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Against the Storm by Robert Atkins

July 2024 - Against the Storm

About the Image(s)

This month’s image is a re-processing of an image that I took several years ago. I would have to go back to look and see if I presented it here in Group 96 before, but if I did, the new version looks significantly different, and is a more compelling image.

The image was taken near Ridgway, Colorado, in the Owl Creek Pass area. It was that year I believe the first storm of the season, and I got a couple of interesting images that day. In this one, I was excited by the layering of the landscape, and was pulled in particular by the cluster of trees on the mid-distance ridge, which collectively seemed huddled against the storm. I’ve always had a difficult time processing this image to get the subtle balance right between pulling out the distant details into greater clarity vs. pushing them into the storm. I think I have done a balance here that works, and hopefully yields a bit of a 3D effect. I’ve also shaped the light a little to lead off into the storm in the upper left.

Let me know if you think I’ve captured the drama of the storm convincingly or if there are additional improvements you would suggest.

Tachihara 4x5, Velvia 100 Film

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Rick Hulbert   Rick Hulbert
Hi Bob,

Wonderful scene!
I think you did a great job in conveying the sense of depth.
The image beckons the viewer to explore the scene in search of any sense of detail in the distant context . . . and that exploration would be successful!
This is the kind of image on a gallery wall that would encourage a beholder to have a seat and contemplate the subject over time.
  Posted: 07/10/2024 10:14:26


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