Welcome to the Digital Dialogue Group #87

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Subject - General Photography: Images of any subject matter originating from a film or digital device.

Group Administrator: Lance Lewin - lewin.author@gmail.com

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Welcome to Digital Dialogue Group 87 General: this group enjoys exploring all subjects (portraiture, landscape, abstract and everything in-between) captured using both film-based and digital cameras. We love it all, here!

Interpretations: When you have time, be sure to read my bio to learn a little more about who I am and my perspectives behind the lens, as well as the other members in this group. I feel it allows each of us to better understand how and why an artist composed and crafted their art, and key to helping how each of us critique each other's work.

Kind regards,
Lance A. Lewin Group-87 Administrator
Atlanta, Ga

The images displayed on this website were created by members of the Photographic Society of America’s (PSA) Digital Dialogue Group #87.   The creators of these images explain how they arrived at the final results by manipulating their photographs in a digital imaging program such as Photoshop.   The images are presented for Group members to study and critique by offering constructive comments on the artistic merit, technical strengths and weaknesses of each image.   In some cases, group members will post a rework of the image to demonstrate their suggestions.

Enjoy your visit to Group #87 and be sure to check back each month for a new set of images.   For best viewing, your monitor should be set to a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768.

All images are the copyright of the individual photographers and none should be copied or used in any form, whatsoever, without the expressed written permission of the photographer.

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