Priscilla Farrell  

White Blooms by Priscilla Farrell

September 2023 - White Blooms

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This image was taken with my Pixel cell phone (1/120 sec, f1.8, ISO 103). I did replace the background in Photoshop Elements and applied the white border around it.

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Murphy Hektner   Murphy Hektner
Hi Priscilla: You have used your cell phone to its maximum ability in this picture of what I think are white Gladiolas.
Very graceful composition with the flowers running on a diagonal from upper left to lower right; then your exposure on the white flowers is perfect. Really nice lighting on the white flowers shows the texture and detail on the white petals very well. The black background supports the subject well; then the white border separates the picture area from the black web page of the circuit. It would be my preference to use a little thinner white border so it does not over power your white flowers. Really nice work...   Posted: 09/08/2023 00:16:44

Charles Ginsburgh   Charles Ginsburgh
This is an impressive shot of these Iris (I think) blooms. The exposure, composition and lighting are all very effective wonderful. One of your best shots. There is such a variety of shapes and layers within the blooms themselves, and your presentation displays these attributes nicely. This can work against you though, as there are so many interesting yet overlapping layers, that one looses a perspective of dimension here. As a result, the image appears a bit flat. If one were to darken selected arears, especially areas that are farther away or are slightly shadowed, this might restore a greater sense of depth to the blooms. The shading does not need to be overly dark, just sufficient to provide separation. I also feel that the bright white border here is competing with the bloom, and I might darken it some. In doing so it still provides its border function, but allows the blooms to come forward, and aids in adding depth. Finally, I feel that the top border is too close to the bloom, and that adding more space between the bloom and the top border, would serve to highlight your blooms even more. Here I have included an example to demonstrate these ideas. See what you think …   Posted: 09/17/2023 12:00:49
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