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Winter Geometry by Haru Nagasaki

July 2024 - Winter Geometry

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When winter visit, plants will be withered. But that will create interesting art here and there.
This is captured in the pond, the dead lotus, which created interesting geometry for me.
Let me know this works for you or it is too complicated.
And what color do you choose for the frame, currently I chose silver.
Nikon D850 f18 0.3sec. ISO 64 Tripod.

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Rick Hulbert   Rick Hulbert
Hello Haru,

Great Graphic!
I love the complex geometry.
Part of me wishes that the top edge of your image had a bit more "breathing room".
It appears that your digital silver frame has a slightly reduced opacity, which is a very creative idea.   Posted: 07/10/2024 09:58:31

Robert Atkins   Robert Atkins
Hi Haru. I love that you are trying some really different sorts of images like this very graphic look. It invites exploring, and I've spent a fair bit of time walking through the details and trying to unravel aspects of the geometry that formed it. It is intriguing.

While I like that journey and the complex geometry, the amount of detail is a little overwhelming for me in an image that otherwise begs to be simple and graphic. In particular, it is the out of focus details, and the partially showing underwater stuff that I think is not adding to the image. I also find the background a little too bright, but at the same time believe you could push the contrast even further in the reeds to enhance the graphic nature of things and the more interesting, in focus, detail. I took a shot at these changes below. The most significant part is cloning out the underwater stuff and unsharp details. I think it simplifies things, at least for me.

I like the silver frame. It goes with the image and contains it without drawing attention too much from the image itself. I agree with Rick that the semi transparent frame is a novel touch that I have not seen before.
  Posted: 07/10/2024 20:02:28
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