Rick Hulbert  

Toronto, Canada Urban Waterfront Cityscape  by Rick Hulbert

July 2024 - Toronto, Canada Urban Waterfront Cityscape

About the Image(s)

I think of an urban cityscape among the largest human created KINETIC SCULPTURES on our planet.
My intent was to capture a single moment in time as the recorded cityscape continues to evolve.

Editing Process: Lightroom Classic Software . . . Steps in order:
Lens Corrections Panel
Consider AI Masking
Select Subject
Select Inverse of Subject
Select Sky
Basic Panel
Convert to Linear Profile
Reduce Highlights if appropriate
Increase Shadows if appropriate
Consider Texture and Clarity
Calibration Panel
Adjust Hue and Saturation
Color Mixer Panel
Adjust Luminance
Detail Panel
Increase Sharpening
Increase Masking to only emphasize key element edges
Effects Panel
Increase Post-Cropping Priority short of being detected
Basic Panel
Consider Whites and Blacks
Black and White button
Revisiting Color Mixer Panel as appropriate

Sony a7R IV Camera with a full frame sensor
24mm Tilt Shift Canon Lens
Aperture set at f/8
Very Stable Tripod
Exposure Bracketing employed to initially select the brightest RAW file without clipping any highlights


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