Brian Menzies  

Exiting Bellot Straight, Alaska, late evening by Brian Menzies

September 2023 - Exiting Bellot Straight, Alaska, late evening

September 2023 - Brian Menzies


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This image is from the Northwest Passage, Alaska, taken from the Scenic
Explorer. We had just carefully navigated at slow speed through the very
narrow Bellot strait and could now steam away, avoiding icebergs whilst we
headed to Greenland.
I was fascinated with the flow and movement of the Port bow wave. The
textures and colours were constantly changing and frequently disturbed by
the ice floes.

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Charles Walker   Charles Walker
Brian, this image takes you to the Bellot Straight. It gracefully captures that late evening light. I like how you incorporated the bow waves in the composition. My only comments concern the slight overexposure of the setting sun and possibly removing the ice chunks on the far right side of this image. Splendid work.   Posted: 09/12/2023 20:30:55


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