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The man with a feather in his hair by Peter Elliston

July 2024 - The man with a feather in his hair

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On a recent visit to to Newcastle in the north of England where we were exploring the city, I came across a very unusual man in the street who was friendly but more than somewhat unconventional. Wearing feather in his hair he engaged passers by and was more than happy to be photographed. So here he is but the question is do I leave the feather in or take it out and change the title? For some the feather may not be clear enough or even a distraction. But that was how he was. His somewhat demonic look seems to contrast quite well with his assorted religious neckwear. Taken on a Fuji XT3 1/60 @f5.6 ISO 200

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Robin Mellor   Robin Mellor
The title, in fact, makes the viewer look straight away for the feather. Then the eye moves down to the face - as you say 'demonic'. Thank goodness there are oddballs like this around to make our world richer and to give us good photographic subjects. I like the central composition and the dark background, keeping attention on the subject. A picture that raises many questions - who is he? why that expression on his face? why the religious symbols? . . . and why the feather?
  Posted: 07/07/2024 10:51:14

Barbara Asacker   Barbara Asacker
Hi Peter,
You captured the evil in his eyes perfectly. I probably would not have approached this man since he looks more demonic than crazy. Nicely composed with sharp details. I would remove the feather in his hair. The story is in his eyes and sinister smile. Great job.   Posted: 07/07/2024 14:12:15


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