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Long Time Standing by Ed O’Rourke

July 2024 - Long Time Standing

July 2024 - Ed O’Rourke


July 2024 - Ed O’Rourke

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This old barn was just down the road a bit from where I took my June photo. It caught my eye and I wanted to see if I could come close to what Paul does with old barns. I also wanted to see what it would look like in B&W, but I prefer the color version. What does everyone else think? Because the barn was in sort of a cul-de-sac I felt that my best shot would be more of a close up.

In post processing I worked at bringing out more color, increasing the contrast and reducing the haze. I took the shot with my Canon R; RF24-105 lens at 45mm; aperture f/16; ISO 640; and shutter speed 1/160. I used a higher shutter speed because it was pretty windy and I had to work at standing stable.


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