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Pastoral: England’s Lake District by Mark Fox

July 2024 - Pastoral: England’s Lake District

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This photo was shot near “Hadrian’s Wall:” in northern England in 2015, using an Olympus point-and-shoot camera. The approaching storm clouds added drama to a multi-colored peaceful scene typical of the area. The camera choice was a result of my growing tired of lugging heavy DSLR gear around for several weeks,
In post processing I cropped the image and zoomed in up to the point where it began to fall apart; it was only then that I could discern the wind farm in the distance. The final step was in Topaz to apply a Painterly Effect.
The original photo is attached. I was unable to extract EXIF data.

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Charles Walker   Charles Walker
Mark, I like the contrast of the shadowed and illuminated fields. The red barn creates a center of attention. I admire your creativity using the Painterly Effect; however, the image on my monitor seems to lack resolution, which may have been caused by limits imposed by the camera and you zooming in?   Posted: 07/08/2024 15:45:50


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