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Giraffe - Presented Three Ways   by Cindy Gosselin

July 2024 - Giraffe - Presented Three Ways

July 2024 - Cindy Gosselin


July 2024 - Cindy Gosselin

Original 2

July 2024 - Cindy Gosselin

Original 3

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I took this image on a zoo trip. In order to remove the cluttered background and harsh lighting, I decided to paint it. It was painted entirely in Photoshop, using various mixer brushes. The background is from my files. I also added some hints of leaves and foliage from different brush presets I own. I had actually painted this last year and put it aside; as I did not know which version I preferred. That’s where you now come in…. I still can’t decide. So there are three versions from which to choose. There is a version with about half the body showing. A second version is in landscape mode with the giraffe’s long neck leaving the frame. The third version is cropped as a vertical with very little of the body showing. Thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions. They will be greatly appreciated.

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Nancy Speaker   Nancy Speaker
AS always your painting strokes are lovely. So you really want us to look at the composition of your work and I like the 1st one or this current above. The 2nd one is a bit distracting with part of the body not clearly defined. But there may be a fourth one too.   Posted: 07/10/2024 17:45:57
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