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Banded Demoiselle by Gordon Watson

July 2024 - Banded Demoiselle

July 2024 - Gordon Watson


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This is a Banded Demoiselle - a very elegant name for a very elegant damselfly. I have long wanted to photograph one of these, an ambition that has been slightly thwarted because I had never even seen one before! However, last week, whilst on holiday in Dorset in the south of England, we went to photograph an old water mill and there were lots of these Demoiselles flying about in the reeds. Unfortunately they stay in the reeds, so I did not manage to get a clean background. Instead I have added some gaussian blur to produce the final image. I know that the background in the original image is too 'busy' to do well in a Nature competition, and that my editing means the final image would not be allowed in Nature, but never mind - I am happy that I now have a picture of one of these beautiful, elegant insects.

Technical Details: Canon EOS-R plus 100-400mm lens at 250mm focal length, fitted with a 15mm extension tube. 1/1600sec, F8.0, ISO 2000. Minor edits in Lightroom, then Gaussian blur added to the background in Photoshop and noise reduction in Topaz Labs.

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Sophie Pouillon   Sophie Pouillon
Very nice sharpness on the lady.
The processing is interesting because it enhances the subject. For international competitions, I believe that blurring in nature is not allowed.
It's a difficult animal to capture because it's often in flight.
Be careful, too, with the green area between the insect's legs and the leaf underneath, as the edge is sliced off, I think it should be progressive.
In any case, the image thus presented is much better than the original. Perhaps a macro lens would have made the background more interesting, shooting at 2.8 mm.   Posted: 07/09/2024 02:26:50
Gordon Watson   Gordon Watson
Thanks Sophie. You are correct that blurring is not allowed for competitions, so this one is just for me. Unfortunately I do not have a macro lens, but an extension tube is quite light, so it's easy to carry on the off chance of seeing a good subject. F8 was wide open with my lens at that focal length!   Posted: 07/09/2024 06:51:38


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