Don Hill  

S.F. Waterfront by Don Hill

July 2024 - S.F. Waterfront

July 2024 - Don Hill


About the Image(s)

Hey Everyone, Happy July. It is going to be 111 degrees this week so I thought I would work on some editing. I Listen to a lot of music and most of what I listen to has been remastered (reworking the original using today’s technology). On an outing to San Francisco I captured over 200 images of building in the financial district. I have started going through each image to apply what I feel is my style. I am a big fan of Richard Greene, a retired professional Violin player, turned Architectural photographer. He lives in L.A. and is in his 90’s. I love Abstract Photography (I love our group member Catherine’s abstract stuff).

This image was shot at ISO 100 at F/11 @1/125sec shutter speed. focal length is 28mm I put it in Adobe Camera Raw and did all that Slider stuff and then opened it in Nik’s HDR module. I obviously did some cropping and Cloning. I like a sort of grungy look for my buildings (sort of a Nirvana thing).


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