The old ferry" by Steven Wharram End Of Another Day by Wendy Stanford

DD Study Group 14 General - Administered by Arun Bagga

Browsing CHORA History by Arun Bagga Ain't No Bull by Gregory Waldron  White Plant -  Purity by Bill Provost Captain Hook of Bangladesh BW by Syed Shakhawat Kamal

DD Study Group 15 General - Administered by Joan Field

How Do Do at Joshua Trees by Joan Field Home Before the Storm by Phil Levy Painting of My Best Friend by Rick Finney 400 Year Old Window Transported by Jeri Conklin

DD Study Group 16 General - Administered by Dr V G Mohanan Nair

Spokane Riverside Park by Dr V G Mohanan Nair Ilimanaq, Greenland by Bunny Laden Blue Angels by Joan Funk Black Skimmer by Walter Naumann Wild Flower by Kathleen Sims Swan's Family by Bogdan Bricelj Eating Iguana by Terry Campanella

DD Study Group 17 General - Administered by John Hackett

Spokes by John Hackett Town Park Revisited by Joe Kennedy Colorful chaos by Dick Perkins  He knows his place by Peter Elliston Cabaret by Sheldon Wecker Hibiscus by Glenn Rudd

DD Study Group 18 Creative - Administered by Ian Ledgard

Scooter racer by Andrew Hersom Cottage window by Ian Ledgard Treeman by Mark Southard Silhouette by Mike Cowdrey Quadroth by Tom Pickering Breathe by Jennifer Empey

DD Study Group 19 General - Administered by John Hackett

Pink by John Hackett Atticus by Harriet Ciccone Lou Ruvo Center Corner 2957 by Stan Bormann Milky Way and Mountains by Norm Solomon Topsy Turvy by Marcela Stegemueller  by Carroll Reynolds

DD Study Group 20 Creative - Administered by Jerry Funk

Bee on Pink Orchid by Pat Couder Spooky Messages by Jerry Funk English Pub by Nellie Bretherick In the Dead of Night by Cindy Gosselin Halloween in Just Around the Corner by Shirley Ward Duck Weed Pond and Broken Branch by Peter Keverne Watch Out Mum  by Betty Billingham

DD Study Group 21 Creative - Administered by Joan Field

Hood Design by Joan Field Mini Among the Tulips by Brian Swinyard Falling Leaves in Amsterdam by Steve Wessing Windows to the Soul by Phillipa Frederiksen

DD Study Group 22 General - Administered by Marti Buckely

Old Wooden Ramp by Marti Buckely Ironwoman by Peggy Reeder Judith Durham Poster by Jerry Biddlecom Formation by Al Swanson Costa Rica Sunset by Joseph J Zaia Sheep at Dawn by Mike Patterson Oxbow Bend by Kaylyn Franks

DD Study Group 23 General - Administered by Brian Magor

My Tea Break by Brian Magor Making a Splash 2019 by Marilyn Ross Street Colours, Dingle, Ireland. by Richard Harper Paradise River - Rainier NP by Dave Edwards Bald Eagle by Sherry Icardi  by Shirley Ward  by Adelet Kegley

DD Study Group 24 General - Administered by Jim Horn

cactus flower by Jim Horn flower by Sue Gordon Ornimental Kale by Donna Paul Head Out by Kumaraswamy Anjanappa Releasing pigeons by Sam Fernando The Mandrill by Laura Lee Bartholomew Mountain Lion by James Ricketts

DD Study Group 25 General - Administered by Audrey Waitkus

Triceratops by Audrey Waitkus Lizard by Ruth Holt Antelope Slot Canyon by Abe Chen Monarch Butterfly by Marla Henry Boise Train Depot Night Zoom by Darin Hlavinka

DD Study Group 26 General - Administered by Bob Benson

Frog in Pond by Bob Benson Bay of Fundy by Mervyn Hurwitz Sundown, Barren Ridge by Belinda Hudnall Keller Church Ceiling by Jose Cartas Tribe Time by Guy Hawkins The Green Dragon by Albert Zabin

DD Study Group 27 General - Administered by Brad Ashbrook

Through the Bubble by Renee Schaefer Avalanche Creek by Brad Ashbrook White’s Tree Frog by Jon Allanson Midwest Harvesting by Becca Cambridge The Unveiling by Jan van Leijenhorst Apostle Sunset by Danny Dunne

DD Study Group 28 General - Administered by Tom Johnson

St. Joseph Icicle formations by Tom Johnson Halloween Abstract by Wanda Krack GEMMA by Colleen Price The cabin on the McDonald Split by Deborah Milburn Beautiful Dahlia by Sheila Burke-Grey The “Flying Lady” by Steve Jacobs

DD Study Group 29 General - Administered by Bob Wills

Riverfront Park by Bob Wills Toiki Sunset Quad by Stephan Debelle Old Car Detail by Judy Burr Snooty Elk by Karen Harris Sunset on Norway by Tam Phan Ready for the next job by Bill Foy

DD Study Group 30 General - Administered by Dorinda Wills

Maude's View by Dorinda Wills Dinner at 6:30 pm by Tom Carnahan Frog and Stone by Jessica Manelis Community Church, Stowe, Vermont by Jon Joyce Red Hubcap Swirl by Judy Merson Untitled by Robert Schleif Las Vegas by Leonid Shectman

DD Study Group 31 Monochrome - Administered by John Gilkerson

Father and Son by Ian Chantler Evening Light at Budir by Peter Clark Four Trees by John Gilkerson Evening Snack by Rashid Galiev Untitled by Ed Ries Taos Pueblo Church by Paul Roth Masked Worrier by Ella Schreiber

DD Study Group 32 Monochrome - Administered by Diana Magor

Liverpool Museum by Diana Magor Time trials by Gloria Fine Wet hibiscus blossom by Jennifer Doerrie Mt Rainier by Stephen Levitas Old Iowa homestead by Tom McCreary

DD Study Group 33 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Bob Wills

Seealpsee by Raymond Zurschmitten Red-Roofed House in the Mist by Marilyn Peake Face of the Wave by Ken Carlson KRD-Canal by Bob Patrick Aspen and Wildflowers by Elizabeth Mangham Our Lady of Lourdes by Bob Wills Portmeirion on Treath Bychan by Paul Hoffman

DD Study Group 34 Creative - Administered by Steve Estill

Open Wide by Steve Estill Fun In Kitchen by Candy Childrey Man Who Wasn't There by Alan Kaplan Stepping Down by Georgianne Giese Moving In by Helen Sweet Steampunk Dude & Dudette Dogs by Jan Handman

DD Study Group 35 Infrared - Administered by Sharon Prislipsky

Joshua Tree  by Sharon Prislipsky Palouse Hay Bales by Stuart Bacon Brathy Church by Julie Walker Like My Post by Nelson Charette Look at That View by Helen Herbert Still Standing by Debbie Perez

DD Study Group 36 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Le Tho Giao

Tufas, Mono Lake by Le Tho Giao Delicious lunch menu by Jyoti Sarkar Snapple Mountain Valley by Michael Jack Weston Park by Arne Skinlo  Stormy Weather by George R Phile Katla Lava Fields by Bill Peake Yosemite falls by Richard White

DD Study Group 37 General - Administered by Howard Frank

Hot Balloon Rally by Peter Cheung Housing Societies by Subhash Sapru Distressed Flowers by Gunter Haibach Into the Woods by Howard Frank Cape Sugarbirds by Grace Bryant

DD Study Group 38 General - Administered by Gabriele Dellanave

Surfing at Serenity Beach by Sunandan Ghosh Lake reflections by Gabriele Dellanave Soar like an Eagle by Gerhard Geldenhuys Ballon Rise Over Cappadocia by Art Jacoby Waves from Hurricane Dorian by Marge Barham

DD Study Group 39 Monochrome - Administered by David Halgrimson

Cloudy Sunset by David Halgrimson Saqib by M. Arfan Asif For inside a Monument by Jerry Hug House on the Hill by Paul Hoffman Parallel by Vincent Cochain  by Steve Knight White Dog on an Empty Road by Larry Crook

DD Study Group 40 General - Administered by Andrew Hersom

Coastguard Take-off by Andrew Hersom Portrait : Lady Devil by Prakhar Krishan Reims France by Henry Roberts Waiting Patiently with intent by Moira Heilbronn The Kelpies by Jamie Carrier Flume Covered Bridge by Alison McMahan Foggy Bluff by Catherine Honigsberg

DD Study Group 41 Creative - Administered by Brad Becker

Stillness by Brad Becker Flower Power by Kathy Triolo Fall Flowers by Henry Roberts The Pumpkin Patch by Maryellen Bauer Lost in Locke by Jan Lightfoot Planet at Stony Creek by Lisa Cuchara

DD Study Group 42 General - Administered by Stuart Caine

Reflections @ Lake  Moke <NZ by Pat Choo Old Town District of Zurich by Sarah Bernstein last of the Season by Holly Moore Golden Temple by Michael Braunstein Slow fading away by Lynne Lewis Accordion Man by Stuart Caine Blue Damselfly by Sarita Yeola

DD Study Group 43 General - Administered by Mike Walker

African Violet by Mike Walker I’ll Leave the Light On by Linda M Medine  by Lane B Lewis White House Ruins by Mark McKinney Back Yard Pet by Harley Rubens  by Connie Weil

DD Study Group 44 HDR - Administered by Brad Ashbrook

Glacier Flowers by Brad Ashbrook Morgue by Lisa Cuchara Spokane Upper Falls by Rick Cloran Venrazza by Mahmoud Raslan York Lighthouse with Dark Clouds by Bill Buchanan Ford Body by Bob Patrick Seen Better Days by Max Burke

DD Study Group 45 General - Administered by Cindy Lynch

Light Up 13 Layers Remain by Bai Chuang Shyu The Guitarist by Ray Henrikson Babala Lake by Charlie Yang Well Preserved by John Gardiner Milky Way by Don MacKenzie Dusk in Vienna by Cindy Lynch

DD Study Group 46 HDR - Administered by Paul Moertl

Retired School Bus by Don Poulton Final Bridges Route 70 California  by Richard White Niagara Falls Wide by Paul Moertl

DD Study Group 47 Monochrome - Administered by Jack Florence Jr

Two Leaves by Jack Florence Jr K-Poppers Show their Stuff by John Erve Mitskheta Church by Ed Ford Cooling Down with Sand by Adrian Binney Untitled by Don Crow Green by Albert Zabin Cyclops by Jen Carrick

DD Study Group 48 General - Administered by Beverly Caine

THE ROAD TO WUHAN by Beverly Caine ITALY by Valerie Fall WATER LILLY by Margaret Sprott BLUE SPIRAL by Jamie Federick DARK SERIES by Sean Sullivan  by Yun Thwaits Chalk Artist by W. Neil Jones

DD Study Group 49 General - Administered by Cora Rosenhaft

Las Vegas Selfie by Cora Rosenhaft Dancing Masks by JoAnne Rolle Red Mangrove - The Birth of an Island - Everglades National Park by Tom Brott Pink Sand Dunes by Kata Zih Swan Feeding by Alan Kiecker Untitled by Fred Doerfler

DD Study Group 50 Monochrome - Administered by Paul Moertl

Door 1 by Paul Moertl Still Mobile by David Price Bond Falls Closeup by Jeffrey Klug  by Karl Hokanson Pointed Shoes by Cindy Lynch  by Chuck Carstensen

DD Study Group 51 Phoneography - Administered by Dave Edwards

Country Church by Dave Edwards Five Feathers - CTA L Train Station by Jerry Hug - by Richard Sprott Out Back by Bob Barley End of Summer by Lynne Royce The Pink Church by Pamela Hoaglund Three Old Jeans by Sol Blechman

DD Study Group 52 Nature Plus - Administered by Sharon Prislipsky

Wotan's Throne by Sharon Prislipsky Palouse Falls by Carol Sheppard Butterfly Sipping Nectar by Lisa Auerbach Mighty Big Gulp by John Roach Snowy Egret Taking Off by Tom Brott Vanitas by Judith Lesnaw Capuchin Monkey by Mike Cohen

DD Study Group 53 General - Administered by Tom Pickering

The Meeting Will Come To Order by Tom Pickering Owl in Sky Fire by Vera Djackova Nature's Geometry by Brenda Frezeman Roper by Dan DeVries Fryburg Fair Maine by Arabella Dane

DD Study Group 54 Advanced Photoshop Compositing - Administered by Peggy Nugent

Sea Dreams by Peggy Nugent Day of the Dead by Aavo Koort  In times gone by by Betty Billingham Mannequins by Alan Kaplan The Warning by Brad Becker

DD Study Group 55 General - Administered by Matt Moses

Sailing Into Sunrise by Matt Moses Tyrolean Marching Band by Alec Chester Truck by Joan Rembacz Tower of Power by Ron Clegg Early Morning Light by Dale Yates Bumble Bee by Kurtis Sutley

DD Study Group 56 Painting - Administered by Cyril Mazansky

Canal in Western Highlands by Cyril Mazansky Storm at Sunset by Nancy Speaker Malachite by Gerhard Geldenhuys Firebird by Terry Clark Deserted in the Desert by Cindy Gosselin My Neighbor Has Flowers by Elinor Stecker-Orel

DD Study Group 57 Macro/Close-up - Administered by Jessica Manelis

Red Leaf Purple Leaf by Jessica Manelis Blue Button   by Cindy Lynch  Old Typewriter Keys by Nelson Charette  by Mary Hinsen Wild Small Onions by Marcela Stegemueller Autumn weeds by Laurie Meriwether

DD Study Group 58 Street Scenes - Administered by Isaac Vaisman M.D.

Sliding Down by Isaac Vaisman M.D. The Girl and The Toy by Hassan Sadek Idle by Dan Waters Sword by Jim Mayo Bird's Eye View by Gloria Sprung Ssst baby is sleeping by Daniel De Cort

DD Study Group 59 Sports - Administered by Gerald Emmerich

By The Horns by Joseph Kubala The View from Above by Phil Zolla  by Karl Hokanson Closeup Quiver by Gerald Emmerich

DD Study Group 60 Macro/Close-up - Administered by Carol Sheppard

Bloomin Perfect by Carol Sheppard Least Skipper by Bill Foy  by Bob Crocker  by Angie Strader Soft Embrace by Denise McKay

DD Study Group 61 Portraits - Administered by Jim Mahoney

April in Silhouette by Manfred Mueller Halloween Witch by Donna Paul Venae by Jim Mahoney "Portrait of Mariana" by Salvador Atance

DD Study Group 62 Monochrome - Administered by Oliver Morton

Approaching Storm by Oliver Morton Safety First? by LuAnn Thatcher A Good Participant by Hattie Stamer My Coral Pal by Gary Stiger Plymouth Truck by Bob Legg Namibia, the famous Dune number 45 by Israel Yosef

DD Study Group 63 Macro/Close-up - Administered by Patrick Lynch

Resting Flower by Rosangela Silva European Honey Bee by Neal R. Thompson, M.D. Brilliant Orange by Dan Olson California Pitcher Plant by Murphy Hektner Butterfly by Patrick Lynch Yellow Orchid by Priscilla Farrell

DD Study Group 64 Monochrome - Administered by John Roach

New York, New York by John Roach Seed Pod Explodes by Don York Grandeur Point Detail by Jerry Funk Bing Crosby Theater Stage by Stan Bormann Small Leader by Abhijeet Banerjee Brexitometer by Stuart Ord Powerhouse by Jerry Snyder

DD Study Group 65 Macro/Close-up - Administered by Charles Ginsburgh

Three Faces of Eve by Elaine Hoffman The other side of the story by Charles Ginsburgh Jigsaw Puzzle by Oscar Pung Soap bubble by Angela Chan

DD Study Group 66 Infrared - Administered by Melanie Hurwitz

Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse by Melanie Hurwitz  Oak Tree by Jack Florence Jr Bridge at Foreest Lawn by Charles Walker Hamilton County Hay Field by Gary Potts Organ Pipes by Palli Gajree Mountain Stream by Emil Davidzuk

DD Study Group 67 Nature Plus - Administered by Larry Treadwell

Yellow Garden Spider by Michael Weatherford Majestic by Todd Grivetti Blowing Rocks by Larry Treadwell Lioness by Madhusudhan Srinivasan Majestic by Mark Winter

DD Study Group 68 3D - Administered by Dr V G Mohanan Nair

Model and photographer by Dr V G Mohanan Nair Rainy street in Amsterdam by Steve Wessing Pink Globes by Signe Emmerich R2D2 by Nick Muskovac Bird of Paradise 02 by Betty Drinkut Photo Shoot at PSA by David Allen Kedleston staircase by Brian Davis

DD Study Group 69 Nature Plus - Administered by Mervyn Hurwitz

Green Heron Fishing by Mervyn Hurwitz Agawa Canyon Provincial Park by Dean Ginther Least Bittern stretching its neck by Pierre Williot Two Egrets by Candy Childrey Mushrooms by Jacob Wat "Ice Cream Swirl" by Brenda Fishbaugh Sea Lake in Victoria by Geoffrey Wiggins

DD Study Group 70 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Lamar Nix

Camp after Summer's End by Lamar Nix Palouse by Pierre Williot Sierra Midnight by Todd Paige City Reflections by Glen Gilligan Along the Blueridge Parkway by Judy Murphy Flam - Fjord of Norway by Frans Gunterus

DD Study Group 71 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Nancie Clark

Sunrise Through Seaoats by Nancie Clark Cloudy Reflections by Theresa Rice Jessup Path by Gordon Saperia Petra by Marla Henry Ghost Riders in the Sky by Mike Patterson Pyramid Lake by Trinda Love Sunrise at East Sierra Mountain by John Zhu

DD Study Group 72 Nature Plus - Administered by Isaac Vaisman M.D.

Small Leader by Abhijeet Banerjee Horn Bill by Mary Frost Devils Tower by Walt Brunner Mama Big Horn Sheep by Marie Costanza Cooling down with sand by Adrian Binney Morning Snack by Isaac Vaisman M.D.

DD Study Group 73 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Sherry Icardi

Old Town, Annecy by Sherry Icardi Delta Tanker Sunrise by David Stickney  Handelsbeurs Antwerp  by Tim Fisher Snow by Ian Cambourne The Seattle Great Wheel by Peter Cheung  Mount Moran Reflection by Tuhin Das

DD Study Group 74 Monochrome - Administered by Arne Skinlo

Cascading Water by Arne Skinlo Thousand Island by Angela Chan Rocks by David Henderson Antique Boat by Carl Simmerman Round Rock Canyon by Pamela Hoaglund

DD Study Group 75 Nature Plus - Administered by Walter Swett

Florida Reflections by Walter Swett Norway Reflections by Pauline Jaffe Fringed Gentian by Charlie Yang Riverbank Foals by Kerry McFarlane Berry Time by Muhammed Rafeek

DD Study Group 76 General - Administered by Ian Cambourne

Luna Landscape by Ian Cambourne White Orchid by Trey Foerster Super Blood Wolf Moon by Sanford Morse Meerkat by Jay Joseph Aldabra Tortoise by Cyndy Doty Tree Artist by Jorn Holm-Pedersen

DD Study Group 77 Fine Arts - Administered by Georgianne Giese

 by Georgianne Giese Beware... by Witta Priester Lamps by Connie Reinhart Secrets and Lies by Mary Hinsen Girl on the Street by J. Lanning Smith Dorset Glacier by Bunny Laden Hayden by Karen Smalley

DD Study Group 78 General - Administered by Brenda Fishbaugh

Venice by Brenda Fishbaugh  by Alan Welch Curious by Sunil Mehta Memory by Richard Huang  by Terry Walters Moody Day at Tegernsee by Jason Kravitz  by Abdo Allam

DD Study Group 79 Fine Arts - Administered by Judith Lesnaw

Left Behind by Judith Lesnaw The Gullsm by Valerie Pohio Painterly Photo by Sandra Irwin United We Stand by Marie Verrett Mary by Karl Leck Hidden Gems by Susan Ashford

DD Study Group 80 Street Scenes - Administered by Bill Foy

Hong Li Meat Market by Bill Foy Stopping to Pray by J. Lanning Smith Waiting for Mom by Karen Johnson-Nieuwendijk Checkers by Beverly Caine

DD Study Group 81 General - Administered by Angela Bonner

Colour explosion by Janet McLaughlin Weaving for life by Hema Narayanan After the rainstorm by Brent Doornbos British Red Arrows spreading their wings. by Randall Gusdorf Japanese blossoms by Cheryl Dubois Windy day by Angela Bonner

DD Study Group 83 Monochrome - Administered by Jane Luo

Blue Bells by Jane Luo Train by Dirk-Olaf Leimann Window:  Museum of Modern Art, Rivoli, Italy  by Judith Ponti-Sgargi Ancient Firetruck by Georgianne Giese Etowah River Study 1 by Lance Lewin Thoughtful by Jose Luis Rodriguez

DD Study Group 84 Video - Administered by Dick Burr

New Glarus Brewing Company by Dick Burr Gathering in Spokane in Celebration of PSA Annual Conference by Peter Shi Light Beckons by Rajani Ramanathan The Tea Garden Diary by Syed Shakhawat Kamal

DD Study Group 85 Drones - Administered by Lisa Cirincione

Winter Fountain by Lisa Cirincione Ford body and Horlic Road by Bob Patrick Campus View by Lou McLove Dawn in the Neighborhood by Vo Dao

DD Study Group 86 Phoneography - Administered by Carl Simmerman

Glacier by Carl Simmerman Dancing House by Belinda Hudnall Keller Museum Ghost by Laurie Meriwether Grasshopper by Ruth Holt Experimental by Margaret Duncan Discussion Italian Style by Janet Goldberg

DD Study Group 87 General - Administered by Lance Lewin

Intimacy  by Lance Lewin  by Mike Washington  by Graham Jones Free Ride by Jennifer Marano

DD Study Group 88 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Gary Butler

Wabash and Adams El Station by Gary Butler Milky Way at Pigeon Point by Rajani Ramanathan Prague Castile and Charles Bridge by Charles Walker Budapest at Night by Scott Messer Strawberry Fest by Trey Foerster "Silky Smooth" by Sumit Basu Budapest - St. Stephen's Basilica by Lou McLove

DD Study Group 89 Nature Plus - Administered by Allan Cain

Breakfast by Allan Cain Moracco Landscape by Margaret Frazer

DD Study Group 90 Nature Plus - Administered by Ginny Salus

Quetzal by Ginny Salus  by Julie Pastor That Sinking Feeling by Mike Whelan Female Goldfinch by Evelyn Forsyth Wood Storks by David Bornmann Flight of the Bumble Bee by Andrea McLaughlin

DD Study Group 91 Infrared - Administered by Lisa Cuchara

old car by Lisa Cuchara construction in my community by Rick Pranitis Midnight Flower by Jeff Fleisher

DD Study Group 92 Street Scenes - Administered by Chuck Carstensen

 by Chuck Carstensen Waiting for the Lunch Crowd by Lou McLove  by Brandon Montgomery  by Jill Edwards  by Gene Tadlock  by Geoff Shaw