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Cowboy Teamwork by Paul Smith

September 2023 - Cowboy Teamwork

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I have been revisiting photos from this summer’s Montana excursion…looking for images that were nothing stellar in color, but made a better statement in B/W. I am amazed how well B/W tells a story that color cannot. I offer here, a story of a Branding showdown…a get-together of four different ranches that collectively round up the calves, insuring the correct ranch iron is used, then branding the calves as a Team. Considering the number of things that could go wrong, I found it very organized. Canon 90D, Canon 17 - 85 lens, minor edits in ACR, then conversion to B/W and contrast edits in NIK

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Dawn Gulino
Paul, I agree! Changing some images to B&W certainly make them stronger and seems like this one works! I like the stoppage of motion mid horse trot. I'm assuming you had a high shutter speed. I also like the cow in front of the cowboy looking toward you as well.

I think it may make it stronger if you were either crop out the cowboy on the right or just darken his had a bit as I keep seeing it. The clouds are great and I think if you add a bit more contrast by darkening the blues a bit it would balance it a bit more and really pop.   Posted: 09/16/2023 14:56:58

Paul Smith   Paul Smith
"darken the blues"? What tool would you use for this? Please explain...and thanks for your comments.   Posted: 09/17/2023 11:00:41


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