DD Study Group   1 General - Administered by Dennis Hirning

Copy by Dennis Hirning Tangled by Neal R. Thompson, M.D. Ready for Take Off by Joey Johnson Street Artist by Sol Blechman Lily Pad by Sharon Moir Screensaver by David Robb Simple Pigeon in flight by Than Sint

DD Study Group   2 General - Administered by Harry M. Stuart

Lighthouse by Piers Blackett American Eagle by Harry M. Stuart Big Boy 4014 by Shirley Pohlman With all his Soul by Hung Phan Monument Valley Sunset by Dan Olson Birch Bracket by Brenda Monahan Trim the tree by Laurie Meriwether

DD Study Group   3 General - Administered by Jim Kuchler

Teton Barn by Jim Kuchler Remains of Memorial M E Church  by Mary Sue Rosenthal Hawk’s Dinner by Randolph Shine Alaska Bound by Ruth Sprain Winter Joy by Kieu-Hanh Vu Hawaiian Sparks by Lisa Cirincione

DD Study Group   4 General - Administered by Joseph Hearst

Making Fire by Isaac Vaisman M.D. In-flight skimmers and terns by Erik Rosengren

DD Study Group   5 General - Administered by Barbara E Miller

***** Group On Vacation *****

DD Study Group   6 Macro/Close-up - Administered by Dick States

Softgel Balls by Salvador Atance Berries by Stuart Ord  by Janet DiMattia Sea Oats by Dick States Red Mum by Tom Pickering Robberfly with kill by Madhusudhan Srinivasan

DD Study Group   7 General - Administered by Tom McCreary

Missouri Mill and Covered Bridge by Tom McCreary Music Hall Restored by Rich Sears Santa Barbara Sunrise by Barbara Mallon Street Musician by Tony Tam Hair Cut 2 Bits by Les Tyler Chinese Xmas by Grace Lee Vermont Garage by Paul McLaughlin

DD Study Group   8 General - Administered by N. Sukumar

Latte by N. Sukumar THE HUNTER AND THE HUNTED by Alastair Cochrane Small leaf by Mark Southard "Buddham Saranam Gacchimi" (I Go to Buddha for my refuge) by Snehendu Kar Bike Rack by Marcus Miller Silos by Gloria Sprung

DD Study Group   9 General - Administered by John Larson

Hitting the Softball by John Larson Mt. Rushmore by Jesse Lobel Beautiful Beginning by Debbie Perez Fall Color by Allen Calopisis Renaissance Clown by Priscilla Farrell Palouse by Shaikh Amin Presque Isle Lighthouse by David Garrison

DD Study Group 10 General - Administered by Donna Sturla

Seen Better Days by Mark Aksoy Sandhill Cranes Lodi CA by Donna Sturla PV Sunset by Rich Krebs Mum by Diana Duffey Woodstark by Herb Zaifert

DD Study Group 11 Monochrome - Administered by Allen Tucker

Fallen Juniper by Allen Tucker Goose Fight by Lisa Hlavinka From Fall to Winter II Mono by Tom Pickering Kookaburra by Sharron Leppien The Auburn by Jim Hagan Handsom Lizard by Jim Bodkin Samish River by Henry Heerschap

DD Study Group 12 Assigned Subject - Administered by Carole Kropscot

Christmas Lights by Carole Kropscot Christmas by Gavin Tow Christmas by Walter Ross Christmas by Barbara Kuebler Christmas by Kerstin Köneke Pine Cones by Ally Green

DD Study Group 13 Assigned Subject - Administered by Timothy Morton

MANY YEARS AGO by Timothy Morton Cleaning by Fat Chen "Devil's Furnace" by Barbara Dunn

DD Study Group 14 General - Administered by Arun Bagga

Catching The Wind by Arun Bagga ANew Friend by Darcy Johnson Bridges Across The Vitava River, Prague by Gregory Waldron  Vigilance by Bill Provost  Traditional Mask Dancing of Bhutan.  by Syed Shakhawat Kamal

DD Study Group 15 General - Administered by Joan Field

Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone by Joan Field Egret in Flight by Phil Levy Before the Storm at Rockport by Bob Legg I'm Dreaming of Christmas by Rick Finney Leaves, Napa by Jeri Conklin

DD Study Group 16 General - Administered by Dr V G Mohanan Nair

Bridge and the stone by Dr V G Mohanan Nair Northern Fulmar on a Mission, Dundas Harbor, Nunavut Canada  (Fulmarus glacialis) by Bunny Laden Palouse by Joan Funk "Wrestlers Up Close" by Kathleen Sims Church in Evening Mists by Bogdan Bricelj Purto Varas Market by Terry Campanella

DD Study Group 17 General - Administered by John Hackett

Creels by John Hackett Rush Hour Train on the Longfellow by Joe Kennedy Back-lit frond by Dick Perkins Danger on the railway line by Peter Elliston  by Sheldon Wecker Jewel Bug by Udayan Sankar Pal Jack-in-the Pulpit by Glenn Rudd

DD Study Group 18 Creative - Administered by Ian Ledgard

Jazz band by Andrew Hersom Tree houses by Ian Ledgard Christmas tree by Mark Southard Circle of Trees by Mike Cowdrey Bouquet by Jennifer Empey Floating horizon on fire by Kerstin Köneke

DD Study Group 19 General - Administered by John Hackett

Storm across the water by John Hackett Beatrice Head Mouser by Harriet Ciccone Church of San Miguel in Rain  by Stan Bormann Learning to skate by Norm Solomon  by Carroll Reynolds Morning at the Boathouse by Ann McDermott

DD Study Group 20 Creative - Administered by Jerry Funk

Blue Lagoon by Pat Couder Colorful Water Lily Garden by Jerry Funk The Canal in Venice by Nellie Bretherick Blue Steeple by Shirley Ward Season's Greetings by Peter Keverne Salt Stone by Betty Billingham

DD Study Group 21 Creative - Administered by Joan Field

Bird in Tree by Joan Field Botanical Garden by Brian Swinyard Battle Line by Peter Newman Central Station Amsterdam by Steve Wessing Smiling by Phillipa Frederiksen

DD Study Group 22 General - Administered by Marti Buckely

Dahlia and Bud by Marti Buckely Christmas Cactus by Peggy Reeder Dancer In Yellow by Jerry Biddlecom Tall Ship by Al Swanson Ancient Warrior by Joseph J Zaia Geology by Mike Patterson Perpetual Motion by Kaylyn Franks

DD Study Group 23 General - Administered by Brian Magor

Palouse by Brian Magor Black Sand Beach by Marilyn Ross "Autumn Sprite" by Richard Harper  White Egret by Dave Edwards Breakfast on the Beak by Sherry Icardi Silhouettes against colorful windows in a Chicago airport.... by Shirley Ward ‘Wheels up’  by Adelet Kegley

DD Study Group 24 General - Administered by Jim Horn

Fair Hill International big splash by Jim Horn dog who knows how to pose by Sue Gordon One Bison on the Great Plains in Roosevelt  National Park by Donna Paul Bangalore Palace by Kumaraswamy Anjanappa Inside a mosque in Burnei by Sam Fernando Peacock Pride by Laura Lee Bartholomew Bull Rider In Flight by James Ricketts

DD Study Group 25 General - Administered by Audrey Waitkus

Snow Tree by Audrey Waitkus Mama by Ruth Holt Lisbon Streetcar by Eric Schweitzer TALL THISTLE FLOWER HEAD by Abe Chen  by Darin Hlavinka

DD Study Group 26 General - Administered by Bob Benson

Snaefellsjokull National Park by Bob Benson Red Ferry by Tony Au Yeong Budapest parliament Building  by Mervyn Hurwitz Mausoleum by Jose Cartas New Mexico Buttes by Guy Hawkins Where the buffaloes Roam by Albert Zabin

DD Study Group 27 General - Administered by Brad Ashbrook

Windows to the World by Renee Schaefer Smokey Mountain Elk by Brad Ashbrook Palouse Pastels by Lauren Heerschap Wastwater Calm by Jon Allanson Dune Buggy Doings by Becca Cambridge Mystic Lake by Jan van Leijenhorst Behind the Waterfall by Danny Dunne

DD Study Group 28 General - Administered by Tom Johnson

New Amsterdam experience by Tom Johnson The girls Dressup by Wanda Krack Lonely Tree in the Palouse by Kathy Brand Moody Reflections by Colleen Price Anchorage Aurora by Deborah Milburn The Vessel by Sheila Burke-Grey Mary by Steve Jacobs

DD Study Group 29 General - Administered by Bob Wills

***** Group On Vacation *****

DD Study Group 30 General - Administered by Dorinda Wills

***** Group On Vacation *****

DD Study Group 31 Monochrome - Administered by John Gilkerson

Guilty by Ian Chantler St Valentine Chapel and Sciliar Massif, Alpe di Siusi by Peter Clark Charlies Garden by John Gilkerson Passing By by Ed Ries Sahara at Sunrise by Paul Roth Still Life Books - Book End by Ella Schreiber

DD Study Group 32 Monochrome - Administered by Diana Magor

Liverpool cathedral side view by Diana Magor Construction Worker at Greenacres Elementary School by Gloria Fine Yosemite Chapel - Winter 2019 by Jennifer Doerrie USMC Knife by Lynne Hollingsworth Tiny dancers by Stephen Levitas No 6 comes out of the trees by Tom McCreary Watchbell Lane by Michael Duke

DD Study Group 33 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Bob Wills

***** Group On Vacation *****

DD Study Group 34 Creative - Administered by Steve Estill

Boggarts Breakfast Band by Steve Estill Iceberg Seascape by Candy Childrey Carousel Nightmare by Alan Kaplan Ghost Buildings by Georgianne Giese Volcano Destruction by Denise Perentin Raquel Exhuberant Tryptich by Helen Sweet Getting Away From It All by Jan Handman

DD Study Group 35 Infrared - Administered by Sharon Prislipsky

Ancient One by Sharon Prislipsky Palouse Tree by Stuart Bacon Castlenoud by Julie Walker Woody's House by April Kao Three Lights by Nelson Charette Boats in Lake by Helen Herbert Magnolia Beach Club by Debbie Perez

DD Study Group 36 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Le Tho Giao

Rainbow-colored Bridalveil Fall by Le Tho Giao Steptoe, WA by Michael Jack Tree at Sunset by Arne Skinlo Inbound & Outbound by George R Phile A view from Kill Bill Church by Bill Peake The Wave by Richard White

DD Study Group 37 General - Administered by Howard Frank

Skagit Valley's foggy morning by Peter Cheung Blue Hour by Subhash Sapru Clouded Sulphur Male by Heavy Rain by Gunter Haibach I've got a secret by Howard Frank Photographing Boathouses by Helen Sweet Angel Wings by Grace Bryant

DD Study Group 38 General - Administered by Gabriele Dellanave

Returning from Field by Sunandan Ghosh  by Gabriele Dellanave "A cascading stream in the forest." by Gerhard Geldenhuys  by Art Jacoby Walking by the fish by Kerstin Köneke Star-light, Star-bright ~ by Marge Barham Lazy fox by Amber Nichols

DD Study Group 39 Monochrome - Administered by David Halgrimson

Falling Leaves of Fall by David Halgrimson Sam by M. Arfan Asif  by Jerry Hug Age is just a Number by Paul Hoffman Soldier WWI by Vincent Cochain Mission San Juan Capistrano by Steve Knight Reflecting on Hong Kong by Larry Crook

DD Study Group 40 General - Administered by Andrew Hersom

Catch by Andrew Hersom The Joy Of Life Continues by Henry Roberts XMAS SPARKLES by Moira Heilbronn Mailboxes by Jamie Carrier Transit of Mercury by Alison McMahan Reflection by Catherine Honigsberg

DD Study Group 41 Creative - Administered by Brad Becker

Cycle of life by Brad Becker Lurk on the Love Planet by Kathy Triolo Lily Composite 1 by Henry Roberts Camel by Maryellen Bauer Scream by Jim Hooper The Five Pillars of Models by Jan Lightfoot Denim Factory Planet by Lisa Cuchara

DD Study Group 42 General - Administered by Stuart Caine

Osprey got fish! by Pat Choo  by Sarah Bernstein Water Lily on Black by Holly Moore Aria Hotel Las Vegas by Michael Braunstein Wonderful Barn by Lynne Lewis Pearl Harbor by Stuart Caine

DD Study Group 43 General - Administered by Mike Walker

Rose by Mike Walker Peaceful Place by Linda M Medine Pastoral Scene by Lane B Lewis Harris Hawk by Mark McKinney  by Harley Rubens  by Connie Weil

DD Study Group 44 HDR - Administered by Brad Ashbrook

Tuckasegee River by Brad Ashbrook Denim Factory Pano by Lisa Cuchara Utah Statehouse Rear – Take 2 by Rick Cloran Sorrento by Mahmoud Raslan Anna Scripps Conservatory by Bill Buchanan Roundhouse Site by Bob Patrick Taos Pueblo Mission by Max Burke

DD Study Group 45 General - Administered by Cindy Lynch

Queenstown by Bai Chuang Shyu Mother and Child by David Terao Wooden Spoons by Ray Henrikson  by Charlie Yang Peaceful, Delicate, Calm by Don MacKenzie Wild Horse by Cindy Lynch

DD Study Group 46 HDR - Administered by Paul Moertl

Cathedral Grove Giants by Don Poulton The Holy Monastery of Great Metoron by Richard White Mission San Xavier del Bac by Paul Moertl

DD Study Group 47 Monochrome - Administered by Jack Florence Jr

Cambodian Schoolchildren by Jack Florence Jr Portrait of officer Kresly by John Erve Untitled by Ed Ford Yellowstone Winter Trees by Adrian Binney Old Truck by Don Crow Night on the Norweigian by Albert Zabin Winchester chimneys by Jen Carrick

DD Study Group 48 General - Administered by Beverly Caine

PIRATE by Beverly Caine VENICE by Valerie Fall JAPANESE GARDEN SCENE by Margaret Sprott JERUSALEM by Jamie Federick WINTER'S BENCH by Sean Sullivan PORTLAND LIGHT HOUSE by Yun Thwaits FLEETMASTER, NEW MEXICO 2019 by W. Neil Jones

DD Study Group 49 General - Administered by Cora Rosenhaft

***** Group On Vacation *****

DD Study Group 50 Monochrome - Administered by Paul Moertl

Old Chevy by Paul Moertl Grandmother mono by David Price Facing Away by Lorna Zaback Porkies by Jeffrey Klug Feathers by Karl Hokanson Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption by Cindy Lynch Engine 278 by Chuck Carstensen

DD Study Group 51 Phoneography - Administered by Dave Edwards

Trinity College Library by Dave Edwards Open House at the Baha’i House of Worship by Jerry Hug Phyllis Aging by Richard Sprott Rising by Bob Barley CITY PIER BOAT HOUSES by Lynne Royce Tree of Life by Pamela Hoaglund New Family Member by Sol Blechman

DD Study Group 52 Nature Plus - Administered by Sharon Prislipsky

Woo-Hoo by Sharon Prislipsky BzzzBzzz by Lisa Auerbach Late Fall on the James by John Roach Untitiled by Tom Brott Hawk With Pods by Judith Lesnaw Marineland in Black and White by Mike Cohen

DD Study Group 53 General - Administered by Tom Pickering

From Fall to Winter by Tom Pickering Well Dressed by Rusty Pinckney Wood Nymph by Miriam Power  by Brenda Frezeman City Fish by Dan DeVries Stone Arch Bridge by Arabella Dane

DD Study Group 54 Advanced Photoshop Compositing - Administered by Peggy Nugent

Recessive Genes, Perhaps? by Peggy Nugent Death Valley Christmas by Aavo Koort Joy of Lights by Betty Billingham The American Dream by Alan Kaplan Lightness of Being by Brad Becker

DD Study Group 55 General - Administered by Matt Moses

***** Group On Vacation *****

DD Study Group 56 Painting - Administered by Cyril Mazansky

Upper Calf Creek Canyon Alcove by Cyril Mazansky 3 Stylized Roses by Pat Centeno Butterfly Girl by Nancy Speaker Doors by Gerhard Geldenhuys Garden Fork by Terry Clark Springtime Lupine by Cindy Gosselin Pink and Blue by Elinor Stecker-Orel

DD Study Group 57 Macro/Close-up - Administered by Jessica Manelis

***** Group On Vacation *****

DD Study Group 58 Street Scenes - Administered by Isaac Vaisman M.D.

Playing in The Rain by Isaac Vaisman M.D. Bridge Fisherman by Hassan Sadek Noodle Shop by Lauren Stewart Night Horse by Jim Mayo Carl's Tarts by Gloria Sprung Stone Workers by Daniel De Cort

DD Study Group 59 Sports - Administered by Gerald Emmerich

Anticipation by Joseph Kubala Before the Hurt by Diane Brown Roldan Being Fouled by Bruce Benson Mazda Drafting by Karl Hokanson 3 Paragliders over Palouse by Gerald Emmerich

DD Study Group 60 Macro/Close-up - Administered by Carol Sheppard

Butterfly on Flower by Carol Sheppard Scarlett Powder Puff Tree Flower by Bill Foy Leafscape No. 24 by Doug Wolters Untitled by Bob Crocker Cream Rose by Denise McKay

DD Study Group 61 Portraits - Administered by Jim Mahoney

Cristiana by Manfred Mueller The Pretender by Cheryl Dubois Ethnic Fashion by Donna Paul Trina Vaping by Jim Mahoney At the Stage by Salvador Atance Breana by Jim Hooper

DD Study Group 62 Monochrome - Administered by Oliver Morton

Interesting.... by Oliver Morton A Beautiful Smile by LuAnn Thatcher I Am Not Afraid of the Dark by Julie Sheppard Somewhere Off the Coast of Greece by Gary Stiger Moonshine by Bob Legg Woman communicates with God by Israel Yosef

DD Study Group 63 Macro/Close-up - Administered by Patrick Lynch

The Pink and Blue Sea Animal by Rosangela Silva House Fly by Neal R. Thompson, M.D. Autumn Motif by Murphy Hektner Center Stage by Patrick Lynch Abstract Mum by Priscilla Farrell

DD Study Group 64 Monochrome - Administered by John Roach

Closed for Maintenance by John Roach Night Time Visions by Don York Rare Flower by Jerry Funk Arcangel Thru Arches by Stan Bormann Conversation Under the Stars by Abhijeet Banerjee Cosy Winter Retreat by Stuart Ord Reflections in BW by Jerry Snyder

DD Study Group 65 Macro/Close-up - Administered by Charles Ginsburgh

Highland Coo by Elaine Hoffman A Yellow Mushroom  by Lynne Hollingsworth Wet Dahlia by Peter Newman Dried Rose (12-7-19) by Charles Ginsburgh blue frog by Angela Chan

DD Study Group 66 Infrared - Administered by Melanie Hurwitz

In The Trees by Melanie Hurwitz Everglades by Ernie Brana Fall Leaves by Jack Florence Jr Stream Along Forest Lawn by Charles Walker Irish Hillside by Gary Potts O.M. Roark’s Truck  by Emil Davidzuk

DD Study Group 67 Nature Plus - Administered by Larry Treadwell

Thread-waisted Wasps by Michael Weatherford Cascades by Todd Grivetti Spring in New York City by Wayne Stelk Stealth by Larry Treadwell Great Egret by Richard Matheny Till the last breath by Madhusudhan Srinivasan Lunchtime by Mark Winter

DD Study Group 68 3D - Administered by Dr V G Mohanan Nair

The Riverfront Park Pavilion, Spokane by Dr V G Mohanan Nair  Leidsestraat by Steve Wessing Ferns and Moss by Signe Emmerich "WINE IS SERVED" by Nick Muskovac Country Chapel Down the Road by David Allen The north aisle Sagrada Familia Barcelona by Brian Davis

DD Study Group 69 Nature Plus - Administered by Mervyn Hurwitz

Stilt by Mervyn Hurwitz Green Jay in Flight by Dean Ginther Male Northern Cardinal by Pierre Williot Great Horned Owl Portrait by Candy Childrey Butterfly by Jacob Wat Sunset by Brenda Fishbaugh Gannet by Geoffrey Wiggins

DD Study Group 70 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Lamar Nix

Autumn Boardwalk by Lamar Nix Frozen Pond by Pierre Williot Humo Verde by Todd Paige Champagne Pool by Glen Gilligan Navajo - Eggshell Arch by Kathryn Engle Vancouver building by Judy Murphy Sunrise at Cukul, West Java Indonesia by Frans Gunterus

DD Study Group 71 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Nancie Clark

Sunrise at the Beach by Nancie Clark Cliffside by Theresa Rice Clouds by Gordon Saperia Horses by Mike Patterson Autumn Canadian Rockies by Trinda Love Sunset at Torrey Pine State Beach, CA by John Zhu

DD Study Group 72 Nature Plus - Administered by Isaac Vaisman M.D.

Fox Play by Bruce Benson Bodie Ghost Town by Walt Brunner Dolomites by Marie Costanza  Yellowstone in Winter by Adrian Binney Leopard Seal by Isaac Vaisman M.D.

DD Study Group 73 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Sherry Icardi

Sunset on the Masai Mara by Sherry Icardi San Francisco Skyline from Grizzly Peak by David Stickney  by Janos Demeter  NSW Bushfires 2019 by Ian Cambourne Seattle Sunrise by Peter Cheung

DD Study Group 74 Monochrome - Administered by Arne Skinlo

Brooklyn Bridge by Arne Skinlo "Christmas at Pioneer Schoolhouse by Angela Chan Stuffed by David Henderson Girl Playing in a Fountain by Bill Foy Seniority by Ata Kemal Sahin Old Truck by Pamela Hoaglund

DD Study Group 75 Nature Plus - Administered by Walter Swett

Wet Grass by Walter Swett King of the Jungle by Pauline Jaffe Jasper Pulaski FWR by Charlie Yang Golden Harvest by Kerry McFarlane Hard Work in the Desert by Thomas Bell

DD Study Group 76 General - Administered by Ian Cambourne

Sydney Bushfires 2019 (right now) by Ian Cambourne Autumn Shed by Trey Foerster Hal by Sanford Morse Thunderbirds by Jay Joseph Crater Lake by Cyndy Doty Window pane mirror by Jorn Holm-Pedersen

DD Study Group 77 Fine Arts - Administered by Georgianne Giese

Tumacacori National Historic Site Grainery by Georgianne Giese Caught in the Act by Witta Priester Nature's Heart by Bunny Laden

DD Study Group 78 General - Administered by Brenda Fishbaugh

Rocking Gondolas in Venice by Brenda Fishbaugh Here's Looking at You by Alan Welch Fall colors by Sunil Mehta Move by Richard Huang No Man's Land by Terry Walters  by Jason Kravitz (no title) by Abdo Allam

DD Study Group 79 Fine Arts - Administered by Judith Lesnaw

Happy New Year by Judith Lesnaw Past never forward by May Meng Ebb Tide by Valerie Pohio Holiday Light Painting by Karl Leck Unusual Orchids by Lauren Heerschap

DD Study Group 80 Street Scenes - Administered by Bill Foy

Jefferson Station by Bill Foy Portrait-2nd St. Fest by Ed Tepper Boots on the Ground by J. Lanning Smith Finding His Peace by Carol Sheppard Me And My Dogs by Karen Johnson-Nieuwendijk Pirate by Beverly Caine

DD Study Group 81 General - Administered by Angela Bonner

Golden hour by Janet McLaughlin The Kohima Magic by Hema Narayanan Saraswati 2 by Brent Doornbos New York City by Randall Gusdorf The Duchess by Cheryl Dubois Cup full of cherries by Angela Bonner Nuthatch by Bonné Noël

DD Study Group 82 General - Administered by Andrew Klein

Water fountain fun by Andrew Klein Dot on the Lake by Ruth Benson Summer in the City by Xiao Cai  by Kathleen Colligan Under the starry sky  by Prasad Indulkar The Ocean by Robin Voorhees  by Laurie McShane

DD Study Group 83 Monochrome - Administered by Lance Lewin

Holiday Music  by Jane Luo Westerhever Lighthouse by Dirk-Olaf Leimann Christmas Still Life by Judith Ponti-Sgargi Ghost Buildings by Georgianne Giese Winter Tree Study-1 (Commission)  by Lance Lewin Studio Photography: Christmas Campaign by Jose Luis Rodriguez

DD Study Group 84 Video - Administered by Dick Burr

Maribell Caves Hotel by Dick Burr Rain Comes to Town — Winter in Seattle by Peter Shi Traditional Mask Dancing Festival by Syed Shakhawat Kamal

DD Study Group 85 Drones - Administered by Lisa Cirincione

Ready for the holidays  by Lisa Cirincione House and Barns by Bob Patrick Autumn Impressions by Lou McLove

DD Study Group 86 Phoneography - Administered by Carl Simmerman

Waterfall by Carl Simmerman Rust by Laurie Meriwether Living Yard Art by Ruth Holt Stormy Weather by Margaret Duncan HOW OLD FARMSTEAD WAS CREATED by Pat Centeno

DD Study Group 87 General - Administered by Lance Lewin

The Ostrich imperonator - Ebenezer Scrooge!  by Lance Lewin Praying Mantis  by Ahmed Belal Navy Pier Lighthouse by Steven Jungerwirth Baltimore Inner Harbor by Mike Washington NYC Christmas by Graham Jones Sunset in the Dunes by Jennifer Marano

DD Study Group 88 Land/Sea/Cityscapes - Administered by Gary Butler

What Could Be Better by Gary Butler Francis Hall at SBU by Charles Walker Grand Canyon by Scott Messer Sun and Snow on Trees by Trey Foerster Sunset from Pittock by Sumit Basu Blue Ridge Landscape by Lou McLove

DD Study Group 89 Nature Plus - Administered by Allan Cain

Territorial Dispute by Allan Cain Reflections by Gary Schafer Algonquin Heritage Tree by Margaret Frazer Butterfly White Peacock by Dan Olson

DD Study Group 90 Nature Plus - Administered by Ginny Salus

Costa Rican White Bats by Ginny Salus Roseate Spoonbill With Muddy Foot by Evelyn Forsyth

DD Study Group 91 Infrared - Administered by Lisa Cuchara

bi-colored leaves IR by Lisa Cuchara water and sky by Judy Murphy Way Home by Rick Pranitis General Warren by Jim Hagan IR flower by Jeff Fleisher

DD Study Group 92 Street Scenes - Administered by Chuck Carstensen

A Silverton Visitor and his dog. by Chuck Carstensen The Wedding by Lou McLove Rat Race One by Orest Ukrainsky City on the Move by Brandon Montgomery Yarra River at Night by Jill Edwards A Little Breezy by Gene Tadlock  by Geoff Shaw