Stephen Jude  

Keeping an Eye on Things by Stephen Jude

July 2024 - Keeping an Eye on Things

About the Image(s)

This shot was taken in the Reptile House on an outing to Melbourne Zoo. Quite a few far more scary things in there, but this little guy caught my eye ( pun intended ). I had a look at him from just about every angle, but I liked this composition where the two opposing triangles ( him and the branch ) seemed to work together.

OM 1 with an Olympus 100-400mm F5.0 at 100mm. ISO 640 f5.0 at 1/500th sec. He had a very bright light on him for the warmth I'm sure, but it did make taking the shot quite easy.

Cropped into a 1:1 format, and then mostly just bringing up the tones and colours, and adding some selective Clarity.


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