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Super Cell - Oklahoma by George Schlossnagle

July 2024 - Super Cell - Oklahoma

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Here's a photo I took on a week long storm chasing trip in the midwest last month. This is a panoramic capture of a large supercell (which didn't turn into a tornado) in Oklahoma, just south of Liberal, KS (home of Dorothy of Oz!). 8 image panorama, Sony A1, Sony 12-24/2.8 at 17mm, f18, ISO 50, 2.5", shot right around dusk.

Cool experience. We got hailed on pretty hard driving back to Kansas after this.

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Dawn Gulino
Whoa!! Where to start on this one George. This is beautiful. There is great balance between the foreground and sky, the details of the lightening on the right top and right side and details in the clouds themselves. Nice job!

For the panoramic, was it 8 across? Or two rows of four? Given it was at 17mm, assuming 8 across.

As for the storm chasing, how was the experience? Did you go by yourself or with a group?

  Posted: 07/07/2024 13:37:07

George Schlossnagle   George Schlossnagle
It was 8 vertical shots. I shot a lot of overlap because I was worried about stitching all the fuzzy or repetitive features.

For the tour, I went with a group. I used Action Photo Tours (who I've done a few workshops with and like). They in turn used Tempest Tours (a purely storm-chasing focused company) for all the planning, logistics, finding etc. in retrospect I probably would have had a pretty similar experience if I just went with Tempest directly.

The trip was great. It was /a lot/ of driving. We covered almost 3000 miles across 7 days, much of it on 30-40mph roads. Late starts but late finishes as well. It's also a lot of 'hurry up and wait', but often when the action starts you need to move quickly and be prepared to have to get back in the van very quickly to avoid the damaging parts of the storm. I don't know that I'll do it again (like running a marathon, you should probably ask me again in a year) but it was a really fun and unique experience. We saw supercells basically every day, lots of lightning, and two small tornados. For me it was an awesome experience.   Posted: 07/07/2024 13:58:23

George Schlossnagle   George Schlossnagle
Sorry 8 in a single row, not 4x2.   Posted: 07/07/2024 13:58:59

George Schlossnagle   George Schlossnagle
Sorry 8 in a single row, not 4x2.   Posted: 07/07/2024 13:59:00


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