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Father and Daughter by Mary Hinsen, BPSA

July 2024 - Father and Daughter

July 2024 - Mary Hinsen, BPSA


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My image this month is of a young Dad who has turned his life around, and it is truly wonderful to see him happy with his family. I took this image in his home. It was really bad lighting, and a very uninspiring background! My intention was not to process to remove scars, tidy hair, or change clothing, or really change much about Dad and daughter as people - I wanted to portray them as they are.

My processing challenge is that I am building a portfolio to apply for an accreditation with our national professional photography organization, NZIPP. I cannot use any 3rd party software; all elements have to be photographed by me. So no Topaz, Nik Color Efex, Silver Efex, and I can only use textures photographed by me. I'm finding it a great process to go through, and I am using this ethos on every image now.
I opened in Photoshop and cropped in. I converted to black and white using Image calculations. I used curves layers to contour both faces slightly, and removed some shine from skin.

I wanted to give the image some depth, so worked on the background next. I photographed the leaves on a tree in our yard, converted this image to black and white and masked out the subjects. I wanted to use the interplay of light and dark, rather than have it look like leaves, so used a Gaussian blur, and decreased opacity. I added a radial gradient with soft light blend mode to lighten the background around their faces and provide a darker vignette.

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Georgianne Giese   Georgianne Giese
To me, you made an excellent monochrome image. It seems to really enhance the original. I would not change a thing.   Posted: 07/06/2024 11:03:52

Denise McKay   Denise McKay
What a wonderful story about this family. I really like how you posed them and made sure to show the Dad holding his daughter's hands. This exudes happiness and love in my opinion.

The only suggestions I have for the edits is maybe to lighten the shadow under the brim of his hat a bit. On my monitor it looks really dark, a little too black.

Also, the hairs on each side of the girl's forehead have turned a solid grayish color and look more like something painted rather than strands of hair in my opinion. Maybe if you went into Photoshop and used a brush to paint a little more hair texture there it would help with that.

Great story and great capture of this sweet moment together.

  Posted: 07/06/2024 15:57:26


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