Martha Aguero  

Marina in Male Bay by Martha Aguero

July 2024 - Marina in Male Bay

July 2024 - Martha Aguero


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I took this photo by the Marina in Maple Bay, Cowichan Valley, BC. There is a small village with houses on the water, they are very colourful and well maintained. I always wonder how might be living surrounded by water and encounter so close with herons, kingfishers and many others. I painted with the brushes in PS, and in order to get an abstract look, the brushes were heavy and bigger. Use also TX Gen Fill, for the highlights and shadowing, after I use levels for the final light. Hope you like it and wait for your comments.

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Nancy Speaker   Nancy Speaker
Martha, I love it and the excellent brush strokes with the warm and bright tones set off by the darks are impressive. Getting rid of the whites where they create a distraction was an excellent idea and now your painting really keeps my eye in the art work. Your colors make this all so vivid compared with the flat original tones. You may want to tone down the whites on the right side to keep one's eye in the image as they are a bit bright, but other than that I see only beautiful things. Nicely done.
  Posted: 07/10/2024 17:37:06


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