Ian Cambourne  

Windsor Sunset by Ian Cambourne

December 2023 - Windsor Sunset

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This photo was taken on 14th November on a flood plain less than 5 minutes drive from my home. It lends itself well to sunsets, when the conditions are right. Of course, we have no control over the clouds, their colours or anything else in our scenes, so we just do the best we can with what is before us. Details are: Nikon D810; 24 - 120 lens @ 24mm; ISO 100; F18; 1/15 and tripod mounted. Processed is LR, PS and then some of NIK's Tonal Contrast from Colour Effects.

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Sherry Icardi   Sherry Icardi
Beautiful sunset Ian, and the reflection of the sunset on the water is very nice. My suggestion... the image appears to not have a level horizon...... but I think it is from the base of the image, not the actual horizon. At first I wanted you to considered using this as a panorama, but as I played with it I realized that would not help. I do think you should crop the bottom to eliminate that bank. And lighten the green grass a bit. I'm attaching my sample, but I really just played with the crop and lightened it a bit, especially the bottom. I think the distance view should stay darker, because the bridge takes away the feeling of "away from civilization". But the image may not be to your liking...and if so...just tell me to get a grip. ;-)   Posted: 12/15/2023 14:26:15
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Ian Cambourne   Ian Cambourne
Thanks for your comments as always Sherry. Yes, that bridge in the background is not only a major road into town, it's also a flood evacuation route. So, everything you can see in this scene can be and has been under quite deep water. I tried to minimize it's presence in the image but it is what it is. The clouds, the colours and the reflections on the small lagoon were what inspired me to take this image.   Posted: 12/21/2023 23:13:36

Gary Jones   Gary Jones
The sunset is beautiful and in the center of the lower 1/3 of the photo. It highlights the water with the islands and reflections. I would probably try to either darken the top 1/3 or crop it down so my eye stays in the center with the sunset and reflections and where the interest is.   Posted: 12/18/2023 13:51:00
Ian Cambourne   Ian Cambourne
Thanks for your comments Gary. Our craft of photography is a very challenging one, with all our different thoughts coming into play. Yes, the reflections on the water play an important part, but only take up a small percentage of the image area. I was hoping the colours in the clouds would light up more, that's why I had them dominate the scene. They just didn't come to the party and this is the best they got.   Posted: 12/21/2023 23:19:55

Dhananjay Rao   Dhananjay Rao
Beautiful scenery and lovely sunset Ian. The skies and clouds give a magical effect and the water with the reflection of the skies enhances the composition beautifully.
Maybe it's my untrained eye... but I feel there is a very tiny barrel distortion-type curve at its widest.   Posted: 12/19/2023 09:54:47
Sherry Icardi   Sherry Icardi
Dhananjay, I think that was what I was picking up when I thought the horizon was not straight. But I really wonder whether it is distortion or the landscape of the area.   Posted: 12/20/2023 11:40:51
Ian Cambourne   Ian Cambourne
Thanks for your comments Dhananjay. You may very well be right.   Posted: 12/21/2023 23:41:47

Butch Mazzuca   Butch Mazzuca
Another outstanding image - excellent composition with a nice feeling of depth. While the sky is fantastic I cropped down a touch and converted to more of a pano thus accentuating the road at the bottom of the frame, which btw, I lightened by opening the shadows. I also added a vignette in lighten - darken center in Tonal Contrast in Color Efex and then added a bit more vignette on the upper right using the Linear Gradient mask in LR - another winning image in my opinion - I have sent my Visual Feedback to Sherry because this site won't accept it after four tries - btw, I'd be curious if anyone else has had this problem - it occurred with my other DD Study Group so I hope Sherry can advise those who handle such things - And Sherry, thanks in advance for doing this.   Posted: 12/23/2023 15:25:08
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Peter Cheung   Peter Cheung
Beautiful sunset colors of the sky. The golden color of the reflection of the lake is also amazing. I would brighten up the trees and the grass on the foreground a bit. Well done.   Posted: 12/29/2023 02:18:06

Dave Ficke   Dave Ficke
Ian, Love the colors in the sky and the reflection. The sky is defiantly the story and you did a great job in placing the sky and minimizing the foreground. Although I understand the idea of vignetting, I am not a fan of doing, just me. Very nice image.   Posted: 12/29/2023 18:47:24