Current Images

DD Study Group   1 General Photography - Administered by Dennis Hirning

The Eagle Eye by Dennis Hirning Pelicans by Neal R. Thompson, M.D. Hood Man On Laptop by Sol Blechman Shadows by Sharon Moir Sutherland Falls  B.C. by David Robb Alor food street in KL by Than Sint

DD Study Group   2 General Photography - Administered by Martin Newland

Antarctica Península by Jim Wulpi Gull at Feeding Time by Piers Blackett 16 Up by Shirley Pohlman Horse Buddies by Susan Pellegrino We are looking at you by Martin Newland

DD Study Group   3 General Photography - Administered by LuAnn Thatcher

Jelly Fish by LuAnn Thatcher MOUNT COOK AND THE HOOKER VALLEY TRACK by Michael Hrankowski Tulips on Ice by Ruth Sprain Bird of Paradise  by Kieu-Hanh Vu Porto Cathedral in Portugal by Mary Ann Carrasco Small Detail of Mt. Etna Foothills by Joan Field

DD Study Group   4 General Photography - Administered by R Gary Butler

Great Blue Feeding 2 Babies by R Gary Butler Bilbao Bridge by Dr Isaac Vaisman Window Rock Selfie by Bill Buchanan Rooflines by Guy Davies Indian Scops Owl by Vella Kendall Alaskan Bald Eagles by Erik Rosengren Tank Girl by Ian Chantler

DD Study Group   5 General Photography - Administered by Barbara E Miller

Alert by Barbara E Miller Sad Goth by David Price Herons building their nest by Jim Horn Alone in the Harbor by Oliver Morton Lake Whakatipu by Mark Burgess TBA by Sophia Schade One of Each by Richard Siersma

DD Study Group   6 Close-up - Administered by James Silliman

Raneculas by Ruth Mayer Christmas Cactus by James Silliman Beach Finds by Charissa Lansing

DD Study Group   7 General Photography - Administered by Tom McCreary

Tied Up Barge by Tom McCreary Greenfield Plant Farm by Rich Sears Great Egret at Altimount Creek by Barbara Mallon Hawaii Sunset by Tony Tam Linear Piety by Hoshedar Cooper Setting Sun by Gaetan Manuel Beach Ride by Paul Bradley

DD Study Group   8 General Photography - Administered by N. Sukumar

Apple Flower by N. Sukumar Woman in orange saree by Dr Aishwarya Mukherjee At the edge by Alastair Cochrane A little morning rain! by Mark Southard Spices by Vern Perry End of the Line by Marcus Miller Brass Instrument  Player , New Orleans by Pinaki Sarkar

DD Study Group   9 General Photography - Administered by Sabine Nehls

Leni by Sabine Nehls Chicagohenge 2023 by Yvonne Cary Carter Here we go — just two! by Douglas Gerdts Nature’s Wonder by Linda Mui Home Sweet Home by Sylvia Williams Blockhouse Point Lighthouse, Prince Edward Island Canada by Jim Overfield What The by Cindy Brackney

DD Study Group 10 General Photography - Administered by Donna Sturla

Allen's Hummingbird, UCSC Arboretum by Donna Sturla Tulip by Doug Wolters Sunset at Sea by Rich Krebs Garden Flower by Diana Duffey New Westminster Quay by Maria Hansen The Cavalry by Allen Calopisis

DD Study Group 11 Monochrome - Administered by Jim Hagan

 by Peter Hornbostel “Walking Towards the Ocean” by Michael Hagan Shelling Beans by Jim Hagan Skunk Cabbage by Henry Heerschap

DD Study Group 12 Assigned Subject - Administered by Carole Kropscot

Shadows - Running to the Pumpkin Patch by Carole Kropscot Shadows - Checkerboard Path to the Mountains by Chane Cullens Shadows by Connie Reinhart Shadows – Lath House Pavilion by Lee Ann Stamm Shadows - Alter Ego by Barbara Friedman Shadows - Woozy by Joan Showers

DD Study Group 13 Assigned Subject - Administered by Timothy Morton

in the CLOUDS by Timothy Morton a PAIR OF CHAIRS by Russell Hunt Chrysanthemum by Fat Chen Snacking Goldfinch by Barbara Dunn a blue footed booby by Paul Swepston Yellow Door by Steven Wharram Many Lanterns by Wendy Stanford

DD Study Group 14 General Photography - Administered by Darcy Johnson

Great Salt Flats, Utah by Ingrid Lockhart Rock On! by Karen Davis Sumatran Tiger by Darcy Johnson Native American With A Path Blur by Gregory Waldron Panning Wheelchair Rugby by Tom Brassil Hermit Thrush by Xiao Cai Camel Regiment of India   by Syed Shakhawat Kamal

DD Study Group 16 General Photography - Administered by Dr V G Mohanan Nair

 Camel Corps by Dr V G Mohanan Nair  Female Cardinal by Renee Nalley Cypress Gardens by Joan Funk Figuroa Mountain Flowers by Walter Naumann Nature’s Artwork by Darlene Elwin Flight Aside by Bogdan Bricelj A Light Snack by Terry Campanella

DD Study Group 17 General Photography - Administered by John Hackett

***** Group On Vacation *****

DD Study Group 18 Creative - Administered by Ian Ledgard

Boats on orange by Ian Ledgard Aurora cannon by Andrew Hersom Bridge to Nowhere by Gunter Haibach Eisenhower Memorial by Jim Hagan Japanese flower holder by Joan Field

DD Study Group 19 General Photography - Administered by John Hackett

***** Group On Vacation *****

DD Study Group 20 Creative - Administered by Fred Giese

Engrossed by RH Samarakone Swirling Seas by Bob Wills Too Much Sun, Too Much Rain by Fred Giese Two Indian women at water hole by Shirley Ward  "On the edge" by Angela Bonner Unknown First Family by Deborah Milburn

DD Study Group 22 General Photography - Administered by Marti Buckely

Tree and Dunes by Marti Buckely The Library by Peggy Reeder Raptor by Jerry Biddlecom Still Life by Al Swanson Amanda by Joseph J Zaia Redwing Blackbird Singing by Mike Patterson Barbed Wire Window by Kaylyn Franks

DD Study Group 23 General Photography - Administered by Richard Stauber

Garden-15640 by Jill Attaway Pelican with Fish by Marilyn Ross Number Seven is Home by Richard Stauber Sweet Magnolia by Julia Parrish Poppies and Fence Posts on a Hillside by Shirley Ward  by Adelet Kegley

DD Study Group 24 Flowers & Plants - Administered by Bev Caine

 by Bev Caine PASTEL ROSE by Carol Watson AFRICAN LILLY by Fred Giese Ludwigia Grandiflora by Lance Lewin Pink Verbena by Tom Pickering PURPLE CACTUS FLOWER by Yvonne Nystrom CHERRY BLOSSOMS by Pinaki Sarkar

DD Study Group 25 General Photography - Administered by Audrey Waitkus

H C Laack Building Plymouth WI by Audrey Waitkus Butterfly by Ruth Holt On the Bay by Eric Schweitzer Saint Leonards Church by Brian Parkin Madaba by Bollin Millner

DD Study Group 26 General Photography - Administered by Bob Benson

Saksun Church Overview by Bob Benson Backstreet by Tony Au Yeong Hillsboro Lighthouse by Mervyn Hurwitz Male Burrowing Owl Returning to the Nest by Terry Palmer Space Shuttle Discovery by Jose Cartas Sunrays in the Forest by Anges van der Logt The Shoemaker’s Miracle by Kirsti Näntö-Salonen

DD Study Group 27 General Photography - Administered by Brad Ashbrook

Louvre at Night by Brad Ashbrook Parliament in Budapest by Renee Schaefer Fishing with Lions by Lauren Heerschap Derelict Fishing Boat  by Jon Allanson Rootbeer by Becca Cambridge Hello There by Jan van Leijenhorst Fishing on Jetty by Danny Dunne

DD Study Group 28 General Photography - Administered by Deborah Milburn

Thunderbirds by Deb Thurlbeck Quaking Ladies by Wanda Krack Vintage Building by Kathy Brand Harmonizing by Joe Kennedy Pretty Lady by Deborah Milburn Lady in River by Chris Benjamin

DD Study Group 29 General Photography - Administered by Gunter Haibach

Neck And Neck by Tim Sanders Stairway With Pole by Judy Burr Umbrella by Karen Harris Wallflowers by Gunter Haibach Embossed Flowers by Bob Legg Swallowtail by Ron Spencer

DD Study Group 30 General Photography - Administered by Dorinda Wills

Onaqui Mare by Dorinda Wills Dropping Fast by Walter Ho Looking for Food by Bill Ballard Green Machine by Jon Joyce Shadows and Red Shirt by Judy Merson Not All of Them by Jody Coker

DD Study Group 31 Monochrome - Administered by John Gilkerson

Elders by John Gilkerson Godafoss Falls in Winter by Peter Clark Salt Pie Lane Kirkby Lonsdale by Ian Chantler Todd Inlet  by Nick Delany Phoenix Rising by Ed Ries In the Shadows  by Susan Quinn Trial-BW-Glass by Ella Schreiber

DD Study Group 32 Monochrome - Administered by Diana Magor

Elena by Diana Magor Flooded California Orchard by Jennifer Doerrie Machinery raffles bar by Somdutt Prasad In the temple by Stephen Levitas No services today by Tom McCreary Gone is the stationmaster by Wes Odell

DD Study Group 33 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Francois Venter

Blooming Joshua Tree by Marilyn Peake Farmland sunset by Francois Venter Layers of Mountains by Arief Rahardjo Muottas Muragl  by Raymond Zurschmitten

DD Study Group 34 Creative - Administered by Steve Estill

Through the Tulips by Steve Estill Underpinnings by Gunter Haibach Bird Paradise by Frans Gunterus Acid Tree by Steve Wessing Playing Tetris by Jan Handman Elvaston Shapes by Mike Cowdrey

DD Study Group 35 Infrared - Administered by Nelson Charette

 by Debbie Rubin  by Tatu Korhonen Ir Monument by Nelson Charette  by Lauren Heerschap  by Susan Quinn

DD Study Group 36 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Larry Treadwell

Sunrise at Lighthouse by Barbara Gore Changing Moods by Larry Treadwell Barn by Michael Jack Spring Morning with Silver Star Mountain by Diane Ferdig Night Queen by Bill Peake Lincoln Memorial by Adi Ben-Senior

DD Study Group 37 General Photography - Administered by Howard Frank

Mt. Fuji by Peter Cheung Historic Longview Mansion by Lee Ann Stamm Bay View by Peter Curcio Comfy by Bob Scott St Mary of the Lake Seminary Library by Howard Frank I'm Hungry by Ricarda Dudek

DD Study Group 38 General Photography - Administered by Gabriele Dellanave

Rust Minimalist by Sunandan Ghosh St. Mark Basilica by Gabriele Dellanave Waterfall by Regine Guillemin  Less is More by Art Jacoby Border dispute by Kurtis Sutley Still Hungry Cicks by Marge Barham Yellow Lily by Sylvia Bacon

DD Study Group 39 Monochrome - Administered by David Halgrimson

The Tombolo by David Halgrimson The Totem Pole by Fran Yates A hidden falls for a small group of residents. by Jerry Hug Reflection by Vincent Cochain Old Ford by Kathryn Delany Bryce Canyon Cloud by Ken Wilkes

DD Study Group 40 General Photography - Administered by Andrew Hersom

Stair Statue by Andrew Hersom Masked Singer by Julie Deer Floral by Henry Roberts Last Of The Wild Flowers by Don Hill Plitvice Croatia by Jamie Carrier Try some small things by Lin Sun Lil Dan by Catherine Honigsberg

DD Study Group 41 Creative - Administered by Brad Becker

The Journey ahead by Brad Becker Learning to surf by Hazel Price Migraine by Brian Swinyard Above the Clouds by Tom Kredo Cold Dark Night by Nadia Trevan birds aren't real by Lisa Cuchara

DD Study Group 42 General Photography - Administered by Stuart Caine

Leaning Tower of Piza by Keith Parris Cricket Walk by Heather-Dawn Joseph A Texas Barn by Holly Moore Dartfish by Michael Braunstein Head coming out of the Water by Stuart Caine Rescue by Sarita Yeola

DD Study Group 43 General Photography - Administered by Bruce Michelotti

Disney Hall by Andrew Lewis Cowgirl at Her Best by Linda M Medine  by Mark McKinney Great Blue Heron by Bruce Michelotti

DD Study Group 44 HDR - Administered by Brad Ashbrook

Sainte-Chapelle by Brad Ashbrook Ellis Island Immigration Museum by Lisa Cuchara Badlands Sunset by Rick Cloran Stacked by Jane Ballard Idaho Barn Enhanced by Bill Buchanan Abandoned Farmhouse by Don Poulton Hotel Meade at Bannack City Ghost Town by Max Burke

DD Study Group 45 General Photography - Administered by Cindy Lynch

Sapporo TV Tower by Bai Chuang Shyu Lines and Silhouettes by David Terao Tulips in Washington Park by Ray Henrikson Solitary Blue heron in the Morning by Charlie Yang Schoolhouse by Phyllis Peterson Lacock Abbey by Robert Knight Pansies by Cindy Lynch

DD Study Group 47 Monochrome - Administered by Albert Zabin

Rarefied Air by Dom Mignone Snow Geese by Robert Cordivari A Quiet Retreqt by Ed Ford Bruneau Dunes by Jeff Manser      v by Kirsti Näntö-Salonen Glacial Runoff- Distant Squalls by Albert Zabin

DD Study Group 48 General Photography - Administered by Bev Caine

LADY ETTY by Bev Caine BLACK VELVET PETUNIA by Paul Jenkins SNOWY TRIO by Donald Darling Jr WHITE THROATED SPARROW by Mary Walsh FIRING THE CANNON by Tom Buckard THREE    CALLAS LILLIES by Lloyd Delaney

DD Study Group 49 General Photography - Administered by Jo-Ann Rolle

Flower Garden by Owen Epstein Mom Likes Me More by Craig Callan A Magical Bridal Shower Experience at Hillwood Museum & Gardens! by Jo-Ann Rolle Last Night by Josh Lohff Country Lane by David Kepley General Store, Pilot Mound Minnesota by Alan Kiecker

DD Study Group 50 Monochrome - Administered by Paul Moertl

Rome Cow Statue by Paul Moertl Stairs by James Cagle Zutphen Old Aquaduct by Lorna Zaback  by Mary Ann Carrasco  by Karl Hokanson Nauset Light by Cindy Lynch Ducks by Chuck Carstensen

DD Study Group 51 Phoneography - Administered by Jerry Hug

Hot Air Balloon by Dave Edwards A Private Seminary Library scene by Jerry Hug  PSA workshop by Richard Sprott ICM by Bob Barley  Westport Sunset by Pamela Hoaglund Testing for Covid at Home by Sol Blechman

DD Study Group 52 Nature Plus - Administered by Sharon Prislipsky

Columbine by Sharon Prislipsky Short-billed Dowitcher by Pamela Hoaglund Untitled by Ann Brixey Thirsty Hummer by Tammie Simon Iris Dreams by Judith Lesnaw Common Nighthawk by Mike Cohen

DD Study Group 53 General Photography - Administered by Tom Pickering

Blue and White Duo by Tom Pickering  by Albert Zabin Turned Tail and Walked Away by Rusty Pinckney Mt Errigal by Miriam Power A Fence Going Into Nowhere Land by Rick Finney  by Brian Chen  by Arabella Dane

DD Study Group 54 Advanced Photoshop Compositing - Administered by Peggy Nugent

We Only See Ourselves by Peggy Nugent Lake Mono Mystery by Aavo Koort Starlight by Kirsti Näntö-Salonen It's raining again by Maria Mazo Nevermore by Alan Kaplan The Wave by Brad Becker

DD Study Group 55 General Photography - Administered by Matt Moses

Ibis in Florida by Matt Moses Central Park by Alec Chester Hopi Point by Zina Mirsky Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque by Pauline Jaffe  Explosive Water Sturbridge by Rick Taft

DD Study Group 56 Painting - Administered by Trey Foerster

Waterfall Abstract by Trey Foerster Overpowering Closeness by Pat Centeno Still Life by Nancy Speaker Stone Bridge by Martha Aguero Blue Heron Pair by Cindy Gosselin

DD Study Group 57 Close-up - Administered by Jessica Manelis

Gordon by Jessica Manelis Torch Flower by Cindy Lynch Giant Allium by Nelson Charette Heidi by Mary Hinsen New Lily by Bob Crocker Grape Hyacinth by Tom McCreary Beauty and the ditch      by Andrew Carstensen

DD Study Group 58 Street Scenes - Administered by Dr Isaac Vaisman

Classic vs Modern by Dr Isaac Vaisman Ft Adams Reinactment by Sally Erickson Two's The Limit by Bruce Goodman Ural Russian Military Motorcycle by Ed Taje What's Up by Gloria Sprung

DD Study Group 59 Sports - Administered by Gerald Emmerich Jr

Woman Field Hockey Fight by Hans-Werner Griepentrog Andalusian Horse and Flamenco Dancer by Ronald Davis Synchronized Rowing Training by Dr Isaac Vaisman Sounders vs Real Salt Lake by Bruce Benson The Riddler by Kerry McFarlane Freestyle 360 by Gerald Emmerich Jr Cross to a Header by Don James

DD Study Group 60 General Photography - Administered by Damon Williams

Auburn Cord Museum by Dean Ginther Untermeyer Gardent by Debbie Chasolen The Schnitzel by Damon Williams Setting on the Bay by Rita Johnston

DD Study Group 61 Flowers & Plants - Administered by Marti Buckely

Yellow Rose by Gene Eckhardt Standing Out in the Crowd by Randall Gusdorf Lillies and Reflections by Linda M Medine Pink Dahlia by Marti Buckely Mass of Poppies by Shirley Ward Daffodil by Ingrid Lockhart Spheres and Tentacles by David Terao

DD Study Group 62 Monochrome - Administered by Oliver Morton

The Fisherman by Oliver Morton Ranunculus by LuAnn Thatcher Dogwood Blossoms by Emil Davidzuk Moments under the Aqueduct by Mark Braun Portrait of a Parrot by Bunny Laden Driftwood Beach Silhouette 747 by Bob Legg Morocco 2023 - courtyard in the old city by Israel Yosef

DD Study Group 63 Close-up - Administered by Charles Ginsburgh

Old door bracket by Barbara Hunley Box Elder bug by Neal R. Thompson, M.D. Lovely Limoges Fish Box by Alane Shoemaker Gears by Charles Ginsburgh Mallard Drake by Murphy Hektner Pink Carnations by Barbara Asacker Stair Case Reflections by Priscilla Farrell

DD Study Group 64 Monochrome - Administered by John Roach

Dogwood Blossom by John Roach Old 844 by Don York Descend by Chris Prior Cartagena Wedding Renewal by Stan Bormann Passenger Coach from the Past by Helen Sweet Elan Valley Bridge by Stuart Ord Photographer as Subject by Jerry Snyder

DD Study Group 65 Flowers & Plants - Administered by Dick States

Milkweed by Dick States Pretty in Pink by Fran Yates Tulip by Diana Duffey Waterlily by Melanie Hurwitz  Deep Purple by Jodi Carlino Agapanthus by Maria Mazo

DD Study Group 66 Infrared - Administered by Melanie Hurwitz

Fishing Cabin by Melanie Hurwitz In The Forest by Arik Gorban Bicycles along the River by Jack Florence Jr My Little Private Waterfall by Charles Walker Whimsical Spring by Gary Potts Veil of Leaves by Palli Gajree Cloud Chaos – by Emil Davidzuk Imperial Fritillary by Henry Heerschap

DD Study Group 67 Nature Plus - Administered by Larry Treadwell

Dusky-capped Flycatcher by Michael Weatherford I'm Available by Susan Sayshi Tropical Kingbird Display by Cindy Marple Sneaky Gator by Larry Treadwell Barred Owl by Richard Matheny Great White Egret by Bud Ralston Green Heron by David Kepley

DD Study Group 68 3D - Administered by Dr V G Mohanan Nair

Take me for a ride by Dr V G Mohanan Nair Tulip macro by Steve Wessing More Fun Than Soccer by Signe Emmerich My Hollyhock by Betty Drinkut Burning 1911 Nitro by David Allen Water cistern by Brian Davis Pink Rose by Barry Rothstein

DD Study Group 69 Nature Plus - Administered by Mervyn Hurwitz

Egret Chicks by Mervyn Hurwitz Wasp by Dean Ginther Northern Shovelers in flight by Pierre Williot "Roseate" by Cindy Smith Sweet Potato by Jacob Wat  The Challenge by Ken Ang

DD Study Group 70 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Pierre Williot

Buffalo Sunrise by Pierre Williot Warners Bay Sunset by Terina Vale Kimberly Diamond Mine by Geoff Wiggins Waterfall by Frans Gunterus Yellow Mountain by Kirk Gulledge

DD Study Group 71 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Tom Buckard

Old Savanah Power Plant by Tom Buckard Vista House by Theresa Rice Pendleton lower waterfalls, West Virginia by Michele Borgarelli Tierra Verde Bridge at Dawn by Ted Newman Thirsty Grackle by Mike Patterson Cherry Blossom at Kyoto Japan by John Zhu

DD Study Group 72 Nature Plus - Administered by Dr Isaac Vaisman

Sring Flowers by Bruce Benson Wellcome Shalow by Maria Mazo Lewiston Yard by Mary Frost The Bear and His Stick by Barbara Gore Time for a Food Run by Marie Costanza Southern Giant Petrel by Adrian Binney Señor Walrus by Dr Isaac Vaisman

DD Study Group 73 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Sherry Icardi

Mount Blanc  by Sherry Icardi Foggy Morning by Barbara McDonald Fitzroy Falls by Ian Cambourne Winter Yellowstone by Peter Cheung Omaha Beach by Gary Jones

DD Study Group 74 Monochrome - Administered by Melissa Cramer Sonnen

Castle of Chenonceau - France   by Giovanna Picceri Racing the Storm by Melissa Cramer Sonnen Mehargs Garage by Trevor Harvey Kinsol Tressle - Cowichan Valley by Ed Taje

DD Study Group 75 Flowers & Plants - Administered by Vincent Cochain

Tree by Vincent Cochain Dahlias by Murphy Hektner Crocus in Spring Snow by Dan McKenna Pink Lily stamens by Judy Merson Cactus Bloom by Marge Barham Violet wood sorrel by Raymond Tice Blue Bloom by Charles Ginsburgh

DD Study Group 76 General Photography - Administered by Ian Cambourne

Old Sydney by Ian Cambourne Pine Bark Abstract by Trey Foerster Sunset on the Serengeti. by Sanford Morse Cherry Blossoms. by Jay Joseph Thornham Sunrise. by Gordon Watson San Juan Mountains Surrounded By Fall Colors by Henriette Brasseur

DD Study Group 77 Fine Arts - Administered by Denise McKay

Waiting for the Rain to Stop by Carol Watson Deep Purple by Jodi Carlino Rose with Music by Connie Reinhart Opa Jack by Mary Hinsen Surfing the Green Wave by Michael Moore Duck by Linda M Medine Blooming from the Dark by Denise McKay

DD Study Group 78 General Photography - Administered by Brenda Fishbaugh

Lighthouse in the Rain by Brenda Fishbaugh ENJOYING SPRING by Jim Hagan Young family… by Sunil Mehta  GVL at Golden Hour by James Troeger Batman by Terry Walters Not so Dandy by Robert Schleif No title yet by Ed Ogle

DD Study Group 79 Fine Arts - Administered by Judith Lesnaw

Dad's Plane by Judith Lesnaw The Noble Pig by Gerard Blair Carmina Burana by Freddie Kelvin The Green Door by Karl Leck Liberty Theatre Light Fixture by Lauren Heerschap

DD Study Group 80 Flowers & Plants - Administered by Bob Legg

Sunflower Exclusion Fusion by Bob Legg Wildflower by Jacob Wat Yellow Calla Lily by Nadia Trevan Whirling Dervish by Doug Wolters  Pink Hibiscus Conversion (Floral 41) by Syed Shakhawat Kamal rununculus-desconstructed by Kathryn Delany The Tall One in The Family by Rich James

DD Study Group 81 General Photography - Administered by Angela Bonner

After the petals fall by Janet McLaughlin A Mallard, wild duck by Mr T Dundurn Castle collage by Rose Norman Contemplative smoke by Randall Gusdorf The ball is rolling too slowly!! by Cheryl Dubois Gemma montage by Angela Bonner Infrared by Ralph Bridgland

DD Study Group 82 General Photography - Administered by Prasad Indulkar

Duck Reeds by Andrew Klein Santorini Harbour by David Garrison Trout Lily by Keith Francis St. Augustine Lighthouse by Kathleen Colligan Naldehra Vertical Milkyway by Prasad Indulkar Sprouted by Laurie McShane

DD Study Group 83 Monochrome - Administered by Lance Lewin

A foggy morning on the beach by Debasish Raha The lighthouse of Body Island OBX, NC. by Adi Ben-Senior Reclamation of the 119 Bridge by Jon Porthouse Rocky Mountain National by Mark Holbrook Tropical Paradise by Lance Lewin Out of Asia by Margaret Duncan

DD Study Group 84 Video - Administered by Dick Burr

Santorini, Greece by Peter Shi Spring In Seattle by Lillian Yang

DD Study Group 85 Drones - Administered by Lisa Cirincione

Downtown Pittsburgh by Lisa Cirincione One Red Car by Pete Scifres Fun in the Snow by Lou McLove Blue World by Janos Demeter  by Don Stouder The Ventura Pier from Above by Alex Andrews

DD Study Group 86 Phoneography - Administered by Jack Florence Jr

Approaching Terminal 1 by Steven Jungerwirth Kite over Sky in D.C. by Quang Phan Bryce canyon by Gene Eckhardt Untitled by Ruth Holt Bangkok Skyline by Jack Florence Jr Fog Walk by Pat Centeno Fishing at Sunrise by Kieu-Hanh Vu

DD Study Group 87 General Photography - Administered by Lance Lewin

Whispering Through Moonlight  by Lance Lewin Fruit and Vegetables by Chan Garrett Charging Backhand by Steven Jungerwirth Rose Close Up by Dale Yates Mercado de la Boqueria by Will Korn Azalea by Cindy Smith Life is tough for an old stallion by Jennifer Marano

DD Study Group 88 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Quang Phan

Florence in the Rain by Mark Fox A Dead Sea of Lava by Charles Walker Great Falls Virginia by Quang Phan Marshland Fog by Trey Foerster RIVER ICHHAMATI THE BORDER OF INDIA AND BANGLADESH by Sanat Kumar Karmakar

DD Study Group 89 Nature Plus - Administered by Dhananjay Rao

Pileated Woodpecker by Bob Feldberg Family Walk by Marina Neyman On Guard Bald Eagle by Bill Shissler Pink and Grey by Michelle Brittain

DD Study Group 90 Nature Plus - Administered by Ginny Salus

Plumeria by Ginny Salus  by LC Boros Feeding The Chick by Frans Gunterus Red Breasted Sap Sucker by Dan McKenna Foggy Morning by Jack Twiggs

DD Study Group 92 Street Scenes - Administered by Chuck Carstensen

We Love Rescuing People by Chuck Carstensen Just Hangin' Out by Lou McLove Super Sunday by Beth Payne Man-On-Bus by Jeff Bock Piper Junior by Susan Robinson My Monkey by Marianne Barnhardt

DD Study Group 93 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Ed O’Rourke

Imperial Pen Peaks by Jeffrey Huo Monte Fitz Roy, El Chaltén, Argentina by Dawn Gulino In The Mix by Darcy Quimby "Eden and the Scorched Earth (Orakei Korako)" by Mark Bargen In The Name of Progress by Paul Smith Heceta Head by Ed O’Rourke A Bridge to Brooklyn by Neil Bellenie

DD Study Group 94 Nature Plus - Administered by Sherry Icardi

Grevy's Zebra by Sherry Icardi Eastern Phoebe by Sarita Yeola Reddish Egret Head On by Peter Dominowski Eastern Tiger Swallowtail  by Donald Dunn Feed Me First, Mommy by Cami Marculescu Right of Way by Leslie Larson

DD Study Group 95 Macro - Administered by Stuart Ord

Golden current by Fran Nunn Hey, I’m Praying for you by Gloria Grandolini Common gum cistus by Stuart Ord How the Cookie Crumbles by Pat Glenn Maple Tree Seed by Tom Pickering Dry wasp in lightbox by Keith Au A Sundance Type Escape by Carol Sheppard

DD Study Group 96 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Bob Wills

Autumn colors   by Haru Nagasaki Puggol Beach - Sunset by Ye htut Naung Mount St. Helens Ridge Overlook by Robert Atkins  The Accused by Dan Mottaz Purple by Cheryl LaLonde ROME REMEMBRANCES #2 by Gloria Grandolini Our Lady of Lourdes by Bob Wills

DD Study Group 99 Monochrome - Administered by Barbara Asacker

Chair Double by Barbara Asacker Mallet  by Gerard Blair Tying the knot? by Peter Elliston You Like My New Glasses? by Linda M Medine VICTORIA BATTERY AT WAIKATO, NZ by Michael Hrankowski Munich surfers by Kathleen McCrary