DD Study Group   1 General - Administered by Dennis Hirning

Flower Taster by Dennis Hirning Devil's Punchbowl by Neal R. Thompson, M.D. Frog on a Lilypad by Joey Johnson Simian Silhouette by Sol Blechman Orca Point Sunset by Sharon Moir Heading to the Barn. Kids Camp, Hornby Island by David Robb Poppa Monkey by Than Sint

DD Study Group   2 General - Administered by Harry M. Stuart

Irises in Spring by Piers Blackett Seagull on the stump by Harry M. Stuart Milky Way over Forked Mountain by Shirley Pohlman Fate of a lotus flower... by Hung Phan A walk in the sun by Bob Glennan Upclose and personal with a Gerber Daisy by Brenda Monahan Mt. Nebo by Laurie Meriwether

DD Study Group   3 General - Administered by Jim Kuchler

Mountain Meadow Sunrise by Jim Kuchler Eastern State Penitentiary by Mary Sue Rosenthal Time Stopper by Randolph Shine Indian Paintbrush  by Ruth Sprain 4th of July Fireworks  by Kieu-Hanh Vu Busy Bee by Marion Buccella The Three Chairs by Lisa Cirincione

DD Study Group   4 General - Administered by Joseph Hearst

Long escalator by Joseph Hearst Marble Carver by Isaac Vaisman M.D. Morman Barn through the trees by Bill Buchanan Bridge People Silhouette by Guy Davies Afraid by Thomas Wiemer TAPS by Erik Rosengren Smile by Ian Chantler

DD Study Group   5 General - Administered by Barbara E Miller

Royal Poinciana Tree by Barbara E Miller The Escape by David Cooke Someday That Will Be Me… by Phil Zolla Jousting by Oliver Morton MODEL-A HOOD ORNAMENT by Nick Muskovac This is Awesome by Richard Siersma

DD Study Group   6 MACRO/Close-up - Administered by Dick States

Garden Flower by Sandra Irwin Lavanda Butterfly by Salvador Atance Beeiness by Stuart Ord After the rain by Janet DiMattia Red Hybiscus by Dick States Side View by Tom Pickering  by Madhusudhan Srinivasan

DD Study Group   7 General - Administered by Tom McCreary

Tucson Mission Through the Archway by Tom McCreary Reflection by Rich Sears Sunset at Henry’s Beach, Santa Barbara by Barbara Mallon Cliff House Sunset by Tony Tam Bird Man by Les Tyler Pinnacles Desert by Grace Lee Bird on a Boat-August 2019 by Paul McLaughlin

DD Study Group   8 General - Administered by N. Sukumar

Speak No Evil by N. Sukumar The Reader by Alastair Cochrane fish head by Mark Southard Gaudi - Casa Batlló by Snehendu Kar The Sweet Spot by Marcus Miller Fireworks by Gloria Sprung

DD Study Group   9 General - Administered by John Larson

Old Truck Poster Edges by John Larson Proud Parents by Jesse Lobel Far, Far Away by Debbie Perez Rail Cars by Priscilla Farrell Big Mouth Open by Shaikh Amin Zoo Ape by David Garrison

DD Study Group 10 General - Administered by Donna Sturla

Look At Me! by Christina Brittain Conifer Droplet by Mark Aksoy Sunset by Rich Krebs Hollyhock by Diana Duffey Whistling Ducks by Herb Zaifert

DD Study Group 11 Monochrome - Administered by Allen Tucker

Water Ski by Allen Tucker Hibiscus Back by Tom Pickering Mt Bromo Horseman by Sharron Leppien Baritone Player by Jim Hagan DRAGONFLY by Jim Bodkin

DD Study Group 12 Assigned Subject - Administered by Carole Kropscot

Snowy Weather by Carole Kropscot Snowbound by Gavin Tow Weather by Connie Reinhart Sun City AZ by Walter Ross Stormy Baltic Sea by Kerstin Köneke Weather by Ally Green

DD Study Group 13 Assigned Subject - Administered by Timothy Morton

Rebecca at the Monument 2 by Timothy Morton South Station by Kathaleen Coelho Marriage by Fat Chen  Bosque del Apache by Barbara Dunn Mont Saint-Michel at Low Tide by Paul Swepston Walking by Steven Wharram St Rules Church, St Andrews Scotland by Wendy Stanford

DD Study Group 14 General - Administered by Arun Bagga

Light and Color by Arun Bagga Redstem Stork's Bill by Darcy Johnson  Bonaire Under/Over Water Composite by Gregory Waldron Boys on a Dune 1 by Lyndall Lazar

DD Study Group 15 General - Administered by Joan Field

Mammoth Springs Steps by Joan Field View through a Club's Front Window by Charles Wood Fractured Bronze Portrait in Outer Space by Rick Finney Ginny All Four Off! by Jeri Conklin

DD Study Group 16 General - Administered by Dr V G Mohanan Nair

The Invisible by Dr V G Mohanan Nair Snapdragon Dreams by Bunny Laden Big Lagoon by Joan Funk Green Herons by Walter Naumann Pelican Waiting For A Fish by Kathleen Sims Kayaker Rushing by Bogdan Bricelj Dance Like No One Is Watching by Terry Campanella

DD Study Group 17 General - Administered by John Hackett

Low Tide by John Hackett Mirror, Mirror by Joe Kennedy Bahamas Quartet by Dick Perkins The White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter by Peter Elliston Grand Canyon by Sheldon Wecker "St Louis Botanical Garden" by Glenn Rudd

DD Study Group 18 Creative - Administered by Ian Ledgard

Halloween Ghouls at play by Andrew Hersom Avian by Ian Ledgard Snake Flower by Mark Southard Way of the deer by Mike Cowdrey Hibiscus Kali by Tom Pickering Hodge Podge by Jennifer Empey Fairy beach day by Kerstin Köneke

DD Study Group 19 General - Administered by John Hackett

The Fence by John Hackett Rocky by Harriet Ciccone Bow Lake Reflection by Stan Bormann Grand Manan Island at Dusk-Shoreline View by Norm Solomon Colorado Meadow by Marcela Stegemueller  by Carroll Reynolds Gas Pump by Tracy Wilson

DD Study Group 20 Creative - Administered by Cindy Gosselin

Orange by Pat Couder Crayon Drawing by Jerry Funk A Frozen Rose by Cindy Gosselin Spiral Ballet by Shirley Ward Yachts - Carrick Roaks, Falmouth by Peter Keverne African Treasures by Betty Billingham

DD Study Group 21 Creative - Administered by Joan Field

The Blue Pearl by Joan Field Old Truck by John Larson Channeling Picasso by Susan Dunn Listing Lavalamps by Steve Wessing

DD Study Group 22 General - Administered by Marti Buckely

Saguaros at Sunset by Marti Buckely Red Admiral Butterfly by Peggy Reeder Eclipse by Jerry Biddlecom  by Al Swanson Power by Joseph J Zaia Sunflowers and Tin Roof by Mike Patterson Cauldrin Linn by Kaylyn Franks

DD Study Group 23 General - Administered by Brian Magor

Hi Jinks at the Utah State Capitol by Brian Magor Pretty Girl 2012 by Marilyn Ross  by Richard Harper Three Bridges by Dave Edwards Mimosa pudica by Sherry Icardi M&M's ON DISPLAY..................... by Shirley Ward Carousel by Adelet Kegley

DD Study Group 24 General - Administered by Jim Horn

OC Blue Angels in Formation by Jim Horn Reflections by Sue Gordon Iceland by Donna Paul Waterfront by Philip Au Yeung Saskatchewean Glacier by Laura Lee Bartholomew Wolfpack by James Ricketts

DD Study Group 25 General - Administered by Audrey Waitkus

The Caterpillar and the Fly by Audrey Waitkus Wasp and Spider by Ruth Holt Car Grille with Reflection by Eric Schweitzer DRINK UP! by Abe Chen Train 4014 by Marla Henry Haceta Head Lighthouse by Darin Hlavinka

DD Study Group 26 General - Administered by Bob Benson

Abstract Clematis by Bob Benson Cranbrook Road House by Dave Roth Bridge in Central Park by Mervyn Hurwitz Where Fairies Dance by Belinda Hudnall Keller Hong Kong Skyline by Jose Cartas Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone by Albert Zabin

DD Study Group 27 General - Administered by Brad Ashbrook

Cowboy Boots by Renee Schaefer Downtown Telluride by Brad Ashbrook The Dunking Challenge by Jon Allanson Pileated Woodpeckers by Becca Cambridge A ride in the park by Jan van Leijenhorst Silo by Railway by Danny Dunne

DD Study Group 28 General - Administered by Tom Johnson

Aplomado Falcon by Tom Johnson  Milky Way Across the Sky by Wanda Krack View from the Lighthouse by Kathy Brand Turtle Snack time by Colleen Price Lake McDonald by Deborah Milburn Waiting  by Sheila Burke-Grey The Door by Steve Jacobs

DD Study Group 29 General - Administered by Bob Wills

Emerald Downs Ostrich by Bob Wills Magenta Water Lily by Judy Burr Rainbow Elk by Karen Harris The nice colors of Palouse Rice Field Spokane. by Tam Phan The North End by James Weidenfeller  Hotel Stairs by Bill Foy

DD Study Group 30 General - Administered by Dorinda Wills

Mountain Scape by Dorinda Wills Seconds to the Start Line by Tom Carnahan Catching a Wave by Jessica Manelis My Neighbor's Hollyhocks by Jon Joyce Bearded Man Dozing by Judy Merson Rockbound by Robert Schleif Clock Broken by Leonid Shectman

DD Study Group 31 Monochrome - Administered by John Gilkerson

Sarah by Ian Chantler Mountain Refuge NW Iceland by Peter Clark Portrait Session Interrupted by John Gilkerson Evening near the mosque by Rashid Galiev The Long Road by Ed Ries Arab Man by Paul Roth Kylemore Abbey by Ella Schreiber

DD Study Group 32 Monochrome - Administered by Diana Magor

Old Wardour castle by Diana Magor “Pointe du Hoc” by Gloria Fine Red-Shouldered Hawk Calling by Jennifer Doerrie Sunrise by Lynne Hollingsworth Photo shoot by Stephen Levitas Tucson Mission Bells by Tom McCreary  by Michael Duke

DD Study Group 33 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Bob Wills

Soglio by Raymond Zurschmitten Star Wars Rogue One Location in Iceland by Marilyn Peake Green River and White Rim Sandstone by Ken Carlson Highland School by Bob Patrick Cumberland Island Ruins by Elizabeth Mangham House of Ill Repute by Bob Wills Pink Water Lillies & Blue Damsel by Paul Hoffman

DD Study Group 34 Creative - Administered by Steve Estill

Whirling Witchmen by Steve Estill Little Songbird by Candy Childrey The Honey Pot Man at the Fair by Georgianne Giese Magic For Dummies by Denise Perentin Looking in on the Flamingos by Helen Sweet Tourist Trap by Jan Handman

DD Study Group 35 Infrared - Administered by Sharon Prislipsky

Presidential Legacy by Sharon Prislipsky Old Farm by Stuart Bacon Tuscan Chapel by Julie Walker The Noodle Maker by April Kao IR Leaf by Nelson Charette Cross at St. Begas Church by Helen Herbert The Sentry by Debbie Perez

DD Study Group 36 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Le Tho Giao

Cathedral Rock by Le Tho Giao Golden Gate at Sunset by Jyoti Sarkar Three Trees Among the Grain. by Michael Jack Summer Evening by Arne Skinlo Fun At Coco Cay by George R Phile Northern Fjord by Bill Peake Waves on beach, Hawaii  by Richard White

DD Study Group 37 General - Administered by Howard Frank

: Moonlight and Milky Way shines over Picture Lake by Peter Cheung Crossing Sutlej by Subhash Sapru The Wheel by Peter Curcio Rest Area by Gunter Haibach Chicago Skyline by Howard Frank Passengers Amuse Themselves on the Washington State Ferries as They Travel among the San Juan Islands. by Helen Sweet Blacksmithing by Grace Bryant

DD Study Group 38 General - Administered by Gabriele Dellanave

Work in progress by Sunandan Ghosh Corpus Christ Day by Gabriele Dellanave Swallow taking off by Gerhard Geldenhuys Hello by Art Jacoby Can resiste the cake by Kerstin Köneke Got it! by Marge Barham Rock Formation by Amber Nichols

DD Study Group 39 Monochrome - Administered by David Halgrimson

Sweetflag Spreadwing by David Halgrimson The Race by M. Arfan Asif Mime in the Woods by Jerry Hug Vivaldi Racing by Paul Hoffman Discussion by Vincent Cochain  by Steve Knight Three Men and a Dog by Larry Crook

DD Study Group 40 General - Administered by Andrew Hersom

Orangutan & Young by Andrew Hersom ARCH B OR W by Prakhar Krishan Mount Rushmore by Henry Roberts Flowers by Jamie Carrier Covered Bridge by Alison McMahan Abstract by Catherine Honigsberg

DD Study Group 41 Creative - Administered by Brad Becker

Ode to Fibonacci by Brad Becker Going a Bit Batty by Kathy Triolo Bikers by Henry Roberts Lone Traveller by Jan Lightfoot Big Dipper by Lisa Cuchara

DD Study Group 42 General - Administered by Stuart Caine

Robber Fly by Pat Choo Fields of Palouse by Sarah Bernstein Cuban salt water crocodile by Michael Braunstein A Little Shade by Lynne Lewis Wild Horses by Stuart Caine Western Bluebird perched on a tree by Sarita Yeola

DD Study Group 43 General - Administered by Mike Walker

Fairy Inkcap by Mike Walker  by Toni Caldwell Immaculate Conception Church by Linda M Medine  by Lane B Lewis Green Moss Church by Mark McKinney Cowboy by Harley Rubens

DD Study Group 44 HDR - Administered by Brad Ashbrook

Chapel of the Transfiguration by Brad Ashbrook Brakelights by Lisa Cuchara The Teapot Revisited by Rick Cloran Malmo Sweeden by Mahmoud Raslan Holy Family Detroit by Bill Buchanan Sub Station by Bob Patrick Swan Falls Dam by Max Burke

DD Study Group 45 General - Administered by Cindy Lynch

Sunset Niigata by Bai Chuang Shyu  by Richard Chomitz Lines Shadows Stairs by Ray Henrikson Cylindrical blazing star,  by Charlie Yang Shrine Ridge Pass by John Gardiner Alabama Waterfalls by Don MacKenzie Door in Budapest by Cindy Lynch

DD Study Group 46 HDR - Administered by Paul Moertl

Great Horned Owl by Don Poulton Sedona, Cactus, Mountains  by Richard White Sphinx by Paul Moertl Redford Theater by Ron Clegg

DD Study Group 47 Monochrome - Administered by Jack Florence Jr

Patio by Jack Florence Jr Grain Elevator Manifold System by John Erve Turul, Budapest by Ed Ford Dirty Trainee Engineer by Adrian Binney Beech Bloom by Don Crow Fox Glacier by Albert Zabin Counter Weights on Chicago Bridge by Jen Carrick

DD Study Group 48 General - Administered by Beverly Caine

NAZARE, PORTUGAL by Beverly Caine BARREL COOPER DEMONSTRATION by Margaret Sprott SUMMER IN THE COUNTRY by Jamie Federick CORNFIELD by Sean Sullivan ICE LAKE by Yun Thwaits SHOPKEEPER by W. Neil Jones

DD Study Group 49 General - Administered by Cora Rosenhaft

Iowan Farmer by Cora Rosenhaft Shades of Zanzibar by JoAnne Rolle Willet by Tom Brott Sunset From Palazzo Vecchio by Alan Kiecker Frigate Bird on Isla Genovesa by Fred Doerfler

DD Study Group 50 Monochrome - Administered by Paul Moertl

Feeding Deer by Paul Moertl  by David Price Burns Harbor Ship by Jeffrey Klug Marsh During Drought by Karl Hokanson Old School Gym by Cindy Lynch Geese On A Log In June by Chuck Carstensen

DD Study Group 51 Phoneography - Administered by Dave Edwards

Three Bridges by Dave Edwards World's Largest Steam Engine by Jerry Hug Fish market in Toulouse  by Richard Sprott Set Sail by Bob Barley Women's Lifeguard Competition by Lynne Royce Golden Wheat by Pamela Hoaglund Outdoor Oddity by Sol Blechman

DD Study Group 52 Nature Plus - Administered by Sharon Prislipsky

Bird in Trouble by Sharon Prislipsky Invasion of Privacy by Carol Sheppard Finding Nectar by Lisa Auerbach Where's My Stuff by John Roach Purple Passion Flower with Bee by Tom Brott Evening Snack by Judith Lesnaw Whistling Ducks on a Branch by Mike Cohen

DD Study Group 53 General - Administered by Tom Pickering

Black Hog by Tom Pickering UP Pictured Rocks by Rusty Pinckney Dumbo by Brenda Frezeman Weeding for FareStart by Dan DeVries Clematis x jackmanni by Arabella Dane

DD Study Group 54 Advanced Photoshop Compositing - Administered by Peggy Nugent

Murphy's Law by Peggy Nugent Near Area 51 by Aavo Koort Captivated Audience by Betty Billingham Into the Unknown by Brad Becker

DD Study Group 55 General - Administered by Matt Moses

Monarch and the Bee by Matt Moses Log Canoe Sailing by Alec Chester Cowboy by Joan Rembacz Fishing Eagle by Ron Clegg Pink Flower by Marianne Shine Opportunity lost by Kurtis Sutley

DD Study Group 56 Painting - Administered by Cyril Mazansky

Jacobite Steam Train at Glenfinnan by Cyril Mazansky Red Butte Garden Painting by Pat Centeno Discovery by Nancy Speaker Elephants Dusting by Gerhard Geldenhuys Time Window by Terry Clark Katmai Catch by Cindy Gosselin Last Days of Autumn by Elinor Stecker-Orel

DD Study Group 57 MACRO/Close-up - Administered by Jessica Manelis

Butterfly by Jessica Manelis Canna Leaves by Cindy Lynch Flamingo by Nelson Charette Pinot gris by Mary Hinsen Monarch Butterfly on milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) by Janis Walters  by Marcela Stegemueller Owens Glass Necklace by Laurie Meriwether

DD Study Group 58 Street Scenes - Administered by Isaac Vaisman M.D.

Looking Down by Isaac Vaisman M.D. Beach Break by Hassan Sadek Watching Cricket by Lauren Stewart South Lake Tahoe by Dan Waters First Base by Jim Mayo The Gift by Gloria Sprung La Rochelle by Daniel De Cort

DD Study Group 59 Sports - Administered by Joseph Kubala

Around The Barrel Again! by Phil Zolla  by Bruce Benson  by Karl Hokanson Six Thunderbirds by Gerald Emmerich

DD Study Group 60 MACRO/Close-up - Administered by Carol Sheppard

Fly Erotica by Carol Sheppard Orange Assassin Bug (Pselliopus barberi) by Bill Foy Untitled by John O’Neill Macro Leaf Bud by Bill Provost Future Monarch by Bob Crocker Hard to Let Go by Denise McKay

DD Study Group 61 Portraits - Administered by Jim Mahoney

Joker by Manfred Mueller Randy the Rocker by Dave Whitson Woman in Mink by Donna Paul Stephanie and Beachball by Jim Mahoney Shooting in a Bar by Salvador Atance

DD Study Group 62 Monochrome - Administered by Oliver Morton

Child Jouster by Oliver Morton Leaves by LuAnn Thatcher Kids at the Botanic Garden by Hattie Stamer Connor Perriton by Julie Sheppard Harbor Scene by Gary Stiger Gentleman on the way to the office by Israel Yosef

DD Study Group 63 MACRO/Close-up - Administered by Patrick Lynch

Complementary Colors by Rosangela Silva Grasshopper by Neal R. Thompson, M.D. The Pollinator by Dan Olson 3 Bells by Murphy Hektner Red & Yellow Lilly by Patrick Lynch Purple Pansy by Priscilla Farrell

DD Study Group 64 Monochrome - Administered by John Roach

Along the Nishisakawick Creek by John Roach Tree Root by Don York Arch w/tree by Jerry Funk The Little Boy by Abhijeet Banerjee Drinks Mixer by Stuart Ord Tundra Swans on Water – Middle Creek by Jerry Snyder

DD Study Group 65 MACRO/Close-up - Administered by Charles Ginsburgh

Red Flower by Elaine Hoffman Ready for Take-Off by Lynne Hollingsworth Die by Janos Demeter Rose Edge by Charles Ginsburgh Petal Tips by Oscar Pung Damselflies in love by Angela Chan

DD Study Group 66 Infrared - Administered by Melanie Hurwitz

Abandoned by Melanie Hurwitz Salamanca by Ernie Brana Kitchen House by Jack Florence Jr Quaker Lake Inlet by Charles Walker On The Way To Kokomo by Gary Potts Abstract by Palli Gajree Smoky Mountains viewed from Cade’s Cove by Emil Davidzuk

DD Study Group 67 Nature Plus - Administered by Larry Treadwell

Bow Lake by Michael Weatherford Pollenator by Todd Grivetti Hot Springs by Wayne Stelk Realm of the Fairies by Larry Treadwell Ruby-throated Humming Bird by Richard Matheny Jhari by Madhusudhan Srinivasan Yellowstone Morning by Cheryl Pauley

DD Study Group 68 3D - Administered by Dr V G Mohanan Nair

The Cabin by Dr V G Mohanan Nair  Dog Cubes by Steve Wessing Setting Up Shop by Signe Emmerich "MODEL IN LIGHTBULB" by Nick Muskovac Bowl of Balls by Betty Drinkut 4 Wheeling in Oregon by David Allen SUNFLOWER by Brian Davis

DD Study Group 69 Nature Plus - Administered by Mervyn Hurwitz

Osprey Leaving the Nest by Mervyn Hurwitz Frogs by Dean Ginther Gold Mantled Ground Squirrel Stretching Exercises. by Pierre Williot Least Bittern by Candy Childrey Siberian Tiger by Brenda Fishbaugh Wedge tailed eagle by Geoffrey Wiggins

DD Study Group 70 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Lamar Nix

Angel Oak by Lamar Nix Sunrise over the Montezuma Wildlife Preserve in Central New York by Pierre Williot Ancient Eyes by Todd Paige Hill Inlet by Glen Gilligan Street with Balloons by Kathryn Engle Lifting Fog at the Chimney by Judy Murphy Golden Gate, San Francisco, USA. by Frans Gunterus

DD Study Group 71 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Nancie Clark

Boat Chasing the Sunset by Nancie Clark Forgotten but not Gone by Theresa Rice Kancamagus by Gordon Saperia Sunset at the Dead Sea by Marla Henry Old corral, Northern New Mexico by Mike Patterson Passing Morning by Trinda Love Sunset from east of San Diego by John Zhu

DD Study Group 72 Nature Plus - Administered by Isaac Vaisman M.D.

Little Foxes by Bruce Benson Serene by Abhijeet Banerjee Romanian Catholic Church by Mary Frost Sunrise-Sunset by Walt Brunner Zebras by Adrian Binney Ha Long Bay by Isaac Vaisman M.D.

DD Study Group 73 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Sherry Icardi

Early morning Haze by Sherry Icardi San Francisco Skyline Sunrise by David Stickney Islands in the Cloud by Ian Cambourne Golden Gate Bridge by Peter Cheung  Lower Falls at Night by Tuhin Das

DD Study Group 74 Monochrome - Administered by Arne Skinlo

The City Gate of Bergen by Arne Skinlo Two curves by Angela Chan Pushin & Pullin by Bill Foy Summer Butterfly by Alicia Plevell Violins by Pamela Hoaglund

DD Study Group 75 Nature Plus - Administered by Walter Swett

Bee on a Wild Rose by Walter Swett Pigeon by Pauline Jaffe Sunrise at Shoe Factory Prairie by Charlie Yang Flamingo by Janice Rosner Cup Day by Kerry McFarlane Line at the Watering Hole by Thomas Bell Jewel by Muhammed Rafeek

DD Study Group 76 General - Administered by Ian Cambourne

Caves Beach by Ian Cambourne Car Show at Iola Mill by Trey Foerster Hassan by Sanford Morse Bike Rental by Jay Joseph Ocelot by Cyndy Doty J E Nielsen by Jorn Holm-Pedersen

DD Study Group 77 Fine Arts - Administered by Georgianne Giese

Leland Sunset at the Marina by Georgianne Giese Race Rocks Lighthouse by Witta Priester  by Connie Reinhart Who Goes There? by Mary Hinsen Risky Behavior by J. Lanning Smith

DD Study Group 78 General - Administered by Brenda Fishbaugh

Up, Up and Away!  by Brenda Fishbaugh Vista by Alan Welch Catching bugs... by Sunil Mehta Aguas Calientes by Richard Huang Title suggestions? by Terry Walters Reunited by Jason Kravitz Just a snack by Abdo Allam

DD Study Group 79 Fine Arts - Administered by Judith Lesnaw

Summer Swirls by Judith Lesnaw Isolation by Valerie Pohio Twilight Kiss by Marie Verrett Painted Man in Modern Tunnel by Karl Leck Blossoming Anenome by Susan Ashford Flowers in Motion by Sandra Irwin

DD Study Group 80 Street Scenes - Administered by Bill Foy

Kids in the Creek by Bill Foy Pastry Shop by Ed Tepper Through the Window by J. Lanning Smith Young Hon by Ron Baker Hang On, We'll Get You There- by Karen Johnson-Nieuwendijk Street Musician by Beverly Caine

DD Study Group 81 General - Administered by Angela Bonner

Purple Majesty by Janet McLaughlin Red Dragonfly by Brent Doornbos Freedom to be by Randall Gusdorf Eggs in turmoil!! by Angela Bonner Goldfinch by Sandy Loucks

DD Study Group 82 General - Administered by Charles Taylor

Blue Waggon by Charles Taylor A giant from within by Holly Moore keep your eye on the ball by Lou McLove Carefree State by Suiyang Zhang

DD Study Group 83 Monochrome - Administered by Jane Luo

The Palmer's Staircase by Jane Luo Antwerp Harbour view by Dirk-Olaf Leimann Soldier by Judith Ponti-Sgargi Hand of Fate by Charles Taylor Let Me OUT by Georgianne Giese Angel Trumpet Study by Lance Lewin Fish Market by Jose Luis Rodriguez

DD Study Group 84 Video - Administered by Dick Burr

Wisconsin Lighthouses by Dick Burr Golden Days of Fall by Peter Shi The "Monsoon Season" of Bangladesh by Syed Shakhawat Kamal

DD Study Group 85 Drones - Administered by Lisa Cirincione

Detroit  by Lisa Cirincione Retired GMC by Bob Patrick Summertime by Lou McLove Happy Birthday! by Vo Dao

DD Study Group 86 Phoneography - Administered by Carl Simmerman

Daisies by Carl Simmerman Where Fairies Dance by Belinda Hudnall Keller Inspiration Point by Laurie Meriwether Living Yard Art by Ruth Holt GRAND ENTRANCE by Margaret Duncan Antelope Island Sunset by Pat Centeno Children at play, the Italian way. by Janet Goldberg

DD Study Group 87 General - Administered by Lance Lewin

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc   by Lance Lewin Nautical Twilight by Mike Washington Pioneer Village by Graham Jones Mendelhall Glacier by Jennifer Marano

DD Study Group 88 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Gary Butler

Vernazza Cinque Terre Italy by Gary Butler Prague at Sunrise by Rajani Ramanathan Spirit Island Maligne Lake by Charles Walker Upper Antelope Canyon - Page AZ by Scott Messer  by Trey Foerster Astoria Pier by Sumit Basu St. Kitts Fortress by Lou McLove

DD Study Group 89 Nature Plus - Administered by Allan Cain

Chipmunk by Allan Cain Burrowing Owls by Gary Schafer King Eider by Margaret Frazer Rosy Maple Moth by Herb DeBarba

DD Study Group 90 Nature Plus - Administered by Ginny Salus

Water Lily by Ginny Salus Cerval Cat by Linda Bahrani Dippers Diner by Mike Whelan Ground Squirrel by Evelyn Forsyth Owl With Mouse by David Bornmann Busy Bee by Andrea McLaughlin

DD Study Group 91 Infrared - Administered by Lisa Cuchara

Flower Walk at Longwood Gardens by Lisa Cuchara  by Jim Berger Sheldon Church by Judy Murphy Cox Hall at Winter~RJ_Pranitis by Rick Pranitis SINGER CASTLE by Jim Hagan