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March 2023 - Stumped

March 2023 - Tom Pickering, APSA


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Specs: Nikon D5000, Nikkor 18-200mm, F6, 1/45s, Tripod, Natural Light

Captured during a PhotoWalk in 2015, this was one of the carousel animals at a local zoo. I liked the expression on the gorilla's face.

Taken into Photoshop, I selected the gorilla and replaced the background with a texture. Suggestions?

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Miriam Power   Miriam Power
Definitely an improvement   Posted: 03/17/2023 10:13:02

Arabella Dane   Arabella Dane
poor guy- he doesn't look very comfortable! Love the way you handled the background and the blues in his fur tones enhances the mood   Posted: 03/17/2023 12:08:23

Rick Finney   Rick Finney
Tom: Well done! The coloring is magnificent.   Posted: 03/20/2023 18:30:04

Rusty Pinckney   Rusty Pinckney
Love the background.   Posted: 03/24/2023 15:42:25

Arabella Dane   Arabella Dane
Tom is that a background you. made or one from another program. Very nice either way   Posted: 03/24/2023 16:13:39


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