Gloria Grandolini  

Sunset over Kicker Rock by Gloria Grandolini

July 2024 - Sunset over Kicker Rock

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I took this image in the Galapagos from the cruise ship. This rock formation is called either “The Sleeping Lion” or ‘Kicker Rock’ depending from the viewpoint. It is about an hour off the island of San Cristobal. The mild current between the 2 rocks attracts plentiful wildlife. I was lucky that we passed by it at sunset. It gave me a sense of awe and calm. The colors of the sky and the ocean seemed seamless and I liked the reflection of the rocks on the water. Let me know how to improve it for printing.

Shot with Canon R5 with tripod.
1/15 sec at f/11 ISO 100
24 mm (RF 24-70 f/2.8 L IS USM)

In Lightroom I applied 50% Denoise, and some dehazing
and I adjusted exposure and whites and blacks.

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Rick Hulbert   Rick Hulbert
Hello Gloria,
Thanks for sharing your image.
The rock and water reflection colour is beautiful.
I would have suggested to employ a faster shutter speed at a wider aperture, but assuming the ship was moving, using a tripod appears to have worked. A wide aperture would facilitate a shallow depth of field making the rock formation "pop" a bit more. You might consider a bit of a gradual "light fall-off" in the sky towards the top of the image which would focus the viewer's attention on the rock even more.
I could also see cropping a bit off of the left side of the image for an overall balance, but that may just be a personal thought.   Posted: 07/10/2024 10:45:51


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