Ye htut Naung  

Marina Promenade View by Ye htut Naung

September 2023 - Marina Promenade View

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It was taken nearby Marina Promenade place in Singapore. The camera setting is F-stop f/8, Shutter Speed 1/180sec, ISO-speed 320 and focal length is 20mm Nikon S f1.8 lens. This place is very nice for evening exercise and photography.

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Viren Bhatia   Viren Bhatia
Hey Ye. I believe the image was taken pretty late in the evening beyond the sunset time. You mentioned that the shutter speed is 1/180sec. That looks quite fast shutter speed. If you did take the image with a tripod there is no need to keep the ISO at 320. It is better to keep the lowest possible ISO. Now coming to the image. My image is trying to find a focal point which I beleive you wanted to be the group of buildings. However my eye is moving from the group of buildings to the bridge and then to the bright structure that is behind the building. Consider focusing only on the group of buildings and trying to get a clear reflection of the same in water which may be possible just around sunset time. Also the top of the image has a lot of negative space which should be reduced   Posted: 09/11/2023 11:47:31
Ye htut Naung   Ye htut Naung
Dear Viren Bhatia,

Sorry. It was typo. Shutter speed is 180sec. Thank you for your comment.

Ye   Posted: 09/13/2023 06:03:36

Bob Wills   Bob Wills
Hi Ye,
Excellent subject. You didn't mention any processing, so I don't know if you do any. I'll make my suggestions in Adobe CC. I use both LR and PS.
I would just consider adding a little clarity and contrast.   Posted: 09/12/2023 10:15:02
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Ye htut Naung   Ye htut Naung
Dear Bob,

Thanks for your comment. I used it with Adobe CS2023.

Thanks & Regards,
Ye   Posted: 09/13/2023 06:04:35

Robert Atkins   Robert Atkins
Hi Ye. This looks like a very beautiful spot to enjoy an evening, as well as take a photo or two. The image you captured showcases well the warm orange of the lights and building against the cool deep blue of the post sunset sky. I particularly like the reflections of the lights in the water. I would love to see more of that perhaps at the expense of negative space at the top. I am also a big fan of sun stars, and you have the beginnings of nice ones on the bridge lights. Stopping down might bring those out more, albeit at the expense of an even longer exposure. Looking at the image full res there does seem to be some noise and quantization "banding" going on in the sky. You have room to smooth that out in post processing without loosing anything. Finally, I find myself more interested in the bridge than the building structures, perhaps because the bridge and lighting is simpler and more repetitive in structure. But it leaves the frame and draws me out of the image on the right. Perhaps there could be a different composition more focused on the bridge? Just a thought if this is a spot you frequent.   Posted: 09/14/2023 21:21:29

Gloria Grandolini   Gloria Grandolini
Hi ye, I agree with comments from others - I love the reflections of the building lights and would like to see more of that. Also you could crop some of the sky, and also the right part of the bridge until the end of the white shaped building as it distracts from the main focus. I like what Bob did to enhance the colors.   Posted: 09/15/2023 15:41:17

Haru Nagasaki   Haru Nagasaki
Hi Ye,
Thank you for sharing.
I like it. Nothing disturb to see the main subject, so it is simple and clear. I looks distorted in the building though.   Posted: 09/20/2023 21:39:24