Martha Aguero  

Gardenia Rose Flower by Martha Aguero

September 2023 - Gardenia Rose Flower

September 2023 - Martha Aguero


About the Image(s)

I took this picture in 2021, walking around the neighbourhood, I am not sure but I think is a gardenia rose flower. The original colour is more intense, so I desaturated using lower vibrance. And I wanted to use a square format. Basic I editing was in camera raw.
The original photo has lot of grain that I wanted to keep. What I like of this image are the light and shadows, the form and shape of the petals and the 3D effect in the rose. In Topaz I added the "look” Abstraction II, reduce the opacity and apply, and then added a Renoir look as well, also I reduced the opacity, In PS I “blended" with the edited picture, using "lighten colour". I like the result, but I would love to do with the brushes in photoshop.
The settings for the original photo were, ISO 100, f 5.6, at 1/500 s and 10 mm lenses.


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