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July 2024 - Untitled

July 2024 - Tom Kredo


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I took this photo of a new medical building in Rochester. I processed this in a custom process inside of Topaz Studio. I made a clone of the right and added a moon shot and fussed with the cloud a bit. I was trying to get a very moody futuristic image.

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Brian Swinyard   Brian Swinyard
Tom, I like your pre-visualisation here in choosing part of a building on the University of Rochester campus and converting it into a symmetrical image that is artistic and futuristic. Removal of some of the signage in the original has worked well and the flow of the architectural lines across the image is most appealing. Having created your composite, you have broken the symmetry by importing the cloudy sky and moon, positioning the latter off-centre in the frame. This has worked very well. In order to make the image feel more other-worldly and alien-like, you might light to think about flipping the image vertically as below. I have stroked a white line around the image to prevent any bleed-over into the surround.   Posted: 07/10/2024 13:05:52
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Hazel Price   Hazel Price
Very impressive Tom. I admire what you have done which is certainly a success. It definitely ticks the futuristic box. The lovely curving lines of the building are the perfect subject. Brian's version gives the impression of a view from a space ship: even more futuristic.   Posted: 07/12/2024 06:08:56


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