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Alone by Melissa Cramer Sonnen

July 2024 - Alone

July 2024 - Melissa Cramer Sonnen


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An unusual image this month. The color was taken with slide film in 1989, and I photo/scanned it in 2021. I want to know if it is even remotely worthy of entering in a salon. ANY comments would be appreciated.
This was taken with my old Minolta 102 with a generic lens at about f/16 for about 1/60th.

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Trevor Harvey   Trevor Harvey
I love the mono image. The colour for me is a bit contrasty. I had the same issue when scanning slides or negatives. I think the horse and rider give scale. I'm not sure if it would make it stronger taking a little off the right as it would bring the horse slightly more to the centre with more space for the horse to move into.   Posted: 07/07/2024 20:11:11
Melissa Cramer Sonnen   Melissa Cramer Sonnen
Trevor - I agree. I never noticed that because I was so concerned with the contrasts. Thanks. -MS   Posted: 07/08/2024 09:03:25

Ed Palaszynski   Ed Palaszynski
Hey Melissa, processing scans can be tricky. I've done numerous Kodachrome 64 and Ektachrome slides and getting the tonal contrast can be tough to get right. I like the image for location and scale. It's a little mysterious as one can ask what the rider is doing out there.

I've had some luck with the contrast question by playing with the clarity slider in LR. Doing both local and global corrections depending on your goals.   Posted: 07/08/2024 15:13:34


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