Meredith Bain  

Morning light Brachina Gorge by Meredith Bain

July 2024 - Morning light Brachina Gorge

About the Image(s)

"This image was taken during autumn in The Flinders Ranges in South Australia. It is a beautiful, colourful area of genuine Australian outback which offers many and varied photographic opportunites and has been a favourite part of this country for me since childhood.
I accompanied a dozen others for a photography workshop to practice and learn, especially about landscape photography.
This image was taken very early morning in a high sided gorge - that is, we were on the road which was at the bottom of Brachina Gorge, looking upwards and waiting for the rising sunlight to catch the gorgeous colour of the rock sides of the gorge.
As you can see the red-gold light on the rusty coloured rock is beautiful but I wonder if that along with the ridge lines and trees, is enough. I'd appreciate your thoughts on what might make it better or more interesting.

Fujifilm X-T4, 70-300mm lens @ 300mm, ISO 10000, f8, 1/900 ss
Light editing including cropping and colour enhancement in Lightroom."


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