Catherine Honigsberg  

Window To Marsh by Catherine Honigsberg

November 2023 - Window To Marsh

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This was shot as the sun was rising and I saw the marsh through this abandoned building. f/9 1/8000 iso3200. I was hand holding so I denoised and sharpened and lightened up the exposure.

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Don Hill   Don Hill
Hey Catherine, I like your image a lot. It is what I call an Antiquescape. The soft blue color of the house is reall peaceful and I like the browns. I did think it needed a little straightening and some cropping of some of the side and top items (only my opinion). I like the color version, although I would punch up the texture and clarity, and sharpen it in something like Topez deNoise, if you have something. Some of our members will wonder what it looks like in black and white, so I did one for you. I like the color image better. Nice shot. Thanks Catherine.   Posted: 11/03/2023 16:44:45
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Catherine Honigsberg   Catherine Honigsberg
Thanks Don, the black and white is interesting and it looks unbalanced to me. I will try to add some clarity and I was wondering about cropping out the upper left triangle.   Posted: 11/20/2023 12:33:54

Andrew Hersom   Andrew Hersom
Super picture Catherine, I am with Don on straightening and increasing vibrance; also producing a mono variant (two for the price of one) of this colour image. Well done.   Posted: 11/17/2023 10:53:44
Catherine Honigsberg   Catherine Honigsberg
Thanks Andrew. I will play with the vibrance and monotone.   Posted: 11/20/2023 12:34:36

Julie Deer   Julie Deer
Hi Catherine, yes, I also like your image and agree that a little straightening is required. The colours work well together for me. As Don has said, try adding some extra texture (slider in Lightroom) and see if it pops.   Posted: 11/18/2023 20:55:33
Catherine Honigsberg   Catherine Honigsberg
Thanks I will try to straighten and add a little vibrance.   Posted: 11/20/2023 12:35:18

Henry Roberts   Henry Roberts
Catherine, as always you have captured an image with atmosphere and meaning. Were this mine, I would be tempted to crop in along the left side and bottom, just play with it to see how it comes out balance wise.   Posted: 11/19/2023 18:22:37
Catherine Honigsberg   Catherine Honigsberg
Thanks Henry. I did think of cropping the bottom - will play with that.   Posted: 11/20/2023 12:36:01

Janice Solomon   Janice Solomon
Hi Catherine, I really like your photo. The left post could be straightened. I agree with playing around with color to make the colors pop a little more, and with trying monochrome. I like how Don cropped. You can do all kinds of things with this photo. Make virtual copies and then play around with each one - one monochrome, one color, various presets, etc.   Posted: 11/20/2023 20:44:42

Ling Ling Juang   Ling Ling Juang
I really like this picture, Catherine,
The rusty roof, the broken window and crooked sidings captured the feeling of a deserted home, the loneliness. I am not sure I want to straighten it. Do you intend to draw our eyes to the marsh beyond the window? If so, I may pop the color more, make it more saturated for viewers to notice.   Posted: 11/22/2023 00:23:37