Robert Cordivari  

Milky Way by Robert Cordivari

July 2024 - Milky Way

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I took this photo a few years ago and abandoned it because I just could not get it to pop the way I wanted it to.
The Milky Way seems flat to me. Any suggestions for improvement would be appreciated!

This was a 20" exposure at F/2.8, ISO 800.

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Jeff Manser   Jeff Manser
Hi Robert - I've always wanted to try a monochrome version of the Milky Way but I could never pull away from the color. Your shot has inspired me to give that a try next time I get a chance. I tried a couple of Lightroom edits to pass along in case you want to try. I masked the Milky Way and then used the Tone Curve to increase contrast in that part of the image using a fairly steep s-curve. I had to tone down part of the result of that edit with another mask because it resulted in a part I thought was too bright. I also cropped the image to move off-center a tad. The adjustments may not be to your taste, but the I think the edit did increase the visibility of the Milky Way. (I also added a vignette to keep viewers' eyes in the image.) By the way, I really liked the lower right corner of the image showing a light source and some hills in the distance with a little light on them. Thanks for the inspiration to try a mono-Milky Way!   Posted: 07/08/2024 15:59:00
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Kirsti Näntö-Salonen   Kirsti Näntö-Salonen
Hi Robert, an awesome sight! I think that there is a special attraction in the monochrome version. My attempt for contribution is subtler than Jeff's: in Affinity Photo, I started with an elliptoid gradual brightness mask round the Milky Way that darkens the surrounding areas, and erased part of the mask at the bottom to show something of the foreground. Then I went to Levels, adjusted mainly Gamma, and made small changes in black and white levels. I like the centered composition, and I think that the mask actually forms a vignette to direct the eye to the center.   Posted: 07/09/2024 23:00:32
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Albert Zabin   Albert Zabin
Not at all flat. You could try increasing the contrast, Jeff and Kirsti suggestions are orth considering from a more dramatic photograph. I agree with jeff that including foreground.   Posted: 07/10/2024 13:13:25


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